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How dressed up are you on formal night

What do you do for formal night  

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  1. 1. What do you do for formal night

    • Tuxedo/Evening gown
    • Dark suit/dress
    • Blazer/Skirt or pant suit
    • Golf shirt/Capris
    • Bermuda shorts/Leggings and a cover up
    • Jeans and a T-shirt

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48 minutes ago, BirdTravels said:

The vocal majority don’t dress up on formal night. Royal no longer call it formal night because they are evolving with the times. If RCCL is to survive, they need to cater to the next generation contemporary cruiser. Us old folks who have cruised for decades (and will continue to cruise regardless) need to evolve too, else suffer the fate of the extinct dinosaurs.  

Thats the thing cruise lines are marketing to first time cruisers not the old faithful.  "Kids" today don't dress up.  Work is casual.  Suits and ties are for weddings and funerals.  Heck even many of the work at home media types during the quarantine are not even wearing ties.


I would imagine in a few years it will be gone entirely.  I see people looking the same as they would a restaurant back home.  Some people might dress up for a special occasion as people still do get married on cruise ships but there is a reason the buffet became a lot more popular than the main dining room.  It's casual on your schedule with a bigger selection.  Unfortunately it will need tweaking to survive.


I also have to believe with cell phones today that the photo revenue has dropped off big time on cruise which is why we see other money venues:  Private Islands, Specialty Restaurants, Molecular Bars. 

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3 hours ago, BirdTravels said:

Us old folks who have cruised for decades (and will continue to cruise regardless) need to evolve too, else suffer the fate of the extinct dinosaurs.  

LOL 😂 what are they going to do. Euthanize us so only millennials can cruise. 

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I'll make a little extra effort on formal night but only because I'm aware it seems to 'spoil' things for a small minority when people don't dress the same as them. My partner and I always make an effort when we go out for dinner, but I certainly won't be bringing a tie with me for a Caribbean holiday if it's not been requested by the venue. 


As has been stated a few times, people should feel free to dress as they wish and in days gone by when the dress code was black tie it was standard practise to comply. If anyone wants to recreate this they should go for it, but technically to any sartorialist black tie should only be worn when the dress code states it.

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We always dress up for "formal" nights but then we dress up smartly for any night. What others choose to wear never bothers us. I dress up to compliment my wife's attire. We do exactly the same back home going to a restaurant where no dress codes exist.

Nothing old fashioned about it. Just mutual respect and admiration for each other, and fellow diners who like to look smart on a night out too.

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On 6/11/2020 at 8:38 PM, erinsmom03 said:

We have toned it down over the years.  But we still try to wear something nicer than usual, dress it up a little, slacks and a nice shirt for my husband, dress capris and dressy shirt for me.  Next year, our daughter will be 18, and she has informed us that she wants to dress up nicely for formal night... I see a nice family pic in our future!

We basically did the same... I do think our cruise next May (hopefully) I am going to find something a little nicer and my hubby said he wanted to make sure to have a tie... also so we can get at least one set of good pictures.

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Used to wear the tux, though I don't enjoy dressing up that much very often. My wife and daughter enjoyed it even less. These days, I tend to wear a button down shirt with a tie, and some khakis/slacks. Usually skip the jacket. We look nice without getting too formal.

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On 6/12/2020 at 2:47 AM, ReneeFLL said:

We still dress formally with a tux and gown. If there are 2 formal nights I will bring 2 gowns and 3 formal nights either 2 or 3 gowns. Hubby will bring different shirts and cummerbunds when there is more than 1 formal night. 


On 6/12/2020 at 11:12 AM, Tree_skier said:

Maybe I should breakdown and actually buy a tuxedo.  When you buy cummerbunds do you they automatically come with matching ties or do you have to hunt to find matches.


We buy the sets that include the bow tie. Sometimes they also come with the pocket square, but not that often. At least that's what I have found. I usually look on Ebay, Etsy and Poshmark and put in the name Nicole Miller. Back in the '90s she was making a lot of fun ones. If you're looking for something like basketball, baseball, football, Wall Street, candy, food, champagne, wine, beer, whiskey, dentist, sail boats, physician, lawyer, Christmas, New Year's, etc. you will probably find it. There are other fun ones on there, but a lot of the recent made ones are made from cotton. Not sure how that would look with a tux. Maybe wouldn't be noticable or even make a difference. Here are a few Mike has. Some others are still upstairs in his luggage. Nicole had one from back in the day with airplanes on it so of course he had to have that. I think he's had it for about 25 years. 😀  That's his oldest non-military one he has.


The Mardi Gras one on the right has been on ebay on and off for years and the Nicole Miller on the left was made for when Atlantis in the Bahamas was opened. Have fun looking if you decide to. I still occasionally look.



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On 6/13/2020 at 10:33 AM, Pitcruiser said:

Formal night is dead as a concept.

Formal night might be dead to the ones that want it dead, but that doesn't mean it is. Plenty of people still dress up.


On 6/16/2020 at 3:45 PM, Computer Nerd said:

As an FYI, slacks and a collared shirt IS considered dressing up to many, if not most people. Considering I were shorts and a polo shirt to work every day, and button down collared short and slacks is downright snazzy.

Heck, wearing shorts and a t-shirt is dressing up for a baby that normally just wears a diaper is considered dressing up, but that doesn't mean he is dressed up. 😁

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Note to those thinking of buying a tux... it’s great motivation to not gain weight. Of course if you fail (I failed) you’ll either be SOL, or you’ll try and get the tux altered, but it won’t ever look as fabulous, which is the whole point of a tux. 

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1 hour ago, Cruise a holic said:

My DH and I do dress up- but when we cruise again- we will celebrate as if it is New Years Eve!  We will really dress up!!!

Same here!  All the social functions at home have been cancelled; we've worn nothing but casual all these months.  We can't wait to really get dressed up again.


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2 hours ago, Computer Nerd said:

I think that's awesome!!! Would definitely invite her to my MDR table.

Carnival wouldn't even let them in. I also think there was another cruise line that refused them entry, but not for sure. There were some threads about this a while back.

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