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Tours in Jordan NOT Petra or Wadi Rum

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Not being able to do the walk for Petra and etc I am looking for ideas for the stop in Jordan.   I can walk but not the amount needed for Petra so a normal tour would be interesting if anyone has partaken of one in this area or knows an interesting place 

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10 hours ago, windsor26 said:

Not being able to do the walk for Petra and etc I am looking for ideas for the stop in Jordan.   I can walk but not the amount needed for Petra so a normal tour would be interesting if anyone has partaken of one in this area or knows an interesting place 


Do not automatically assume you could not be able to do amazing Petra.  As detailed in our live/blog below, we traveled with a friend who had significant back challenges during our trip.  We were able, fortunately, to ride down over that rocky pathway using an electric golf cart. In November 2018, that was a new option to help those with physical limitations. Worked super well!!!  There was an added cost, but it made all of the difference.  We walked back, but our friends rode back on that cart.  


For us, we had a private tour for the four of us and they did an excellent job being flexible to accommodate our needs and conditions.  ALSO, we started earlier in the day so that we could do Wadi Rum.  WOW!!  What an amazing experience.  Loved the sights there. 


From the Travel Section of the London/UK Sunday Times today, they had this headline: “Ideas for 2021 — the best of Jordan” with these highlights: “It takes just the blink of an eye. One second my camel is padding across a monochrome desert beneath an ambivalent dawn sky still sprinkled with stars. The next, without warning, a celestial hand is daubing warm rich colour across the silent Jordanian valley. Suddenly it’s a different landscape: waves of burnt orange dunes dwarfed by cappuccino-coloured cliffs and vast rock formations resembling Henry Moore abstracts. It’s a moment that makes me feel very small and completely justifies TE Lawrence’s passion for 'this processional way greater than imagination'. Arabia’s favourite Englishman was referring to Wadi Rum, but 'this irresistible place' is a fair description for most of this extraordinarily beautiful, safe country. Jordan’s elegy-inducing landscapes, astounding archaeological sites and intriguing history — including some divine biblical spots — need to be seen rather than imagined.


Reactions?  Added questions?


Full story at:



THANKS!  Enjoy!  Terry in Ohio



From late 2018, see “Holy Lands, Egypt, Jordan, Oman, Dubai, Greece, etc.”, with many visuals, details and ideas for the historic and scenic Middle East. Now at 18,365 views.  Connect at:



My picture below shows this electric golf cart with rubber tires on the left that transported us down this long, narrow passageway to Petra. Here our guide had our driver stop so that he could explain more about the history and conditions that created this unique wonder.  Amazing experience!!  Not to be missed!:

(Open your screen/viewer wider to see these pictures larger/better!)


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5 hours ago, TLCOhio said:




Hi Terry,

My, you do like to travel in comfort. :classic_smile:


That's a whole lot better than the long walk down (and especially up) the siq, and a lot safer than the two-wheel buggies.

Much needed for those with walking difficulties.

Can be hired on-the-spot, like the buggies?

And fixed price or bargaining?


Hi Windsor.

You say "not Wadi Rum". There's certainly no significant walking involved - you travel to Wadi Rum by car or van or tour bus - it's easiest and not overly expensive to do it as a ship-sponsored excursion. At Wadi Rum you transfer to 4 x 4 vehicles to drive across the high desert past Lawrence's "Seven Pillars of Wisdom", with a number of interesting stops including a nomadic village.

The 4 x 4 jeeps have open backs with about 6 - 8 to each jeep -  it can be a bit of a climb into the back of the jeep, but you can alternatively travel in the cab alongside the driver. Folk much prefer to be in the open back, so no problem if you do it as a ship's excursion (probably six or seven jeeps per bus-load, and no more than a couple of cab seats taken), or as a private tour.

Wadi Rum Safari - some jeeps running fast on the sand. - Picture of Wadi  Rum Jeep Safari, Aqaba - Tripadvisor


There aren't many options besides Petra & Wadi Rum ..................


Aqaba is pretty grubby and uninteresting. You can get a day pass into the Movenpick resort hotel, but that's not really "Jordan"


The Dead Sea is further than Petra, but those who've done ship's excursions there rate it unworthy of the cost or time.

Best to leave the Dead Sea til another time, on the Israeli bank  and coupled with Herod's Castle near Ein Gedi or the Dead Sea Scrolls or Jerusalem.


The sites of Sodom and Gomorrah are reputedly on the Lisan Peninsula close to the southern end of the Dead Sea, but I doubt there's anything to actually see. 


Aqaba is only about 6 miles from the Israeli border crossing and a further 3 miles to the Israeli resort town of Eilat.

But it's not a simple drive - taxis can't cross the border, you have to walk across & hope there's another taxi on the other side.

I've not mentioned it to you as worthy of consideration, more to put you on your guard if you were thinking of doing it. Not impossible, but you'd need to fix it up in advance. You'd also need to check whether Israeli immigration officers stamp a piece of paper to put with your passport (as they do at Israeli ports) or stamp your passport (which could cause you problems in some middle-eastern countries.


Do re-consider Petra in view of Terry's update, or Wadi Rum (which is great, but not iconic like Petra)


JB :classic_smile:

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Thank you both for that extensive information  Lots to think about   We have been advised that the buggies can only be booked on the day first come fist served and they take 3 people and take you down  they did not say bring you back as they would be needed for the other waiting tourist.   We never do ships tours - apart from the price we like to have smaller groups in the buses and not wait for those who feel that rules do not apply regarding times etc to them and spoil the day for everyone  -= also the private tours available commence an hour at least before the Princess ones. I have noted the tours by Jordan day trips available and they are very good but you are still at the mercy of the possibility that the golf carts are not available   Lots to think about but thanks so much for your replies

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12 hours ago, windsor26 said:

 We have been advised that the buggies can only be booked on the day first come fist served and they take 3 people and take you down  they did not say bring you back as they would be needed for the other waiting tourist. 


 That sounds very much like the arrangements with the horse-drawn buggies. No problem getting one to take you down, and silly-cheap too,because demand to go down is low - they mostly go down empty. They make their money bringing folk back up, for which demand - and cost - is much much higher. But I don't know about the golf-carts, which have been introduced since we were last there.


BTW, we too try to avoid ships' excursions..............................


For Petra we negotiated a price outside the port, way cheaper than ship's coaches even though we were only two. But the entrance fee for Petra (included with ships' tours) was - un-beknown to us -  very very high :classic_ohmy: . Taking that into account our trip worked out about two dollars cheaper than ship's, and ship's included a sumptuous buffet lunch whereas ours included a dubious-looking muddy cup of roadside coffee :classic_rolleyes:. Some you win, some you lose  :classic_biggrin:


If you search this forum you'll find that plenty of folk have happily gone to Petra on a pre-booked private excursion (incl excursions shared with others on their RollCall). Some have even managed both Petra & Wadi Rum in one excursion - Wadi Rum is just 12 easy miles off the route to Petra.

But if you're quoted a transfer-only price for Petra, do check the admission price before deciding.


Probably Wadi Rum would be cheaper by ship's excursion, plus in your case the availability of a cab seat in the 4x4. And the grief of large coach groups (yes, I know what you mean) only applies to the transfers there and back - and no chance of folk  wandering off or getting lost. 


JB :classic_smile:

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