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Picture-A-Week 2020 - Week 25


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Pictures taken between Monday, June 15 and Sunday, June 21.


Telephoto is the heart and soul of social distancing. Another reason to get out and enjoy photography.


Rules: See above

That's it. This isn't a contest.

All photos taken this week are welcome (not just cruising).

Prizes will not be awarded. Discovering the joy of photography is the prize.

The idea is to get folks out using their cameras for more than vacations and toddler birthdays.

Post one. Post many. Up to you.

Have fun with your camera and share your fun with others!

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On Tuesday, after completing an errand I stopped off for a "seaside fix" on a gloriously sunny and mild winter's day.

An unusual buzzing noise alerted me to a drone  which turned out to be one of the Westpac Little Ripper Life Saver units. It landed briefly on the sand, then took off again, to return a while later, landing on a cloth in the sand where it stayed. No human interaction observed.

More details on these very useful items here: https://thelittleripper.com.au/









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12 hours ago, Krazy Kruizers said:

Not many flowers to buy around here this year.  But DH was able to get a day lily but he threw away the card before I could register it.



KK that is a beautiful Picture!! I love day lilies.


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Camera Club had a Sunday morning outing. Limited to 20 participants under our lockdown laws (reduces to 10 on Monday). Very grey, drizzly day with thoroughly awful light.


Anyway, some of the kangaroos were sitting checking out the photographers.







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History is a funny thing. People interpret it in vastly different ways according to their beliefs and even the recording of it varies since it depends on who recorded it and their perception of the events. One of the joys of putting together the family cookbook and the stories behind the recipes is that I can always trust the historical research done by the author. Take this photo of a BBQ beef sandwich. The recipe for the rich, tangy Lexington-style sauce glistening on my incredibly tender 36 hour brisket came from my mom and the fact that it tastes exactly like it did the first time I had it is because she actually recorded the recipe on an index card which I transferred to a digital document 25 years ago. Historical accuracy is important...and can be delicious!


Happy History






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Well finally got back to photography again this weekend, for the first time since May 30, when I took some shots around a lake near my house and my backyard.  This time, I found one wetland area that opened again - giving me someplace to go with the traditional swamp and wetland animals I've been missing.  The spot was always one of my secondary, backup spots to go every once in a while when I wanted to change the scenery from my regular two spots...and usually doesn't have quite as much wildlife to spot...but at this point, just getting back out there was a relief.  Even with the threat of severe lightning storms, and even with a temperature of 94 degrees with humidity exceeding 85%, giving off a heat index of 134!


I found the place having been closed from January 1 through this past week (they closed before the lockdowns for repairs to the walkways, then never got to reopen), had become quite grown over - some of the levee trails had knee-high grass and many trees were overhanging the trails down to waist level, so getting through required some bending down and pushing branches out of the way.  The waters were heavily covered in duckweed too - which happens in our summers.  But there were a few things that made the trip worth it:


First of which was the beautiful wood ducks.  I only occasionally see them, maybe once a year, and sometimes only one.  This day, there were two couples of wood ducks, one pair napping on the bank far away, and the other out cruising around the duckweed pond.  The male is the really ornate one:



Even just the regular mottled ducks were nice to see again - sitting out in a patch of open water, bathing:



There was the lovely limpkin, one of the loudest birds in the wetlands, wandering around looking for snails:



But the best part of the day was running into a family of 4 very playful otters.  I first encountered them coming out of a drainage pipe connecting a local canal to the wetlands...this one froze when he spotted me:



Then he darted through the drain pipe, popping up on the other side to look around for me again:



He played hide-and-seek 5 or 6 times, on either side of the drainage pipe...then swam out and decided to jump around on the nearby bank - which is when I saw that there wasn't just one, but 4 otters.  Having another look at me up on the bank:



Should I go up farther on the bank?:



With some of his buddies - three on the bank, one in the water just in front of the one facing left (off screen):



The skies started to get ominous and my lightning detector started buzzing me of storms approaching 10 miles, so I headed out of the wide-open space and back home - a big thunderstorm let rip over that spot about 20 minutes after I left...just in time!  The wood ducks and the otters really made the trip worth it.

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