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Picture-A-Week 2020 - Week 26


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Pictures taken between Monday, June 22 and Sunday, June 28.


Week 26. That's halfway through the year and marks the beginning of northern hemisphere summer. C'mon folks...use that camera!


Rules: See above

That's it. This isn't a contest.

All photos taken this week are welcome (not just cruising).

Prizes will not be awarded. Discovering the joy of photography is the prize.

The idea is to get folks out using their cameras for more than vacations and toddler birthdays.

Post one. Post many. Up to you.

Have fun with your camera and share your fun with others!

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Middle of winter in this hemisphere. Lockdown loosened enough for the ski season to start.


But these were down by my waterside in sunny Williamstown.  2.5 second, hand held experimentation. Okay about 6pm.

Top photo with Melbourne city across the Bay.








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More seaside observation during the week


Someone out spearfishing





Little red plane did a few loops past the beach




Army chopper approaches (one of three different kind of choppers that day, the others were civilian though)





Birds (trying to) balance on one leg 😉




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What do you give an aspiring baker for her fourth birthday? Apparently Princess Jackie's mom thought a café was appropriate. I was contracted to design and build the pictured structure and was actually given a fair amount of time to complete it. Fair if you didn't count the other critical home projects. From design to paint it probably totaled about 16 hours or so and a couple of trips to Lowe's. The design was a bit of a challenge since it needed to be easily disassembled for transport. What I came up with is an eight-part playhouse that takes 20 minutes and 28 screws to go from pickup truck to playtime. I was well-compensated for my labor using the universal currency of near-hysterical giggles and a tiny birthday girl’s smile that could melt a glacier.


Casa de Jackie







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Finally!  Took a few days to get caught up and process some shots from Saturday.  I went back out to the one wetland that's open in my area - and one place I don't have to worry about the mask-wearing as social distancing is no problem at all!  It's a swampy bug-filled open space and the temps are 94-96 degrees here with heat indexes exceeding 110 every day, plus the random chance of a violent pop-up lightning storm at any time.  In 3 hours walking around, I saw 1 other person out by the parking lot.

No otters this trip, but where I found 4 wood ducks last week, and was thrilled as I rarely get to see them...this time I literally could not count how many wood ducks there were.  I never saw, or even imagined, there could be so many in one place.  Along with at least 8 pairs of wood ducks, there were a half-a-dozen singles around as well, and at least 6 of the pairs had just hatched ducklings - with broods from 5 to 7 ducklings each.  I wish I had witnessed some of the ducklings coming out of their nest - if you don't know, wood ducks nest in tree holes high off the ground, and right after the eggs hatch, the mother will fly down tot he ground to make sure things are safe, then call out to the ducklings...who will then emerge from the hole in the tree and jump as high as 50 feet down to the ground, bouncing safely and following mom to the water.


Here's a female wood duck with her ducklings all in a row:



The amazing and beautiful male wood duck:



Closeup of a female wood duck:



The wood ducks weren't the only ducks to have ducklings either...here's a mottled duck hen with her brood:



A different pond, and yet another wood duck with her ducklings:



Back home, I jumped in the pool to cool off (relatively, since my pool temperature is 95 degrees now!), I brought the camera out to the poolside in case anything interesting was in the back yard.  I caught this male cardinal in my hibiscus waiting for me to fill the feeders:


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