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Where have you visited on a cruise that you would return for a Land-only vacation?

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Love travelling in Costa Rica due the variety from beaches to volcanoes and rain forest but only central Costa Rica & Western part of the country.  There is so much to do in the country from zip lining, beaching, hiking, white water rafting, & the lush beauty is amazing but the roads can be treacherous.

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We try to stay a week, or at least 3-4 days prior to a cruise in the departure port areas. We staying a week In Cornwall prior to a Southampton departure and that was fantastic.....driving was colorful, not just because of the left-side business, but because the roads, and I mean Many, are really just one-Lane. My favorite sign was “Be alert. Oncoming traffic”. One-lane and stone walls on each side!!! But loved the area.


Spent 4 days in Dublin and then a bus trip around western Ireland you don’t see on a cruise except a one-day trip. It was nice because it was 8 days but only 3 hotel stay places so it wasn’t moving every day. 


Spent a week in Amsterdam. Got cheap tickets for the tram which is fantastic; a euro hotel next to the Rijksmuseum. Extremely friendly city and loved it. 


Did a cruise from Amsterdam to Basel. Spent 3 days in Basel. Not really worth it, go to Zurich or a nice sky town. took the train after that to Munich for a week and that was fantastic. Great city and lots to do around it. 



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4 minutes ago, Pinboy said:

Western Canada- Banff, Lake Louise and Victoria are beautiful vacation sites.


Agreed! We are in the process of helping our son move from central Montana to NW MT. He is very excited about being only 5.5 hours from Banff and looks forward to being able to go up there during school breaks or long weekends.


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I dont mind catching a disease on board as long as I am back on shore where I can be provided with medical help and care. Being sick on board is horrible. You will be locked up and both crew and other passengers will be in danger.   Horrible situation, I really hope we will not have such problems

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When we are not cruising, I have been taking the family to the national parks.  If cruising is a no-go, I am assuming that flying internationally is not going to be that great/easy either, so I have been looking for USA alternatives for vacation.


Assuming that our South Pacific (Solstice) cruise for this coming January doesn't happen, I have lined up a vacation at Death Valley National Park and Zion over the holidays.


For late 2021 we have a Asian cruise planned.  I really want to go on that cruise, but if it doesn't happen then I am thinking of a Lassen Volcanic-Redwood-Crater Lake vacation in the late summer of next year which no one in the family has been to.  Or I am thinking about Glacier National Park which the kids have never been to.


I am also trying to sneak in a plan for renting a house at Lake Tahoe where the kids can bring their friends.....


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Bermuda, Tortola, St Kitts, Cabo, Victoria BC, Halifax., Ca Coastal Ports,  Mykonos, Santorini, Valencia, Sp.


US based we'd like to to try a river cruise...Mississippi,  Fla rivers/ intercoastal or Northwest, rent a house Outer Banks, NC or Wilmington NC  area ( beaches boating and golf),  but we'll be happy to get to our place in Fla for the  season!

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After two or three cruises to Bermuda we decided to fly there and spend the full 7 days exploring the island.  Best vacation we ever had!


We rented a small condo-type building from a resident...pretty much just a bedroom/kitchen/bathroom.  We had full use of their swimming pool.  If I remember right it was only about $125 a night...total.  


We rented a scooter from Oleander's and toured everywhere!  I'll never forget the beautiful beach views along the southern road.  Our favorite day was leaving from the dockyard along the southern road, towards St. George...and we stopped at each and every beach access along the way.

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Well, it's looking like the US will not be invited to visit for some time so, traveling domestically, top on my list would be Alaska, St. Croix and Hawaii. I go back to any of those places at the drop of a hat.


Wishfully thinking, if we could travel internationally, Italy would always be tops on my list with Croatia, Scotland and Iceland coming in close behind.


For now, I guess I'll keep on dreaming and planning!  Stay safe everyone!

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I'm interested in going back to St. Petersburg and visiting Disney Japan. Visiting my family in Måløy, Norway. We can always spend more time in the UK. I'm getting ready to make land travel plans for 2021. We had planned to visit NYC in Sept 2020 to see The Music Man on Broadway. We got a email this week. We now have tickets for April 2021. We had already canceled our UK vacation/cruise that was earlier his year. My plans is to used our British Airways certificate to fly Seattle to London in March. Visit friends and go to Canterbury, Warwick Castle and Blackpool. Then fly BA London to NYC to see the musical. That should use up most of the certificates. Fly Delta back to Seattle as they have non stops from NYC. Move our March 2021 cruise for New Zealand to 2022. Use our FCC on our Alaska cruise for June 2021.

I'm all for wearing masks when needed. But I'm not going to vacation if I have to fly or cruise with masks on. If things are that bad I would stay at home and take care of my families needs. 

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International:   Southern France, Italy, Spain, Bermuda, Western Canada.

Domestic:   Oregon, Maine, Texas Hill Country, Islands off of the coast of South Carolina.

All would be repeats and most  were road trips. All beautiful and all have much to see and enjoy!

There are some places that we wouldn’t return to on a bet,  but that’s  another story....!

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8 hours ago, TeeRick said:

We all need to consider non-cruise vacations at this point perhaps into 2021.  I have been to a lot of cruise destinations.  I have always said I would like to return to some of them some day if I ever got a chance.  Let's make an assumption for this discussion that airlines fly and countries are open to tourists.  But still no cruises.  Where would you spend vacation time?

For me it would be New Zealand, the Adriatic (Croatia, Montenegro), the Baltics (Finland Sweden), Quebec, Alaska.    What about you?


Now If you are highly restricted this summer to your own country and can use only private transport (driving) where would you vacation?  This is the likely choice many of us have to make.

I personally would go to northern New England (love Maine).  About a 9 hour drive for me.


Great topic TeeRick! 

I am with you on New Zealand. Would go back in a minute. Would also include Edinburgh (been there three times, once on a ship), Inverness, Amalfi/Capri, The Guernsey Islands, Iceland, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Québec. Been to all of those on a ship and would love to go back. Alaska would be out for us (at least the parts that you cruise too as we have done eight Alaska cruises—it's what you do when you live in Seattle). 


As far as drivable vacations, we have been just about everywhere in the NW and SW Canada. About a four hour car ride is our max so maybe 8 to do in two days. Pretty much anywhere with our grandkids. We are doing an AirBnB with them on the Washington Coast (3 hour drive) in August. We were supposed to be in the Galapagos on Flora then. :classic_mellow:


Thanks for a great topic!



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8 hours ago, mrsgoggins said:

Within the UK if we have to stay home, then it will be glorious Scotland.  We have already replaced our October Italian break for a short trip to the pretty Cotswolds (England).

You should consider the Guernsey Islands. St. Peter's Port is awesome.

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7 hours ago, Prost Seattle said:

One of my favorite land vacations is Walla Walla, Washington.  There are some great wineries and a lot of amazing food.  You can rent bikes, there’s nice trails around town to ride on, and friendly people.   The bed and breakfast we stayed at (Inn at Blackberry Creek) was charming and the people were great there.  it’s in a historic neighborhood with a large park nearby that had an aviary.  If you go for a drive to the north you’ll get into the rolling hills of wheat farms, and when it’s time for harvest the contrast of the blue skies and golden hills is startling.


I always feel like Walla Walla might be what Napa was like in the mid-1960s.


You are right Prost Seattle. Everyone who loves wine should go to Walla Walla. We went last summer and had an awesome time. Had an AirBnB right downtown so we could easily walk to all the great restaurants in the evening. Having been to the California Wine Country years ago, I think you are right about it being like a young Napa. Great choice. 

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5 hours ago, Pinboy said:

Western Canada- Banff, Lake Louise and Victoria are beautiful vacation sites.



Flying out next Saturday morning for a week in Banff and Lake Louise!!!!!!!!!!!


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So many places. Just get out there when it is safe. For now we are at home waiting out the pandemic.  If it were safe now, we would be traveling tonight to Europe to catch a cruise.  We have traveled to many fabulous places and revisited our favorite places.....Bermuda, Norway, France, , and the Netherlands.  We have sailed to and flown in to all of those places. Sailing in and visiting for a day is nice. Cruising is easy as I have aged.  When I was younger and had more energy I preferred staying on land and exploring.  

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Cancun/Cozumel.  We've actually done quite a few all inclusives in Riviera Maya/Playa del Carmen area.


And Alaska of course.  We were very close to going to Gustavus at one point (on the edge of Glacier Bay), but never got the chance.

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