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Past cruise appeared in my Carnival account, that I didn't take...

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Hi All, 


Might be the wrong area, but seeking advice nonetheless... I logged into my carnival account the other day, and the first tell tale something was amiss was the password not working, but I thought maybe I stored the wrong one (password db app), so attempted a password reset.


Password reset email never arrived...


Proceeded to do a "forgot my username" - asks for name/dob/email


Email appeared, username recovered and password reset... this is where it gets interesting, whilst the full name and dob was the same, the email address was an aol one (not mine) the address and phone number were someone in pasadena, I'm in Australia... 2 of the past carnival cruises I'd taken were there, as were my travel buddies (wife and children).


The final noticable difference was two additional cruises it looks like the pasadena person has taken 2 cruises (2x 3 nights) from LA to Mexico.


After I changed my password and email address for a second time to my secondary account, I found that a data breach had occurred on the carnival site, and it seems like my account was used by someone to get extra perks perhaps (i'm only a red member)? I don't have my CC linked to my account, so I don't think there'd be any other reason why they'd use my account.


Has this happened to anyone else? do I need to report this to anyone at Carnival? 


Any advice appreciated.





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I would try to get them to separate the accounts. My sister is linked to my email and I've had no success getting her off. She is a slow learner who cant email so I had given my email as a way to get in touch, but we have different acct number. I just dont like getting emails addressed to her and not me.


I doubt very much the other person hacked in to get extra perks from someone with a red card. I wou,d be blaming carnivals record keeping and mixing up two accounts who had the same name.


Sometimes if you get married it's hard to change names, their record keeping just somehow got the two of you co mingled is my guess and you will have to get them to fix it. I'd blame carnival rather than assume you were hacked for your perks. Carnival needs to get you both under different account numbers. Id check that... that it's your ccl acct number,.. 

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The same thing happened to my husband. He kept getting credit for cruises he didn't take and couldn't figure out what was going on. One day, I got an email confirming my booking for a cruise I never booked so I logged in to my account and added it to my cruise manager just to see what was going on. It turns out there was another person with the exact same name as my husband, and when they gave their name to the agent booking their cruises they never realized that my husbands account was being selected instead of theirs. To beat it all, the person who had the same name as my husband was married to a woman with the same name as me. It was wild to find out but our PVP eventually got it all straightened out. 

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