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Question regarding cruise cash/canceled cruise

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I was in this last group of cancellations from carnival (mardi gras, nov 14th) and I had purchased cruise cash through the fun shops when they were offering a percentage off. (I got $500 cruise cash for $400.) In the cancellation email it says all fun shop purchases will be refunded, so I'm guessing that means I'll be refunded my $400. I'm just hoping someone can confirm or clarify that for me. I'd also be ok with it being moved to whatever cruise I rebook (I took the fcc/obc offer). 


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Yes, it will be refunded. 😊  There is not an option to move it to a future sailing.

It will, eventually, happen automatically, but you can give that effort a 'boost' by going into your Cruise Manager, and doing a manual request for cancellation.  If you paid by credit card, that is handled rather quickly (at least it was for mine).  If you did it with a Carnival gift card, you'll want to put on your best pair of patience pants, as that is gonna take a while.

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I too am part of the Mardi Gras cancellations, and also had purchased Cruise Cash when it was on sale.

I was told the same as you, “my $$ will be refunded back to the original form of purchase (credit card)”.

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I came to the boards hoping to find a thread about this subject.


My Breeze 1/30/21 cruise was cancelled (so they can put the Radiance people on MY ship instead of cancelling them!).  Oh well.


I purchased some discounted Cruise Cash using Carnival gift cards (which were purchased at a discount).  So, double benefit, right!


Will I receive physical gift cards in the mail?  I'm guessing you do not receive any notification that they've shipped.  I only leave the house about every 10 days, so they could be sitting in my mail box for a while, which isn't ideal, since they're basically "same as cash."  Of course, if we can't sail, then they have no value! 😁


My "patience pants" are getting a bit threadbare.

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I cancelled two cruises in 2017 and new gift cards were sent by Fed Ex about six weeks later.  My former neighbor saw them trying to deliver an envelope after I had moved from the house.  There was no follow up done by Fed Ex or Carnival, and it took many telephone calls to have another gift card (for $430) finally sent to the correct address.  

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I am curious too how quick the refunds for fun shop purchases will happen. We were booked for 2 cabins on Mardi Gras in January. I pre-purchased 2 Cheers drink packages for me and husband when they had that 20% off sale, great deal. When I log in on Carnival site, my cruise is still there on my planner. I wonder when it will be removed and how long it will take to get the Cheers package refunded. I wonder if I should just go cancel the Cheers package to speed up the process.

I haven't requested a refund or FCC yet for the actual deposit on the cruise because we are still debating on what to do.

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Here's what my TA is recommending...


You are ready to re-book for a cruise that was cancelled.  You'd only paid a deposit on the cancelled cruise, which is now an FCC.  You can't use that as a deposit for your re-booking so you have to put down another deposit.  Do NOT have your FCC applied at that time (assuming you're before final payment).  That way, if the new cruise gets cancelled, you have the original FCC/OBC and you'll have a new FCC/OBC.  If you apply that FCC from the first cancellation, you only get the one FCC/OBC. 


My cancelled Breeze was still showing up in my Planner as a 1-day, but it has now vanished, so there's no way for me to manually cancel anything.  So, who knows when gift cards might show up. 


I will alert my cruise buddies.  They're moving today, so FedEx will be trying to deliver to the wrong address.  Sure would make life more simple if they'd just refund as e-gift cards!

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1 hour ago, deweytrader said:

carnival canceled my sunrise cruise on 4/13/20 and I'm still waiting for gift card refunds for my drink packages and cruise cash purchases.


Ouch.  Legend Med/TA B2B was cancelled back when they decided they weren't sending the ship to Europe (early April I think), the refund for my one excursion I'd purchased hit my credit card on 5/25 along with my deposit refunds.  I thought <8 weeks was pretty quick.  My April HAL cruise was cancelled on 3/6 and I didn't get the refund for the taxes/fees until 6/5.

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I received my cruise cash refund at around the same time that I received the refund for the cancelled cruise (Radiance, supposed to sail at end of August). In total it was between 60 and 70 days for the refund.

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