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Royal - "less than 100 refunds waiting over 30 days"

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18 hours ago, Russ Lomas said:

It does not say they have gotten all the money back that is owed to them.  I know a bunch of people that have got portions returned to them and they are still fighting over getting the rest refunded to them.


Add me to that list.  😮 

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It's a matter of perspective.  


I should be on the list waiting longer than 30 days but my TA recently discovered one cruise where they went ahead with FCC despite her numerous times telling them refund.  Now (supposedly) the refund is in process but she was told 90 days from 8 days ago.  


So in my mind I have been waiting over 30 days but in Royal's mind I've only been waiting 8 days.  

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On 7/23/2020 at 9:59 AM, frisbeewife said:

Cancelled March 15 (130 days ago) and still waiting.


I've gotten dribs and drabs of money back, some of which I could identify as port fees, dining package, etc, but some amounts I couldn't figure out at all.  Still owed over $3200.


On the last phone call I had with them they finally said it was because the cruise was originally scheduled for summer 2019 and at the last minute I had to postpone it to this summer, due to my mother being placed in hospice.  Somehow they claim that messed things up.  I am out of patience.  Based on the last call I should have the money by the end of July.  If not then I'm going to call my credit card company and/or a lawyer.  Maybe I should call Vicki Freed.  😐


I thought I’d provide an update. I finally called American Express and filed a dispute for the rest of my refund. The next day I was notified that Royal had credited everything they owed me back to my card. 

So if you’ve been waiting for months for your refund, go ahead and call your credit card company. Royal has no incentive to hurry with large dollar refunds, but I’m guessing they don’t want to mess with the credit card companies. 

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I did a L&S on May 10. I had cancelled 3 cruise planner purchases prior to the L&S option being available. I got those refunded within 3-4 days. However, I still had 3 cruise planner purchases that were still in place when I did the L&S. I got an email cancellation for the cancellation for all three. The one that was paid for with OBC was credited right away. I’m still waiting for the other 2 to be refunded, coming up on 90 days now. I finally called last week. The rep had to go to resolutions, came back and apologized, said it was their error, and would escalate my refund. She said within 2 weeks. We’ll see.......   It’s about 4 days, I think, and not there yet. I’m glad I called, though.

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My refund finally showed up just inside they would weeks the Royal rep said on the day I called. 

It took a while before the refund posted to my account, but when it finally did appear at about the two week mark it was dated as being applied to my account about two days after my call. I suspect that my credit card company was waiting to be sure the money came through before they posted it on my account. 

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My cruise was cancelled on June 30th. Got my FCC on August 10th, but still nothing about refunds from Cruise Planner purchases. Previous cancellations from Cruise Planner (i.e. February/March) were refunded in July. This would mean I'm also one of the 100 unlucky ones.

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Received a partial refund for July 11,2020.  Paid approx. $15K between rooms, excursions, etc. Received a number of refunds for which they make absolutely no sense.  Still waiting on approx. $1500.00.  

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9 minutes ago, pit NJ said:

Received a number of refunds for which they make absolutely no sense.

If you read through the various refund threads you'll see that the amounts individually could be all over the place but the total should, eventually, add up to what you paid.

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I can hope at this point. I have about $3,000 in refunds coming since we rebooked a week ago. I sure would like that in hand to keep an eye out for discounts on our new cruise. The "sale" prices were not that great when we did rebook, but they get better as holiday weekends roll around. 

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