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Live from the first cruise in the Pandemic

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I was wondering about masks as well.  Only required indoors?  Are they required outside on open decks as long as social distancing is maintained?  Did they spread out the deck chairs by the pool?  Are the chairs at the bars spaced out?  Oh, so many questions.  No matter what, have a blast!!!

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I can answer the question about masks by posting a translation of the onboard policy:


In addition, we temporarily adjust all processes in the guest and crew area to comply with distance and hygiene rules. All guests and crew members are required to keep a mutual safety distance of at least 1.5 meters in the public areas of the ship.


Wherever this distance cannot be maintained, we ask to wear a mouth-nose mask for mutual protection. This applies, for example, to elevators, stairwells and cabin corridors.


In some cases you will also find structural changes such as plexiglass displays or marked walkways.



There´s also a video about the first cruise on the cruise lines website. While you might not undertstand much of the narration, I think the images explain and underline a few things I am sure Germancruiser will write about.



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Thank you.  It's very exciting to read about this first cruise.😀


Did you feel the tables were set far enough apart in the restaurants?


Does this ship have a casino?

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Well, I did not see anything that would be a deal breaker for us. Even the mask situation seems reasonable. I don't know about everyone, but I am feeling hopeful. 

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It is so good to read an actual cruise report rather than the usual doom, gloom and speculation that these boards have recently been home to. @Germancruiser have a wonderful cruise and if time allows tell us all the details. I'm green with envy 💚  

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8 hours ago, Germancruiser said:

No menues, neither in any lounge or bar or in any dinning room. You have to scan everything (QR Code) with your mobil. (I wonder how it works for people with no mobiles.)


So you can read the menu on your device and order as usual.



thats very cool.. no longer have to wait for a waiter to take your order.

i can see a downside of people over ordering and wasting alot of food though.


what are the procedures if someone has Covid-19 once the ship sails?

heck, do they even have test kits for covid-19 onboard?


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2 hours ago, TeaBag said:

Thank you so much for taking time out from your cruise to keep us informed.  This is the next best thing to being on there with you.


You are so right, TeaBag, this IS the next best thing to being there.  We think it is awesome when our members take the time (So precious on a cruise, right) to share with us.  That's why we'd appreciate that political discussions be kept off this thread.  Thanks!

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5 hours ago, Germancruiser said:

Thank you all four kind words- and @Miaminice- I agree- very much so. 

If one wishes to visit the theater or the little „ Schaubühne“ where they show small productions of plays you have to make a reservation beforehand. 

No more open seatng while the pandemic lasts. 

I will do that tonight and see how it works out. So fare it is a wonderful voyage- just imagine a ship which can take more then 3000 passengers ( which is for the size of the ship- is not to much in the first place) with now a bit over 1000 passengers. 

I know that  to be a once in a lifetime experience. No lines- no rush. Extremly silent and relaxing. 

Since I have only four days in which to try all the Speciality Restaurants I booked on all of them - some for lunch- some for dinner. You have to pay A la carte- no cover charge- just as in a regular restaurant- but that has nothing to do with the Covid 19 situation. 


I did the MDR this morning for breakfast- worked pretty well. 

I talked to several crew members already ( but not a single fellow passenger - but I just enjoy the  time  to be by myself. ) and all of them expressed how thankfull they were to be back on board a ship and back to earn money.


When they arrived home when all crew was sended home- some experienced dire situations caused by the virus. 


So they bent over backwards to be helpfull and friendly. 


I have just to mention the sail away yesterday evening out of Hamburg. It was almost magical- the decks were crowded all right- but everyone seemed to adhere to social distancing- and the open decks are huge- so everyone could get a glimpse of the passing city with it´s sights.. The churchtower of „ the Michel“ the new Elbphilharmony and world famous St. Pauli with the Landungsbrücken. 


We paased several ships on our way along the river Elbe - all lighted up like they were on an actual cruise. I hear later from a crew member that they did that on prupose to greet us - they all are waiting for there turn to reasume crusing. 

Man crewmembers stood around the open decks with the lights of their mobils flashing and we in turn answered. Then of course the horn competitiion as I call it. 


As I mentioned before this also my very first time on board a German ship so all of it, for me too, is a novel experience. 


I had a great time in the aft section of the ship- they call it „ The Diamond“ comparable to X´s aft bar with the same wonderful view over the Wake of the ship. 


More the next time- time for my nap. If you have any questions- just fire away. 

I gathered so many great information during my 16 years  of beeing at cruise critic so this is my chance to  give something back. 

Oh my, I am feeling a little emotional as I read this 😥

Missing cruising so much and I come onto CC periodically to cheer myself up and dream about my cruise next year.

So jealous, 1000 passengers on a 3000 ship, bliss!

Savour the moment.

Thank you so much for spending your precious time updating us.

I for one appreciate it very much.

Have a blast & stay safe.

Looking forward to your next update, and thanks again.


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I too am chomping at the bit to get back on board.  My SO and I were scheduled to be on board as I write on the Mille.  But as we all know it and the entire cruise industry shut down.  Of course the personal health and safety of any individual far outweighs the pleasure of one,  I hope I’m not naïve in thinking progress is being made.

so to the cruiser who started this blog, MANY GOOD WISHES BEST HEALTH🍷🕶 🛳.

cathy in Pittsburgh

Before this ship was sold to this company, I believe it was Celebrity Galaxy - one of the ships I sailed on.



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3 hours ago, fstuff1 said:


thats very cool.. no longer have to wait for a waiter to take your order.

i can see a downside of people over ordering and wasting alot of food though.


what are the procedures if someone has Covid-19 once the ship sails?

heck, do they even have test kits for covid-19 onboard?


The QR code is for viewing the menu only. A procedure also used in many restaurants now in Germany. You order as usual...


The ship has a PCR-test machine on board. Test result takes 70 minutes.

In case a passenger is tested positive, he is taken to a special isolation area created on deck 7 and then taken off the ship.

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