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Deposit for November cruise


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I agree with wowzz, the cruise almost certainly won't go ahead.


I'd hold out to the last minute to see if P&O cancel the cruise  and then ask for a cash refund of the deposit. 


If not, I'd cancel the cruise - I think they'd let you move to another cruise or let you have Future Cruise Credit for the deposit.


But I personally wouldn't pay them any more money at this point 

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44 minutes ago, hollyjess said:

Hi fellow cruisers. I am due to cruise on Britannia on November 6th this year. Just wondering what you are all doing regarding the balance which is due on August 8th? Should I hold my nerve or pay?

We have the same dilemma as booked on Arcadia November 6th. Unless there is an announcement putting cruises back further we will go ahead and pay. If a little later the cruise is cancelled by P&O then I'll wait for the refund even if it's not until February next year as interest rates are so low, at best 1%. That said this has not been my experience with refunds on earlier cruises cancelled by P&O which have been pretty prompt.

I think it all depends on what you are expecting from your cruise which undoubtedly will be different to pre covid.


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We are also due on Arcadia Nov 6th, i am pretty certain if

the cruise even happens the protocols onboard although understandable would ruin it for is as an enjoyable holiday so we are holding out to see if P and O cancel it so we can get a deposit refund if not we will just see if they will hold the deposit balance on our account for future use.

We don’t  intend now to go ahead but until this week we were still in the frame of mind to run with it if it happens and would have paid the balance.

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2 hours ago, hollyjess said:

Hi fellow cruisers. I am due to cruise on Britannia on November 6th this year. Just wondering what you are all doing regarding the balance which is due on August 8th? Should I hold my nerve or pay?

My advice would be to hold your nerve until the last possible moment on 8th August.  There are rumours (nothing more) of an update from P&O.

If they do not provide an update, then this is a personal and difficult choice.  


You have to be prepared for the most likely possibility of the cruise being cancelled and a long delay to get your money back.  Ignore 60 days, it's a lottery - it could be 40, it could be 140; yes you might be able to strong arm them to refunding quicker and the time should be 14 days, but only with a lot of effort and it is highly frustrating.


It does unfortunately look like there will be issues with a second wave in the Autumn, but like everyone, I can only offer a guess, so the chances of a cancellation are unfortunately high.


Not all ships will start at once, and those ships will not likely sail initially with full passenger numbers.  The Future Cruise Credit offer is increasingly redundant as the prices for next year are so high, so there isn't a "paper profit" to be made anymore.


Have a look at the Costa plan and some of the previous threads around what cruises may look like with Covid-19. 

If you are fit, able, and willing to take the risk; have proper insurance; and also don't feel that changes like this would spoil your holiday then you could consider paying, particularly if you are not in immediate need of the money back.  But be prepared to go if it comes to it.


The one advantage of paying up is that your deposit is not tied up in another P&O cruise, whereas if you ditch and switch it is, and likely against a new, overpriced booking.  If you definitely don't want to cruise until Covid-19 is sorted (with a vaccine) and don't mind waiting a long time for the money, then paying and then waiting for P&O to cancel will force them to pay you a 100% cash refund, as opposed to having 5-15% tied up against another holiday with them, which might be unattractive to you.


I know a few people have really lost faith in P&O.  As a point of principle, they are paying up, essentially to get all of their money back, with the intention of then taking all of their money elsewhere.  Their deposits aren't large, but they have had enough of P&O and their poor customer service.

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We were also booked on Arcadia's November 6th  cruise and after much discussion decided to move the deposit to Arcadia's Norway cruise June 25th next year. We thought long and hard about it, but with no inkling of a cruise restart and all the indecision of ports opening, possible itinerary changes and not knowing what the onboard protocols will be re covid we decided to cancel. I have to honestly say I feel a great sense of relief now that I'm not constantly worrying  shall we, shan't we, and I'm now feeling quite excited about visiting a new country. We only cancelled on Monday and with prices rising quickly we managed to book at a very good price. Less OBC, but it's a 12 night not a 19 so I can't complain. We're satisfied.



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Hollyjess- just a thought. If you are in one of the  lower priced cabins,  you may well be excluded from the cruise anyway, as it will probably sail only 50% or 60% full. 

The more I think about your dilemma,  the more I think - move your deposit to a new cruise.

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Further thoughts on the restart and how it might be managed.  

Do we think P&O will start up like Aida and Mein Schiff, and will the new itineraries be offered to existing bookings on that ship at that time as first refusal, before they go on general sale.

How soon after restart do we expect the current itineraries to replace the initial temporary ones.

Although lower capacity has been discussed, just which option do we think will P&O take to decide whose bookings remain valid and whose will be cancelled?


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I think most cruise lines will cautiously try a few short cruises to nowhere, to trial their COVID19 procedures.  Mein Schiff2’s capacity is about 2900, and they were aiming for 60% capacity, but only 1200 actually went on the cruise last weekend, so I think there’d be open booking for all, as there may not be a high demand for these trial cruises.


As for when they can go back to the planned itineraries, I really couldn’t hazard a guess on that one. I’m expecting an announcement soon for more cancellations up to December, and I can’t imagine the long cruises that start in January will happen. So, in some cases, the pause could be up to a year, so I don’t think they’ll  be able to flick a switch and go back to the Pre-COVID19 schedules. 

As for bumping people off sailings, perhaps they’ll seek volunteers - as cruising isn’t going to be like it was for a long time to come,  I’d be more than happy to be bumped off a cruise, as long as I got a refund. 





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