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What has surprised you during a Cabin Crawl?


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1 hour ago, fstuff1 said:


towel person?

I don't know how to add a photo but if you google 'cruise ship towel person' you will see some images.  Have seen one in person on NCL and it was really clever (but would have scared me walking into my cabin, LOL).

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I think one of the surprises I've encountered as an organizer is how many people who commit their room and then are no shows to the meet & greet. As the organizer, I solicit people of different categories and get a ship deck plan to map it out to minimize walking, crowded venue areas etc and also to accommodate those who may need elevators.  I get volunteering your cabin is a big deal but remember that other people are counting on that room .... so don't be a jerk and just blow it off - let the organizer know at least so they can make arrangements

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Organized/lead 3 cabin crawls (1 mega/+ ship and 2 Jewel/Dawn class ships) - forward views on 15000 are incredible.  The Jewel/Dawn class 2 bedroom suites on Deck 11 are actually more spacious ... incredible tub view, over a glass of chilled bubble.  Dawn's original Garden Villas with 3 bedrooms, those are a "must-see" if you sail her & get the chance to see if the hosts staying there are generous ... 


As for seeing those "exclusive" Haven suites "upstairs" - it is best done with the help of the guest's concierge and/or by private arrangement in small groups only.  Done that with those Forward and/or AFT penthouse suites - arrange for a designated time for the hosts of those suites to make it available, afternoon on sea days seemed to work for the one's I've done ... keep in mind privacy & respectful of others/neighbor's nearby (keep the party noises "down") 


Here are some pix:







P.S.  But, the cabin crawl might be a thing of the past ... looking ahead.  


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Our extended family cruises a lot, in different combinations.  My daughter and her fiance cruised a specific ship a few months before I did (with my mom and sister).   She did a PHOTO scavenger hunt for us.


She took two photos of each item - like a knob on a railing, pattern in a wallpaper or carpet, the clasp on a display cabinet, mosaic, and even a mini-golf hole.  Only public areas, but all over the ship from the kiddie pool to the cigar bar.


One photo zoomed in so that you couldn't judge size, and one from a normal distance.  When she got home, she used the close-up images to create a different Bingo Card layout for each of us, and used the normal images for an answer key.


For a week, we carried those pages around, scanning our surroundings.  We showed them to crew, bar staff, and other passengers ... and stumped many of them, too. 


She spent a lot of time setting it up, but it was worth all the fun.

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1 hour ago, Sue Do-Over said:

When she got home, she used the close-up images to create a different Bingo Card layout for each of us, and used the normal images for an answer key.

That's a GREAT idea!  I was supposed to work on a similar idea for my niece and nephew on the Bliss as they were going to be on her with my brother and SIL this month for an Alaska cruise.  We (my sister got involved when she decided to sail on the Fall cruise) were going to do some kind of word clues, but this is better!  Unfortunately, that ended up not happening and we're now not sure if they'll be sailing on that ship in the future.

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We used to enjoy the cabin crawls quite a bit, but unfortunately had a bad experience which I realize only happened once, but it just turned me off to participating.


We were in the Haven on the Gem and had planned our cabin as the last stop.  I had spoken to the Concierge and he gave everyone an escorted tour through the Haven and then I had drinks and snacks in our cabins.


When I went into the bedroom, many of the cabin crawlers were laying all over my bed taking selfies and opening up all my closets.  I was shocked and really annoyed.  I asked everyone to leave and never volunteered my cabin again.  Then I leave my cabin and see a group of the crawlers hanging around in the Haven area.


It was really disappointing to me that people would behave like that.

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