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Cruise Critic News: Should Cruise Lines Cancel Remaining 2020 Sailings? Cruise Critic Members Weigh In

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(2:25 p.m. EDT) -- Over the past few weeks, some cruise lines, such as Viking and Crystal, have decided to bite the bullet and cancel the rest of their 2020 season. But most others, including those owned by the big three cruise corporations Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian, have continued the practice of canceling on a rolling basis. ...

news?d=yIl2AUoC8zA news?d=qj6IDK7rITs

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for cruising to really resume again, we need an inexpensive test that provides results in one hour. the new check in process will be 2 parts: first part - health questionaire, temp check and covid test. part two is to proceed to check in if your test is negative. 

testing of pax and crew will be frequent. we cant go thru again the nightmares of what happened to so many ships like the Diamond Princess, Grand Princess, Coral Princess, HAL Zaandam and the many world cruises that stopped partway through their voyages with pax having to scramble to get home from Fremantle,  Auastralia. Eeven with a vaccine, testing will be the key to Covid 19 and all future similar situations. 

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I often wonder if anyone edits the articles published on Cruise Critic for accuracy.


In recent months we've seen such inaccuracies as the EU being used interchangeably  with the Schengen Area, when they are not...there are Schengen countries that are not part of the EU and one EU country, Ireland, is not part of the Schengen area, and misinterpretations of the Passenger Vessel Services Act are commonplace. 


 In this article we have survey results stated as:"the vast majority -- 46.8 percent" and "an overwhelming majority -- 32.9 percent".


Sorry, but neither 46.8% nor 32.9% are majorities, much less a "the vast majority" or "an overwhelming majority". A majority requires over 50% ...per Merriam-Webster's definition "a number or percentage equaling more than half of a total".

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I am of the p.o.v. that cruise lines should try to open up for sailing before 2021 because, the more delay, the more people who love to travel  will find other means to do so.  It's not about whether there is a vaccine or not, as I see it.  It's about personal desire and motivation.  As one who loves to travel, I will go anywhere that is currently open.  People who don't want to travel can stay home.  The rest of us, I believe, are ready to set sail before the new year.  And if the ships don't sail soon, we'll move our travel funds to other options.

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I'm of the opinion that they should not, they are bleeding money with the ships not sailing, they would be signing up for at least 2 more months of bleeding cash. Prior to the "pandemic" I was much more confident in the cleanliness around the ship than going to a hotel.  It's pure bias that ships aren't allowed to sail in the US, airplanes are still allowed to fly and people are trapped in a small confined space for the duration of the flight, with the exception of the line to get on and off the ship a cruise has much easier means of social distancing to avoid sharing fluids that may or may not contain the virus.  They deserve a shot to save their businesses and their employees jobs - yes cruise lines for the purpose of passengers is a vacation but the cruise lines directly employee thousands of people around the world, plus the tourism dollars they bring into ports. 

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