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APEX Concierge Balcony Room

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The majority of the cabins on the Edge & Apex have the Infinite  veranda.  To get a traditional balcony you need to book a Sunset Veranda, Suite or a category 1A or 1B veranda.


The later do have a balcony but not totally open.  Here’s a picture from the Celebrity website.



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On Apex you can have a traditional balcony but it won’t be a Concierge Class Room.


for a Concierge Class stateroom with traditional balcony you’ll need to pick a different ship, one of the M or S class ships.

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3 hours ago, Roxxy said:



What are the preferred cabins for a balcony cabin?  I have a C3 booked but now have discovered it is an Edge Balcony, which I do not want.


Thanks !



 I agree with you 100%.  It is going to be a sad day when they start using E-class ships to replace s-class ships on my favorite itineraries.

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I've got a Concierge (C2) stateroom booked on Apex with an "infinite balcony" (10188) for my July 10, 2021 cruise...

I actually originally had a C2 booked on Infinity for back-to-back cruises in July 2020.  When those were cancelled, we managed to get an unusual "lift-and-shift"--to non-back-to-back cruises--one straight across to the July 19 Infinity--where we got our exact same cabin we would have had in 2020...but the other cruise, we managed to move to the July 10 Apex.  It was an unusual case...the itineraries changed so that doing both on Infinity would have resulted in multiple repeated ports...so they let me move it to the Apex.  And, they moved our midship C2 to a midship C2 on Apex.


I know it's going to be a bit different.  Location's approximately the same, but the room configuration will, obviously, be changed.  I have read opinions from all of those people who don't like the infinite balcony thing.  But i have decided to reserve judgement for myself. I may just like it.  I have had al sorts of different balconies over my many cruises.  I've had small standard balconies, I've had larger slant balconies.  On my last cruise before the pandemic--on Royal Princess, I had a balcony that was deemed "obstructed", yet it was a "deluxe" balcony with a larger cabin with an added sitting area (which most Princess standard balcony cabins don't have) and the only "obstruction" was that the barrier beneath the railing was solid rather than plexiglas.  


I've come to ask myself what it is about balcony cabins that make me want to book them. (I believe the reasons are different for everybody).  For me, it's not that much that I spend very much of my cruise sitting out on the balcony.  I occasionally go out there to just get some fresh air or to sit and relax and read.  But I really don't spend a lot of my cruise out on the balcony...or even in my cabin.  I like balcony cabins mostly because they feel or appear roomier and lighter.  When I look at the Apex/Edge options, I don't think a non-infinite balcony with that strange circular enclosure would feel anywhere as light and roomy.  And, to me, having the option to use that space as convertible indoor space may just fill my desire for roominess better--especially since that space is available to me at night--when I am more likely to be in the cabin.


In any event, I'm not just adopting others' opinions.  To me, its worth trying it out.  Hey, it's just a 7-night cruise.  If I don't like it, I just wont book it next time.  OTOH, I don't choose my cruises for the cabin or even the ship.  I choose them for the itinerary...so, even if I don't prefer the new balconies, that will likely never be the determining factor--for me--in booking a cruise.

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13 hours ago, Bruin Steve said:

I don't choose my cruises for the cabin or even the ship.  I choose them for the itinerary...so, even if I don't prefer the new balconies, that will likely never be the determining factor--for me--in booking a cruise.


Couldn't agree more.


We cruise for the itinerary.


Always book balconies for the fresh air.


We'll give IV a try, since the itinerary on Apex (Sept. 2021) is amazing. We've even found a "deal" where the concierge was cheaper than regular balcony...😁


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