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Celebrity Reflection - anyone left?


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7 hours ago, Ashland said:

I quoted and was responding to a particular post that was specifically mentioning Celebrity's website.

Not everyone has access to a TA's site.

Thanks for quoting me twice though :classic_wink:


Senior Moment as far as twice quote.  TA site is actually one of most popular cruise site on internet. But rules say I can not tell you name of internet site; except is sounds similar to booze and "Com on Man"

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On 9/2/2020 at 11:37 PM, Slyfox16 said:

Thank you very much. I was afraid of that. This was a comped cruise through the casino, don't know how or if you can switch cruises.

We were also on a comped cruise this fall that got cancelled.  I called the Blue Chip Club and they let me move to a springtime cruise no problem.

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We are also on the 12/4/20 sailing and I spoke to a person from Celebrity the other day and said the sailing was still a go.  Looking forward to it..  I did book an oceanview (now I am hoping for an upgrade) - I can't see why that would not happen

Staff can only tell you what they have been told to say. We have cancelled that cruise before payment as we have decided not to go. Hate to disappoint you but Covid cases are rising world wide and cruises out of the USA will be a no no until next year. Very sad as we have been waiting for 2 years for this cruise. Next one for us is Feb 21st 2022. Cunard just cancelled us for Dec next year too !!

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Houston, we have a problem with the Healthy Sail Panel's recommendations.


Well, we are still booked for the Thanksgiving cruise on the Celebrity Reflection, and our friends are still booked on a Royal Caribbean cruise the first week of November.  No word either way on either cruise and our friends are close to 30 days out and have received their trip packets.  I noted the article stating the cruise lines could be ready to sail in as soon as 30 days, and I am sure they have been working the logistics over and over again, and are prepared to go.  It is now up to the CDC, which seems to be getting flakier as 2020 goes on.


My wife and I both read the Healthy Sail Panel's recommendations cover to cover, and we do not have any issues with their recommendations, except 1 - the need to have a negative covid test result from 5 days to 24 hours prior to sailing to present to the cruise staff at the dock.  In our case, the Reflection departs on Monday, and we are flying from the midwest to arrive the Sunday before.   That leaves only Thursday, Friday, and possibly Saturday to take the test, but we know of no one in our state that is getting results back fast enough in written or email form, to present at the dock on Monday, especially over a weekend.  As of today, I simply do not know how that can be accomplished with a Monday departure, unless the cruise line(s) facilitate a local testing facility near the port that can, for example, test cruisers traveling from out of state on the Saturday or Sunday before, and get the test results back to the cruisers quickly, over a weekend.  Otherwise, I believe the 5 days to 24 hours requirement is going to bump both of us off of this cruise.   The recommendations continue to discuss rapid testing at the dock, if it becomes widely available, but only as a 2nd test, and would not eliminate the need for the first 5 day to 24 hour test.  Athletes, profession and college, seem to be able to gain access to rapid testing and results, but not cruisers that have paid $10,000+ to go on their cruises.

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I don't think you are going to have to worry about the testing.  The Thanksgiving cruise this year is 11 nights.  In the recommendations did you notice the recommendation that sailing not exceed 10 nights at least in the beginning?   This was actually one of the recommendations that surprised me.   I think you will see sailings of just a few days if they are able to restart in November.


Personally I wouldn't expect to see itineraries longer than 7 days until 2021.


As far as testing goes I hope they establish a relationship with a national testing lab like TUI has appeared to have done in Germany where they would have some sort of contractual agreement to get results processed.

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wrk2cruise - yes, we did see the recommendation for 10 days or less.  Who knows what ports, if any, would even let the ship dock except the private island.  Cayman is already out, so we thought they would shorten the cruise instead of cancelling if they were back into operation.  We could be really wrong.


The relationship with a testing lab that would guarantee fast results would be a great solution.  We would be willing to travel a day earlier to take the test locally on a Saturday for a Monday departure.  It is amazing how many accommodations we will be making to get back to sea...

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An interesting thought on testing... I had a rapid test last Friday.  Got verbal results in 25 minutes.asked for a document to that  effect, and was told I could it one as soon as the test was certified...5 to 7 days.. unless the cruise line controls the testing this could be an issue.

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