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Who Has Cruised with the Medallion?


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32 minutes ago, INeedAMaiTai said:

I'm planning ahead (hoping for the future) and was wondering how you prefer to carry your medallion?  I'm debating on just keeping it in the lanyard or getting the wrist band thing.  What are your personal opinions?

I used the wristband and my husband used the lanyard. He had trouble getting the wristband on and off and I didn’t like anything hanging around my neck so it worked out great for both of us. I especially liked using it in the casino and he loved that it worked on opening the cabin door. I wish we were cruising!

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We’ve been on two medallion cruises and just used the lanyard on both of them.  When we would go to dinner at night,  I unhooked the medallion from the lanyard and kept it in my shirt or pants pocket.  Whatever works for you is all that matters.

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We bought a black sports band to try out on the Sky Princess inaugural (as we were on the first ever Medallion cruise on Regal in 2017 and the blue wristbands they initially provided kept popping off our wrists!). The sports band was much more sturdy this time. However, we fell back to the lanyards for ease of use during the day. As our cruise went on, I wanted something girly to go with my evening outfits so spent some OBC on a silver bracelet which was lovely!



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I walked around with it all week like a coin in my pocket next to a bottle opener. Never lost it. Became a little infamous for it among the crew.  Being magnetic, it would stand up straight on a bottle opener laid flat on the bar. You could spin it on its axis, sort of like a fidget spinner. They thought it was clever. I was amused.


Hard to make out in the second pic... it's standing up on the bottle opener.  And on my bar napkin is pretty much where it was all week long! 🙂





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It's provided to you in a plastic case, middle example in post #12, attached to a lanyard. Removed it from the lanyard and carried the case in a pocket. The clip on, 2nd from left in post #12, is sold on the ship. The medallion mounts to the clip by magnet. We tried this, but didn't like it. 

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In our stateroom.  I did not like that your photo showed up on the screens of the stores as you entered.  It also unlocked your door when you were 6 ft plus from it.  
This was one of the first cruises that had it, so I expect things have gotten better.  We also got a cruise card Automatically as it was so new.

They had a number of extra staff onboard running around with ipads , and in the computer centre due to the issues.


When we get to go back, I will be keeping it in a RFID Sleeve, only getting it out when needed.

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A reminder!  If you have a pacemaker or defibrillator do not wear it on the lanyard.  It could interfere with your device.


I kept mine in a pocket at least 12 inches away from my device.


When the medallion's first came out, there was a thread about this problem.

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We used the lanyards that came with the medallions for free.  I bought some fancy patterned scrapbook paper at the craft store for like .25 a sheet and cut it to fit and replace the plain background paper they provided. I got 2 separate kinds so my husband and I could easily and quickly tell the medallions apart (we are both Platinum so the medallions are gray-ish).  


While on the cruise husband also bought the wristband which he said was very convenient.  I was just fine with the lanyard. 

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I really hate lanyards for anything. I've yet to sail on a Medallion cruise but, if we eventually do so, I'll just keep it in my pocket like I did with the card. We were booked on the first Medallion cruise for Caribbean Princess but, while the cruise happened, the Medallion was delayed. We have a cruise on the same ship next May but sincerely doubt it will sail. Perhaps one day we will be on a Medallion cruise. Perhaps cruising will be nasty with masks and stuff and we won't do it anymore. Who knows?


As for carrying a bottle opener in my pocket... Yikes! I know I'd manage to "open" myself.

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