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Infinity Aqua class limited to aft deck 11


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Had a very interesting cruise email, Portugal and Spain.  Only negative was the location of the Aqua Class cabins.  All aft on deck 11 on the Infinity.  Could there be others that are sold out?  My partner and I are prone to getting motion sickness so I think that won't do.

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50 minutes ago, jelayne said:

We are booked on the 10/9 / 21 Sailing and plenty of AQ cabins on both deck 9 & 11 available.  Same for the 8/20 & 8/30 sailings.  What date are you looking at?


I looked at 8/30/21.  Only one cabin available on Deck 9?  That doesn't seem right.  Quite a few on Deck 11.

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I get sea sick easily but have sailed in these a number of times and really like their location. I pick the ones on the side, near the elevators. If there is motion to be felt, it is felt more the further you get from the center. This is a scientific fact, regardless of what others have or have not felt.  And Infinity has the same design as any other M class ship so will handle the seas the same.   But I like the room location so much I will chance it, and bring my meds and ginger just in case.  

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We have been in those cabins by the elevator on the sides on deck 11 and enjoyed the location and the fact that they seem very private as there is not a lot of foot traffic. We don't tend to get sea sick but have never noticed any additional motion in that location. 

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On 9/17/2020 at 10:56 PM, jelayne said:

Hope this link works, it shows the AQ  Cabins on Deck 9.  There are at least 30 available on 9 and on deck 11 only 4 AQ are booked 




It goes to the main page, but thanks.  I appreciate all the comments.  I'll look again.

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I sailed in one of those cabins on deck 11 on the December 30th cruise on the Infinity.  Loved the location, virtually no hallway traffic and very quiet.  While it was a benefit for us, the balconies do not have anything above them but sky so there is no shade but the views are stunning.  I didn't feel any motion of the ship up there either.  I would recommend one of those on Deck 11 if you can find one near the elevators.  I would avoid the 1100 and 1101 cabins (first two) and probably the last one just because of the door to the outside opening and closing right outside your door all day.


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We are partial to the deck 11 cabins on the M class ships but only if they are the stern cabins. Call me spoiled but they are definitely the best Aqua cabins on the 4 ships.

All four of the exterior doors can be problematic. They are heavy and in the wind can easily slip out of one's grasp and slam. 

The most traffic we have ever seen from any of the aft cabins are from those using the exterior stairways from the bar to get to deck 12. And only one time did I notice anyone peeking around the stairs to see 1130's balcony.

We have opted for deck 9 cabins aft of 9108 starboard and 9127 port over the port and starboards on deck 11. We want more shade for one thing and protection from the rain for another. Those deck 9 cabins are very quiet and convenient.

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We are booked on the August 20, 2021 Spain and Portugal cruise in AQ Class deck 11 in one of the coveted aft facing cabins. I just looked online and there are still plenty of deck 9 AQ cabins available on our cruise.  Have you talked to a TA or with a X agent directly? Sometimes the X website is not totally accurate.

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We have stayed in this area on constellation and LOVED it.

admittedly, we had an aft facing balcony and yours may not be (I think there are only 5)

but this is a great location for many reasons. I can’t recall any more motion than usual.

BUT - one word of caution, we knew someone who stayed in 1111 and their phone rang all the time from mis dialed calls!


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