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How Likely Are You to Cruise After Sail Panel Announcement?

How Likely Are You to Cruise After Sail Panel Announcement?  

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  1. 1. How Likely Are You to Cruise After Sail Panel Announcement?

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I've read the panel's recommendations. To me, its disappointing and poorly thought out with very little details. And some areas are completely ignored (no mention whatsoever of food handling, buffet protocols, etc).


The cruise lines and CLIA cheering this set of "panel recommendations" as the cure for what ails the industry is juvenile. Although ... at the same time ... I must admit they HAVE to start the conversation somewhere!  The CDC isn't going to start the process of reopening cruising on their own. At this point, the cruise lines have to be aggressive and adapt.


But ... for us, the details really don't matter. If the cruise lines are going to restrict shore excursions to "cruise line sponsored excursions" only, then we will not be cruising. Face masks we could live with even though we would NOT like it. 


Over the past four weeks I have had around 6 phone calls from Celebrity folks just wanting to make sure "everything is ok" and "do you have any questions for us". Well, so far, on each call they have not been able to answer any of the questions I have asked. That's ok. I really didn't expect them to be able to answer difficult questions yet. ( but ... they did ask me "do you have any questions?" )  Maybe they are just simply taking an informal hidden poll of whether I am planning to cancel cruises and at what point we will resume cruising ???   I'm really not sure what the real motive for the phone calls has been.


The next time Celebrity calls I think I'll push a little harder on the unanswered questions and we shall see if they are ready to share some details. If they can't ... I think it may be time to cancel the $160,000 of cruises we have booked.

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the more I think about this, the mandatory testing for guests and employees makes it one of the safest vacations available. It’s basically the same kind of bubble that the NBA created at WDW for the playoffs but even better since it’s contained on a ship.

I mean, we go to indoor restaurants and have no idea if the waiter is sick. And on a quick getaway my wife was unsure about a massage, but in this case, everyone who works at the spa will have been tested. 

I’m pretty close to booking a trip in January...


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21 hours ago, Lbicklel said:

Due to other health issues, I cannot subject myself to unnecessary nasal swab testing (I’ve been successful so far), so I’m out until other testing methods are more widely used.  I also think there’s too much emphasis on testing as a prevention method. So I go get tested on a Tuesday and depart on Saturday, with a negative test. Who’s to say I don’t contract Covid in the days between the test and boarding?  

I also think the bubble excursions would be a strong push for me not to go. And shorter cruises are a definite no-go. It’s not worth the airline and hotel costs to go for anything shorter than seven days.


Just praying that by the time we get past this coming winter and spring we have better control and things can start to swing back to normal.

Yes - test negative a few days before - then contract it prior to boarding.  There is essentially no way to keep it off ships.  

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16 hours ago, bouhunter said:

Very interesting to read the posts in this thread.  Just based on this small sample, it looks like many won't cruise either because of virus concerns or because of the restrictions on the experience.  And this is from cruise lovers on a cruise message board.   The customer base for the first few months of cruising is going to be limited to the desperate diehards who will get onboard "just to get on a ship".  It will likely be a healthy experience, and I suppose enjoyable to the customers who are happy to be cruising regardless where it's going or what the restrictions are.  I don't get it, but wish them well.

Those same diehards can be found on FB, but the numbers don’t seem to be enough to keep the lines busy enough.  Well, at least until there a weakening of Covid, an effective vaccine or it disappears etc...


15 hours ago, Ocean Boy said:

And any reatrictions placed on my activities while in port are a no go for me.

Same for us, well at least one of our factors. 


14 hours ago, John&LaLa said:

One thing casual cruisers may not understand is that for some, cruising isn't a vacation, per se, its a lifestyle. Kind of like going to your local country club. Just something you're used to. 


That crowd is probably ok with most of the bullet points. 

I get it, I’m 30 minutes from mine. That being said not everyone lives a couple hours from the port,  but many of the diehards do. They wouldn’t think twice about zipping to the port and jumping on the ship.  No different than running to the store for a bag, I mean carton😉, of milk.  That being said, I have been on more cruises the last few years than to the Club. 


5 hours ago, Ocean Boy said:

Masks plus port activity restrictions is a no go for me. The cruise could be free and my answer would be the same. I don't want to be unhappy even if it cost me nothing.

Golf Clap. I think it’s time we flew to Antigua and went for some BBQ.  Forget the Club for now. 😂😉

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13 hours ago, Tapi said:

To play devil’s advocate, what if instead of costing $10K, you could go on the same cruise for a fraction of the price but abiding by all the new protocols? Let’s say $2K. Would you do it? Or is it still a hard pass? 

Very good question... From my perspective it's not a price issue, it an experience issue.  So soft pass, for now.


For the next 12-24 months, the cruise line experience is going to change significantly.  The social and free range aspect that used to be such a huge part of the cruise will be limited -  I might be willing to give it a try (3 nighter / weekend cruise with my wife and I) but the mega family once a year vacation won't be on a cruise for a while.


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3 minutes ago, MichiganMan4 said:



For the next 12-24 months, the cruise line experience is going to change significantly.  The social and free range aspect that used to be such a huge part of the cruise will be limited 


I think you're right, it's not going to be the same for quite some time.  Hopefully the cruise lines will find enough paying customers to get them through this.  That remains to be seen.

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On 9/21/2020 at 10:46 PM, Slidell_Cruiser said:

Looks like my 10 cruises in 2021 may not happen, four B2B and longer length sails....

TOO much to Ask......

I pay for covid test

I cannot Walk Around a Port

I must use a ship tour

I must wear a mask


Sorry RC.... but I will save a LOT of money in 2021, maybe I’ll buy me a new Caddy.....


Maybe in 2022 if things get back to the real normal

Yup, I have a Bronco on reserve. Will road trip to free states.


ETA: This is a move simply to appease CDC so ships can set sail and the companies can generate and KEEP income. I get it. I don't like it but I get it.

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As of this post, over 200 hard core cruisers that follow cruising on a message board have responded to the poll in this thread. Roughly 55% have stated they'd cruise regardless of the panel's recommendations. While this is very unscientific, it does tell us that the industry is in deep Doo-Doo going forward. 

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Goodtime Cruizin,


My opine is....you are spot on sir. If they lose half of their loyal Cruisers, there is a problem.


So as a long time cruiser with 10 booked this year and a TA for myself and a score of clients, we will take refunds when available from cancelled cruises with FCC as a backstop, even if they become un-useable due to restrictions, but no more cash to RCL until they sail by the REAL not the new normal, whenever that it......


i can believe I just wrote that since I’m as loyal to Royal as it gets, but hey is 2020.


Stay safe everyone and to those who sail under these conditions, enjoy, I await your honest feedback..

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On 9/21/2020 at 5:25 PM, taglovestocruise said:

Masks, social distancing, no roaming the ports, means no cruising for us.  We are in Vegas every other month, place is a pain in the a**, only go to visit mother in law and not worth leaving Summerlin.  Look at England.  Lockdowns, masks, distancing and second wave now hitting. Time to let nature take it's course. 

What's the diff, whether you're on land or sea, gotta wear masks, test with symptoms, etc, etc.  So we'd rather be cruising...no changes for us, and we'll get the vaccine ASAP.  BTW we were both exposed about 16 days ago from the State Farm Agent who came out to insure our new home...he came down with symptoms on a Friday 3 days after we were with him and tested positive....so far so good..no symptoms after 14 day quarantine.

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44 minutes ago, firefly333 said:

The recommendations not much of a surprise except possibly me having to get a test myself first. 


So they wouldnt change my mind about cruising. No one can say they like anything about life with covid. Cant shelter in place forever.

This is true. The cruise lines are in the spotlight. If there is a cluster traced to a ship, they will be between a rock and a hard place and unlike most businesses that are operating under state guidelines, the cruise industry has to answer to the federal government. That being said, so far (fingers crossed) there is evidence that following CDC protocols and rigorous testing is working on land, but it requires everyone to play by the rules. We are not out of the woods yet.

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unfortunately due to our location having to fly from UK to pick up our cruises in the sates i doubt we will be doing that until things change. It will just become too risky with cost to travel all that way, provide a test from 5 days/24 hrs before and potentially get refused travel. That would mean we've paid lots of money out and potentially could be stuck in the states with no holiday and no way home...... too risky i'm afraid!. 

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2 hours ago, firefly333 said:

The recommendations not much of a surprise except possibly me having to get a test myself first. 


So they wouldnt change my mind about cruising. No one can say they like anything about life with covid. Cant shelter in place forever.

I like less traffic. 

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12 hours ago, PhoenixCruiser said:

I have lost complete trust and faith with the CDC.

7 hours ago, deliver42 said:

The CDC has become strictly political. That being said, if they approve cruising, I will go even with the restrictions.

Quite so and this does nothing to engender confidence in the cruising community.


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I can't imagine wearing a face mask once on the cruise ship...especially by the pool...Can you imagine the tan lines....

I just couldn't do this

We are scheduled to sail next March

I don't mind not being able to get off the ship but on board things should be close to normal where everyone is tested before they get on the ship.

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That's a not at all for me. Don't want that experience. But as we only cruise once or twice a year, I guess I'm not diehard enough to miss it that much.  I'll let you know if I change my mind after our trip to Mexico next month.

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26 minutes ago, deliver42 said:

I think the problem lies with trust of the cruise lines, or lack of it. Will they be like MSC in Europe and enforce their rules, or will they back away from confrontation, as I think they would?


If they agree with the new procedures, that would allow them to sail again, and don’t enforce them, anything seriously happens, they are toast. The ships will be hanging around in the Caribbean and the crew will be home again. It might be the end of the line, no pun intended.


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On 9/21/2020 at 10:00 PM, Chrispmor said:

I’m in. No different than a land vacation where masks are required inside generally everywhere now. I’m not sure why people think masks are being required outside/ at the pool. Clearly says that is not the case. 

Plus testing before boarding makes it much, much safer than eating at a restaurant or even going to the grocery store. 

Testing is pointless. A negative test today doesn't mean you won't test positive tomorrow or the day or two after, especially if you fly to port.  I have been wearing a mask for 10 to 12 hours a day when at work since June. I still hate it. My job is very physical and at times I get dizzy or out of breath.   I also won't travel to any place that requires you wear a mask while working around outdoors.  I miss normal life more than I miss cruising. I'm not willing to drop a few thousand  to have to possibly be quarantined on the ship or have to quarantine for 14 days when I return home.  As far as not having to wear a mask on board while outdoors, I thought about it and realized that we spend more time indoors in the evening than outdoors during the day unless it's a sea day and then it's about the same.

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