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We made the scones

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I was feeling nostalgic for Cunard and we made up a batch of the official scones.  We had some difficulty with measurements of flour in ounces vs. cups but they turned out perfectly.   The service was sadly without a sliver tray, harp music, white gloves or clotted cream.  But we found some home-made jelly which got the job done.  




On a related topic, I do wish Simon could be persuaded to restart cruises to nowhere at least.  A fair number of the Cunard elements could be retained.  I was just researching the Battle of Britain, and a proper British cruise line would not fold in the face of adversity.  Having to wear a mask or take swab tests is not the same as having your house bombed or sleeping in a tube station underground.    


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The issue with cruises to nowhere for me is that you are taking passengers from across the country and some places are affected quite badly right now. No one knows what transmission levels will be like in a particular place even in a few weeks time. How can you book a cruise if you don't know if you'll be allowed to mix with people inside by the time it rolls round? Depending on where you live you might not even be legally allowed to leave the county to get to the ship. I can't imagine you are going to find insurance to cover that.


No doubt that it is more of a beancounter issue. You have a tremendous amount of fixed costs running a ship - there is a certain amount of fuel you will burn, there will be minimum staffing levels - which means a minimum level of customers aboard to break even. If the beancounters don't think they can break even then they won't plan cruises.

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I was pleased with how the muffins turned out, as well. Again, super easy/quick. I didn't bother with the butter cream icing...didn't seem to need it.



How to make Cunard Bakewell Muffins.




This recipe makes eight muffins.


6 oz caster sugar
1 tsp almond essence
1 egg
5 oz melted butter
5.5 fl oz Greek yogurt
7 oz sifted self-raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
4 oz ground almonds
8 tsp strawberry jam
2 oz sliced almonds

Butter Cream:
4 oz softened butter
8 oz icing sugar
Dash of almond essence

8 glacé cherries






Pre-heat the oven to 350°F and prepare a
  muffin tin with eight muffin cases.


In a large bowl whisk the egg until it becomes light and fluffy then stir in the sugar, almond essence, melted butter, and Greek yogurt.


Gently fold the self-raising flour, baking
  powder and ground almonds into the wet
  mixture to form a batter (be careful not to
  over beat, fold just enough to bring the
  ingredients together).


Place the batter into a piping bag. Place the strawberry jam in a separate piping bag.


Pipe the batter into the muffin cases until
  they are half full, then pipe about 1 tsp of
  strawberry jam into the middle. Continue to
  pipe the rest of the muffin batter on top until
  the muffin cases are almost full. Sprinkle the
  top with sliced almonds.


Place the muffins into an oven for around 20 to 25 mins at 350°F until golden on top. Leave to cool before decorating.

Butter Cream:


Place the butter, icing sugar and almond essence in a bowl and whisk until the mixture is light and fluffy.

Once cooled, pipe a rosette of buttercream in the middle of the muffin and top with a glacé cherry.

Take a bite, and enjoy!


Mark's Top Tip


"Accuracy is key! Make sure that you weigh your ingredients correctly – a batter that’s too wet will not bake correctly and become heavy. Be careful not to overbeat the batter as this will make the muffins dense and heavy."

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9 hours ago, steve1young said:



I've made them a few times now, and each time they've turned out great. So so happy with this recipe. Super easy/quick, too. 




WOW they look great and thank you for the recipes posted.


If you can send some scones to me I just got my favorite Strawberry Jam from the UK and new batch of Devonshire Clotted Cream on the way. I am will soon be ready to enjoy Tea Time again with a proper cup of Darjeeling tea.

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8 hours ago, Host Hattie said:

I think I have the ingredients for the muffins but I don't have a piping bag I'm hoping you can use a spoon to get the mixture into the tin. How did everyone else manage ?


I didn't use a piping bag. Spoon worked great. No worries.


They were so perfectly moist. Please share a pic after you make them. Would love to see how they come out for you.

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Ok the muffins are next.  After three recent voyages I have no memory of them.  We always ate breakfast at a large table in Steerage and never saw them.  I would have remembered.  Were they a Grills selection?    We also stray (shh) I prefer PG Tips to Twinings English breakfast by a tiny margin.  

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23 hours ago, steve1young said:


I didn't use a piping bag. Spoon worked great. No worries.


They were so perfectly moist. Please share a pic after you make them. Would love to see how they come out for you.

Thanks, they're far too ugly for a photograph but they taste great ! I didn't bother with the topping either. 

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19 hours ago, Geoffa30 said:

We also made them earlier in the year whilst in lockdown in the U.K. I think everyone took up baking early on! Thought they were nice if a bit cake-like.



Great Baking..


Hoping My Looks the Same when I attempt.


R These recipes ingredients and measures and timing accurate? Just want to follow a sure thing.

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My Aunty made wonderland scones, she passed away a couple of weeks ago, so Te few who could get together after her funeral all bought some scones alon, next year we hope to have a wake on what would have been her 90th birthday, I imagine scones will be plentiful.

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I rarely find good pastries on board the cruisers. I think they use some bad quality flower or smth, or maybe there something wrong with the milk or the way it is stored. In any case, I really hope that the situation will change in a near future and we will all enjoy some good food lol 

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