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The Daily for Tuesday Oct 20, 2020

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today is Brandied Fruit Day, International Chefs Day, and U.K. National Waiters Day

You cannot propel yourself forward by patting yourself on the back.

Meal suggestion for today - Lobster Mac And Cheese


Drink of the Day - Mai Tai

Wine of the day - P. Llopart Brut Rosé Cava Reserva vintage 2016


At Sea Atlantic
Westerdam destination Southampton eta 10/21

At Sea Caribbean
Oosterdam destination Willemstad eta 10/21

Balboa Anchorage

Bonaire Anchorage

Brindisi Italy Anchorage

Katakolon Greece Anchorage

Torquay GB
Nieuw Statendam

Nieuw Amsterdam



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Thank you for the Daily, Rich.  Tough times for hard working waiters.  Cheers to our chefs, and although I don't drink a little brandy taste in my fruit is a nice change.  Love the quote, but will take my mac & cheese (takeout from Panera tonight) without the lobster.  My alternate meal suggestion is Fruit  Cup au Naturel, the turf from Surf and Turf, and Cherry Crumble Tart, as served on the Amsterdam October 20, 2017.


Today's care list:

Mrs Vmax with radiation looming

Caregiver Gsel and her DH battling Alzheimers

California and Colorado Wildfires

Debbie’s nephew and his girlfriend

Family and friends of Denise’s friend who died of cancer October 13

Sharon’s book club member

and Krazy Kruisers and Joe


Today's Celebrations and shoutouts:

Front Line Health Care Workers

Teachers and school workers

StLouisCruisers MIL improving

Fall colors

A getaway for Cruising-Along

New house coming for Dismomx5

1ANGELCAT excused from jury duty

and Carnival Sensation, rescuing 24 stranded boaters off the Florida Coast




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Good  morning all.  Do not care for brandied fruit, but Chefs are great.  Congrats to the Waiters Day.

The meal is one of my all time favorites, especially from the Common Man in Concord NH.


Mai Tai:


Ingredients: 1 1/2 oz White rum, 1/2 oz Fresh lime juice, 1/2 oz Orange curaçao, 1/2 oz Orgeat syrup, 3/4 oz Dark rum
Preparation: Shake all ingredients except the dark rum together in a mixer with ice. Strain into glass and float the dark rum onto the top. Garnish and serve with straw.
Served: On the rocks; poured over ice.
Standard garnish: Lime peel, Pineapple spear
Prayers and congratulations where needed.
Stay safe, social distance, and wear your mask.  We can get this horrid virus under control.
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Thanks for the Daily, Rich and our morning smile 🙂 


Too soon to make fruit cake for me but brandy is a must in it 🙂. Love to see the Chef’s and Waiters celebrated.  We miss them.


That quote is ever so true.


The meal suggestion sound wonderfully tempting.  I just might make some.


A Mai Tai sounds wonderful.  I’ll wait to enjoy one on board 😉   Hopefully there will be a different vacation next year than the one we’ve had in 2020.




I was pretty worn and weary last night after all the gardening and cleaning.  I needed something to help my aching back:




Love a Cava but prefer it in white but wine is always good.




Prayers for everyone on Roy’s Care list & for all those who need them and a toast to those celebrating.


Have a great Tuesday everyone.  Stay safe and don’t forget your masks 😷 





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Thank you for today’s Daily, Rich! Roy, thank you for taking care of our lists for us. Morning Dailyites & my Sisters. Denise, it was lovely to hear from you yesterday.🌺 Joy, that pic of the toddler with that huge snake was an eye opener!😱
Not sure if I have ever had brandied fruits before, but I will celebrate the other two Days with gusto! Great quote and meal suggestion. A mai tai sounds like a great cruise drink!


@kazu, great pics!


I believe I am in for another rainy day here. Lots of rolling thunder last evening, but the lightning was not anywhere I could see.


Prayers for all who need our support. Cheers to all we are celebrating!

Stay well everyone!


This sparkling rosé from Spain has very good ratings and a price that starts at $18.98. Another entry with “chalk” in its description. Not usually my wine of choice, but would be interested in tasting it.

#51 Wine Spectator Top 100 of 2019

Very bright cherry-pink color. Well-developed bubbles, constant and small in size. Fruity exuberant aroma dominated by a variety of forest fruits along with delicate tannins. An initially potent flavor with good structure and just the right degree of acidity that maintains a perfect balance throughout its prolonged lingering aftertaste.

WS91Wine Spectator
The flavors of nectarine and white cherry are fresh and pure in this elegant sparkling rosé, with pretty accents of ground ginger, chalk and pink grapefruit sorbet riding the fine bead and lingering on the zesty finish. Drink now through 2022.
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I remember back in the 70s when brandied fruit was all the rage.  We had big containers on our counters full of fruit that was being "brandied".   Each week we put in a different fruit and a cup of bar sugar.   Eventually, it got so out of control and I was out of things to hold it, that I dumped it all.   I tried to give away starters to others, but they wanted nothing to do with it.  It was good, though, especially over ice cream.  

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Well Good Morning Rich! I was worried we wouldn't get to see your post til later. I think CC scheduled their maintenance around your Daily post. 😉


Good morning fellow Dailyites, sisters Denise and Ann, and Roy, Jacqui, Father, Summer... the list flows on!

Denise I am so happy to see you posting again. Something just was missing without you here.

Thank you Ann and Roy and summer for your contributions. The prayers and celebrations are appreciated Roy.


For International chefs day:


Chef Jokes Daily - Home | Facebook


And UK Waiter Day:




Last night we met friends for my birthday dinner. The prime rib was delicious, and had a great time with friends. Only 2 other couples in the entire place. 


Today we are finally getting our dishwasher and double cabinets swapped. The dishwasher is at the end of the counter, like 5 foot away from the sink. Who ever thought that plan out.. anyway, it will hopefully be fixed without a problem.


Wishing everyone a wonderful, peaceful, healthy, happy day. Go vote!! Love ya'll.

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7 minutes ago, Seasick Sailor said:

Today we are finally getting our dishwasher and double cabinets swapped. The dishwasher is at the end of the counter, like 5 foot away from the sink. Who ever thought that plan out.. anyway, it will hopefully be fixed without a problem.


Wishing everyone a wonderful, peaceful, healthy, happy day. Go vote!! Love ya'll.

Good luck, Joy. Whoever designed that layout has not loaded too many dishwashers. 

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Good morning, thanks for the Daily!  Love brandied fruit - haven't had it since the 70's, as @dfish  has mentioned, so I might have to look up the recipe and make a batch.  Hooray for chefs and waiters - sure miss those on HAL who always made our meals so memorable.


A great suggestion for dinner, but living on the "frozen tundra", our access to fresh lobster is limited.  Speaking of which, this is what we woke to this morning:image.jpeg.28b56555124fa1c3c0ffa4617f12ce4f.jpeg

I think we might have the mac & cheese, but with the addition of some farmer's sausage and salad to round out the plates.  And wine.


We're off to become inFLUencers, by getting our flu shots today.  Prayers for everyone who needs them and for those who don't think they do.  We'll raise our wine glasses to all on the celebration list.  Be safe, stay well!


Smooth Sailing!  🙂🙂🙂


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Not sure about Brandied Fruit Day but International Chefs Day and U.K. National Waiters Day sound pretty great.  I would love some Lobster Mac & Cheese!  The one and only time I've eaten it was on Seabourn Quest in Antarctica at the Grill restaurant next to the pool.  I would love to be back there again!  🙂


Thank you for the prayers and best wishes for my MIL.  She seems to be feeling better, but I heard yesterday she was  talking about taking a bus to go Christmas shopping since no one else will drive her.  And she plans on getting a tree and decorating her tiny room.  BTW, she cannot walk more than a step on her own.  Big plans!  I'd say you can take her off your list Roy.  She's her usual feisty self, at least for today.




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Lobster Mac and Cheese any time any place.  The first I ever had was in Cape May, NJ, with a second floor sweeping view of the ocean.  So good we went back to have it for lunch and dinner the next day!  Seabourn Quest by the pool sounds beyond perfect.  Anywhere on any ship sounds perfect!  

Thanks, Prayers, Cheers everyone.

Stay safe.


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Good morning Dailyites.

I'd love some brandied fruit, lobster mac and cheese and wine.  Maybe a mai tai too.

We sure miss the waiters and chefs on HAL.

Another cool, wet day here.  No snow yet, but it could be here any day.

Sending prayers for all.  Cheers to all who celebrate.

Have a good day.  Stay safe.

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My only voyage on the iconic QE2 was her final transatlantic October 16-22, 2008.  I only saw one sunrise and it was October 20:




We had a nice rainbow about an hour later:






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🌺Good morning Jacqui!!!

Coffee in hand and I saw your photos and 

then remembered Bennybear’s wine photo and now I think with your contributions to her fantasy party at the beach we are set with wine!!!

Now all we need is Ann to give the description!! 
Have a good day

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I just love coming here just to read-what all of our daily contributors are saying AND SEEING THE PHOTOS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD, THE BEAUTIFUL FOLIAGE



PS: Also my fix from my sister🌺🌺 (Ann) on her wine description ! And dear 🌺🌺Summer on the drink for the day!

🍹Mia Tias 👍👍👍👍👍!! Wish things were different so Hawaii could open up completely!! My neighbor in Maui said some of the hotels seem to be generating alittle buisness with reopening and some movement of the restaurants in Whalers Village are opening! Time will tell! Glad we got out of dodge when we did.

🌺🌺 Dear Rich your dedication to keeping our Daily alive is wonderful!! I will get on Oceania and it is dead! Maybe some sparks but really nothing!! PS only reason I go there is because we have a cruise in 2022! The 3 Oceania cruises we had b2b2b in March well you all know that outcome🙄

3 hours ago, cat shepard said:

Denise, it was lovely to hear from you yesterday.🌺

🌺🌺Thanks sister!! Sorry to hear about all the rain! How is Bindi doing? I was glad to hear you were out kayaking!! Today’s wine well chalk? Icky!! I remember as a kid my friend wanting me to eat some!!🙄

So no on today’s 🍷 LOL❤️

2 hours ago, Seasick Sailor said:

Denise I am so happy to see you posting again. Something just was missing without you here

🌺🌺Dear Joy!  I am glad I am back too! I kind of felt if I could stay away maybe the nasty dream would go away! I am right with GOD

and I know my friend is happy again! That’s how I feel.

Now, I hope it is smooth sailing for you with the cabinets and changing the dishwasher . 
🌺Remember back when you sent me pictures of you and Allen at Whalers Village with Mia Tias?? Well thinking of you guys today with drink of choice! Maybe one day will meet up there to celebrate 👍

No to brandied fruit!

Yes to Mac and Cheese BUT WANT LOBSTER 🦞 ON THE SIDE! LOL👍

The quote of the day I see a lot of that now🙄!

God bless to all! Love and happiness to all!!



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Good morning all! 
Love the jokes today, stay warm up in the frozen tundra @ger_77 and @StLouisCruisers I’m happy to hear your MIL is back to her usual feisty self. 

We’re back home to the “real world” but it was nice to get away. In a couple days our lows at night will dip into the 20’s (No snow though!) so reality is setting in!


Yesterday it was sunny and warm in Leavenworth, it was lovely to just sit in the sun and people-watch. Here are some last photos. 





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