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Effect of disinfection procedure on Camera equipment

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OK, question for other photographers on here. Is anyone familiar with the chemical they are going to be using to fog the rooms for disinfection? Specifically, do I need to store my cameras, and other electronics in an airtight pelican case to prevent damage to them?

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I am not familiar with the fogging chemical - BUT - I would suspect that it to be a rapidly evaporating mist

that is unlikely to do any damage to photo gear - EXCEPT - to the clarity of the lens.

This sort a like salt water spray !

Always an excellent idea to have a lens protector UV factored.

I don't think that the chemical mist is going to be sticky a short time later - maybe just instantly when applied.

Keeping you gear sealed away from fog mist would no doubt be a good idea.


What I do on shore excursions or events of that nature is commandeer a hand towel from the cabin

and carry that with me wipe off any unwanted residues.


Camera gear to include binoculars and since I wear glasses throw that into the mix also.


About that towel or wash cloth - just request an extra from your cabin attendant !


Beware in humid climates carrying your gear outside your cabin before acclimating to the temperature.


Things you learn !

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I don't think you need to keep the gear in a Pelican, or airtight case - as long as it's protected inside a bag, and as extra precaution maybe wrap the bag in a towel and keep it in the closet or under the bed, it should be fine.  You just don't want the camera gear out in the open - even in a drawer or cabinet.  Make sure it's in a zipped bag and covered or wrapped in some way and it should be fine.

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Most disinfectant sprays like hypochlorous acid rapidly degrade and neutralize after contact with surfaces and are harmless to most. Even fogging machines only disperse finely atomized liquid that affect surfaces. Justin's suggestion of keeping your camera in a bag to avoid direct contact should be safe. As mentioned before, lens coatings are the only thing I would worry about and a lens cap or bag would take care of that.




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I always keep my equipment in the camera bag when I am not using it, and lens caps always on when the camera is not in use. I have seen too many lenses destroyed by an inadvertent bump against a hard surface when a lens cap would have prevented any damage. I taught basic photography in a photo shop I managed while I was in college. I was just worried about the disinfectant fogging, because I am not familiar with that process, and chemicals used.  

Usually I take my cameras in the bag out on the balcony with me until everything warms up before I try to use any of my equipment. Extreme soft focus went out of style in the 80's, except in certain "fashion" shoots, and I can get the old vaseline on the lens filter effect in post processing if I want it, much easier to clean up.

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Are they doing that every day to every cabin?  I haven’t been keeping up with covid changes for cruises but it seems they might do it to each cabin once prior to boarding and continual in public areas.  If so it wouldn’t be an issue in the cabin.  If they do sanitize each cabin every day it just becomes another inconvenience to many that are being implemented that makes cruising less appealing.

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