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Reasons to be cheerful..........

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What a coincidence! I have spent the day mulling whether to get a velvetiser for my granddaughter.

Anyway reasons to be thankful.

All of Harry's list, apart from the BBC. I don't understand that at all, but I do like the recipe page.

Me and mine are all safe.

We are not in tier three so we are having a family trip to a wildlife park instead of Sunday lunch.

I am not camping!😉😄

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1 hour ago, Eddie99 said:

I’m enjoying this one.  Not 4 months old yet, but settling in with we fogies very well. She is awfully sweet, and a good reason to get up in the morning




She is lovely Eddie.

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8 hours ago, Esprit said:

My reason for being cheerful is.....


Cadbury's creme eggs will be back in the shops shortly!


Yipee, I keep checking the shop near to where I live. The thing is one of the shops hasn't 're-opened yet and they have some right in front of the window😠 

The Cadbury shop used to sell some Irish bars, I wish they would bring them back. 


I can still see my grandchildren as a carer bubble and get hugs and kisses. Though I have to stand in the rain to see my kids but at least I can occasionally see them.

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10 hours ago, Harry Peterson said:

Here's an odd one, maybe - a peaceful, quiet Christmas with no driving involved, the chance to drink some champagne and vintage port (not mixed, though that might be an interesting combination) for once on Christmas Day, lunch finished and cleared away by early afternoon, usual light Christmas tea, and a good film in the evening.


Not at all what we usually do - at least, not since 1979 before the children came along - but it's still going to be a very good day!  🎅

Sounds pretty much like our usual Christmas.  The only thing that we do differently is that after breakfast we usually visit my niece to see what the children have had for Christmas.  When our parents were living we used to visit them on alternate years.

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18 hours ago, kalos said:

Everything Angel has said (Apart from the dog as he does not come to visit me :classic_wink:)

We are safe,the kids & Grandkids are safe and all my friends and relatives too.

Years ago when my Dad was alive I would go to him with my troubles and even 

after his words of advice /reassurance ,I would most likely say " But what if this /that happens ? "

He always gave the same  " You /we will cross that bridge when we come to it " and through 

life it has rubbed off on me which I am thankful for .

I  have a lovely family who I seldom see due to my sheltering and I have an adorable wife who 

supports me every step of the way as I do for her.

I hear people say "what will we do for Christmas ? "  That's easy,  love each other, maybe you cannot

be together this year but if your all safe, that is all that matters . I just hope the people who live alone 

can get a social bubble going for company until this ends ,which it will as everything does .

So even though I cannot see into the future ,I am thankful there will be one :classic_smile:



You have highlighted the most important things here kalos.  Our health, that of our family and friends and keeping safe have to be the number one.  And a belief that the future will be better for us all, to keep us going. My heart does go out to those living alone though and hope they can keep their spirits up.


Harry's initial post highlights some of the more practical things which have proved, sometimes surprisingly, to have cheered us along (love the idea of the chocolate drink machine btw):


- discovering on-line grocery shopping (of course I'll resume old habits of mosey-ing round the shops again but will carry on with the oh-so-convenient door step deliveries even after all this passes)

- having access to unlimited reading material on my Kindle and enjoying so much time to read as much I want and not feeling guilty about doing nothing!

- the enhanced pleasure of getting out for a walk and a renewed appreciation of how lucky we are to have such lovely places to visit or even just walk to

- the New Forest, on our door step but hitherto largely unknown and unexplored.  In the days of being over-run with crammed beaches, cars parked (abandoned) anywhere, escaping to the New Forest and finding the tranquil, open spaces there has been a true delight and something which will continue to be important to us in the future

- discovering we are pretty resourceful and content to just 'be'. Never short of something to fill our time and often wondering where the day has gone, but never bored

- having been gifted a subscription to Netflix at Christmas, we've been able to catch up on so many excellent dramas, binge watching series we'd heard about.  How much we've made use of that and valued it! I have a list of recommendations from friends for the long dark nights so still have loads to go at

- and some good drama on tv too plus the time to catch up 'old' series we'd missed on iPlayer etc. even deciding to watch again some we'd enjoyed from the past (can't believe how much i couldn't remember or nuances/details I'd missed from the first time we watched Line of Duty!  I even read a recap to make sure I'm following all the clues!)

- having time for long chats with friends on the phone - no need to be rushing off anywhere

- and enhanced gratitude for our NHS


It's really been a time for taking stock, rediscovering some of the simpler pleasures in life.  We've missed our cruises, but not as much as I'd imagined.  Of course we will relish the prospect of resuming our travels, but I must say our focus has shifted and I think we appreciate so many little things now which we took for granted - and that's not a bad thing.


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