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The Daily for Friday Nov 20, 2020

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today is Future Teachers of America Day, Beautiful Day, and Universal Childrens Day

Don't worry about avoiding temptation -- as you grow older, it starts avoiding you.
        -- The Old Farmer's Almanac


Tussman's Law:
    Nothing is as inevitable as a mistake whose time has come.

Meal suggestion for today - Butternut Squash and Chicken Chili


Drink of the Day - Dark and Stormy

Wine of the day - Booker Oublié Paso Robles vintage 2014

at Sea English Channel
Westerdam destination Rotterdam eta 11/20

At Sea Mediterranian
Zuiderdam destination Augusta Italy eta 11/21

Augusta Italy

Brest France
Nieuw Statendam

Panama Anchorage Pacific


Torquay Anchorage

Nieuw Amsterdam





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Thank you for the Daily, Rich.  Stressful time for our children, we sure need future teachers, and it's a relatively warm, beautiful day here.  Fridays are also beautiful in general.  I love both quotes but will pass on the meal suggestion.  My alternate meal suggestion is Amtrak Signature Steak, which I enjoyed November 20, 2017 on my way home from the Prinsendam.


Today's care list:

Mrs Vmax with radiation looming

Caregiver Gsel and her DH battling Alzheimers

Hflors and DH, both Covid positive, after her losing reading sight and a serious accident for DH

Covid personally touching durangoscots, Hflors, StLouisCruisers, and cruisemom42 (I hope I got you all)

Summer Slope’s daughter and durangoscot’s sister, awaiting Covid test results

durangoscots niece’s husband in the ICU

Dfish’s brother

Pretty much the whole US and Covid

Seasick Sailor starting to battle osteoperosis

and Krazy Kruisers and Joe


Today's Celebrations and shoutouts:

Occasional posters inckhding trivia addict

Front Line Health Care Workers and support staff

Teachers and school workers

A third vaccine on the way with great implications for seniors

Ssummer slope’s DD testing negative for Covid

Nice weather for Dfish outdoor lunch

Hflors completing quarantine

durangoscot’s sister testing negative

and minimal side effects 17 hours after shingles booster





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Thanks for the Daily Report.  Love those maps.

Great quotes.

I'll pass on the meal suggestion,  I'm going to put a piece of steak in the crockpot.

Our forecast is for sunny and mild (for us) so a beautiful Friday for sure!

Unfortunately, our COVID numbers are increasing so restrictions may increase.

Praying for everyone.

Stay safe.

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11 minutes ago, richwmn said:

Cruisemapper shows Westerdam at dock. She appears to be at the shipyard.


This seems a bit strange.  Several ships have missed drydocks but Westie just completed one in January. but it sure looks like the shipyard.



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Thanks for the Daily, Rich and our morning smile 🙂 


Future Teachers are so important all over the world and so appreciated.  The day for them goes perfectly with the childrens’ day who need them so much.


I know it’s hard to celebrate Beautiful Day in these difficult times.  I like this reminder:




I absolutely love both those quotes.


I’ll pass on the meal suggestion thanks - we’ve had enough chicken this week.  Instead we’ll have Milanesas de Carne.  Wish me luck.


Haven’t heard of the drink of the day.  Looking forward to the description.


Prayers for everyone on Roy’s Care list & for all who need them and & toast to everyone on the Celebratory / Shout Out List.


Have a great Friday everyone




Stay safe and don’t forget your masks. 😷 





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Good morning all!   Yes today is the day!   We are officially out of quarantine!   Both dh and I are fine except for my cough, but like years before the cough lasts for quite a while!    

As you know I love most food so both menu suggestions are good with me!!!

Since I have never heard of either drink or wine I will not commrnt on them.   


As for future teachers we need them now and in the future.  I think we need good honest teachers who will start teaching the basics.   How is it we spend so much money and our young people and they come out of school so uneducated???  Anyway I hope we can make a start getting our children educated again. 


I am sending my prayers to all on our prayer list and a big cheer to those on our celebration list.  I just want everyone on this thread to know how much it meant to to me that you all were saying prayers for me and dh.  I know I started to feel better the day after I posted asking for prayers.  Dh still has a long way to go with his injury and I have to call and make an appointment about my eyes, (cancelled because of quarantine).   We are making headway...


My contribution.  This day in history:  November 20, 1945 the Nuremburg trials began.  A very sad chapter in the history of the world began to see justice. 

For our British Subjects: November 20, 1947 HRH Princess Elizabeth (now Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth) married HRH Prince Phillip Mountbatten.  I have seen newsreels of the occasion and I believe it brought great joy to the whole country.


I hope everyone has a great Friday.  Be safe and take care.


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Good morning everyone.  Happy Friday. 

Future Teachers Day....love it.  @HflorsI agree with your statement about teaching the basics, but.....districts dictate what you can teach.  They give you benchmarks and standards and common core that you have to follow.  That took away the spur of the moment teaching when a student mentioned something of interest......WOW jumping off my soapbox now.

Beautiful day is any day I wake up. And Universal childrens day is good too.

Great quotes and good meal but as others have said we've had enough chicken.

Dark and Stormy:

Ingredients: 2 oz Dark Rum, 3 1/3 oz Ginger Beer, Couple dashes of bitters
Preparation: In a highball glass filled with ice, add dark rum and top with ginger beer. Garnish with lime wedge.
Served: On the rocks; poured over ice
Standard garnish: Lime wedge
Drinkware: Highball glass
Prayers and congratulations to our lists.  Happy you are feeling better Roy.
Stay safe, social distance, and wear your mask.
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Good morning to our fellow Daily-ites, and to those who stop by to say hello. We welcome all aboard as long as you are well behaved and have me on your Christmas card list...😁


Rich I was so excited to see the map that ships were on the move.. then Westy ends up at the shipyard again.. what's up with that you think?


Roy I had my last pneumonia shot yesterday and this morning it's achy, so you and I can heal together.

So happy Hflors is out of the slammer. Good things are happening on our beautiful day today.


Thanks to all past, present and future teachers. My niece is a special ed teacher and I'm proud of her.


Funny Teacher Jokes Essential for Educators


To my sweetest sisters Denise and Ann, love you two. Take care and have a great weekend.

Thanks to Ann, summer, Hflors and Roy for continued contributions.

Hope everyone has a beautiful day!

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Thank you for today’s Daily, Rich! A wonderful combo of days to celebrate! Future teachers & children! Our First Lady-elect is a teacher! And if we try hard enough we can make any day a beautiful one - just finding joy in catching up with the Dailyites can turn a bad day into a beautiful one. Ok that last bit sounded a bit corny, but you know what I mean!

Thank you for our lists Roy! Great news about Summer’s DD & Susan’s Sister! And congrats @Hflorsfor moving out of quarantine!

I don’t think that first quote applies to food - at least for me. I totally agree with the second quote! The meal sounds intriguing, though it appears we are using up leftover squash from the other day’s meal. I love the name of today’s drink, and would love to try one on a cruise!  Ooh, that might be a great Keys drink.


Prayers for all who need our support.

🎉 cheers to all who are celebrating!


Congrats to Georgia for finishing its recount!

Stay well everyone!



This California red blend has stellar ratings and online prices starting at $74.97. But it sounds amazing, and if your budget permits, sounds like a great celebratory wine! Well, except for the “crushed stone” part.

#10 Wine Spectator Top 100 of 2017

Arguably the biggest and most concentrated Oublie ever, this wine reminds me of a Chateauneuf du Pape Vieilles Vignes from Marcoux or Janasse. Lots of ripe red fruit characteristics but a gorgeously proportioned mid-palate that you don't usually get from Grenache and Mourvedre. Feel free to crack this wine anytime.

Blend: 54% Grenache, 29% Mourvedre, 17% Counoise

Wine Spectator: Expressive and impressively structured, with savory blackberry aromas and accents of rosemary, thyme and crushed stone, opening to complex, densely layered flavors of currant, pepper and espresso. Grenache, Mourvèdre and Counoise. Best from 2018 through 2028.
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Good morning and thanks for the update.

I love a Dark and Stormy. I don’t think I have had one since Bermuda. I remember Goslings served samples at the Harbor Night street fair. The rum really should be Goslings Black Seal to be authentic 😀
Happy Anniversary to her Majesty. For some reason I remember the fire at Windsor also happened on her anniversary. 
Blessings and prayers to all on our lists. 

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1 hour ago, rafinmd said:

Thanks to those who prayed for me; not sure if it worked or not.  I always thought the benefits of prayer were the strength to deal with things rather than a magical change in the outcome.



Prayer does not change things.  It changes us!

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Good morning, thanks for the Daily!  Another great selection of days to celebrate; I've slept with a teacher for 43+ years, and know their value.  Hooray for all future teachers, you have no idea the impact you are going to make on precious lives.  Every day of retirement is a beautiful day, and I'd love to celebrate Children's Day with our grandsons, but this year it won't be happening.


Love the quote from the Farmer's Alamanac - at a certain point in life, it's just time to start giving into those temptations.  Life is short, go for it! 


I'm not going to be making the squash & chicken for dinner, as yesterday we had some ham to use up, so I made a huge pot of Cheddar Corn Chowder for lunch.  We brought a jar of it over to a friend whose wife is in long term care, and in return, he gave us some home made seasoned flatbread.  That'll be what's on our table tonight.  And wine.


@kazuI like the look of Milanesas de Carne - have you made it before?  It sounds like the breaded pork chops my mom used to make, only it was fried, not baked.


@cat shepardnot sure I'm going to like a "crushed stone" flavour in my wine.  LOL


Prayers for everyone who needs them, and even for those who don't think they do.  Toasting everyone tonight on the celebration list.  Be well, stay safe, wash your hands and wear your mask!


Smooth Sailing!  🙂🙂🙂


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