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The Daily for Friday Nov 20, 2020

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7 minutes ago, 1ANGELCAT said:

Good morning and thanks for the update.

I love a Dark and Stormy. I don’t think I have had one since Bermuda. I remember Goslings served samples at the Harbor Night street fair. The rum really should be Goslings Black Seal to be authentic 😀
Happy Anniversary to her Majesty. For some reason I remember the fire at Windsor also happened on her anniversary. 
Blessings and prayers to all on our lists. 

Thank you for the tip on the rum. I will be sure to ask for that. 

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20 minutes ago, ger_77 said:

I like the look of Milanesas de Carne - have you made it before?  It sounds like the breaded pork chops my mom used to make, only it was fried, not baked


Nope, this is my first time.  Another experiment.  So far, all but one have worked out well so I’m crossing my fingers.  It can be fried or baked in oil. The meat is usually beef in Latin & South America so I’m using my bison and Argentinian beef.  


I’m getting tired of the same ‘ol, same ‘ol and with no cruise to break up the menu choices, I’ve been looking for different things to make 😉 

I’ll let you know tomorrow how it turned out.  If I forget, just remind me.

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    I have several family members that are teachers. I will have to send a special shut out to them today.

    I will also have to include my sister who is not a teacher but has become the " monitor" for her grandchildren doing their online schooling. She has her 2 and 2 of her DIL`S sisters children!  

   I think she missed her calling because she is really enjoying it!

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One of the nurses I work with has lived in Bermuda and she firmly told me that you MUST use Gosling's rum for the Dark and Stormy which originated in Bermuda...


Technically speaking, a Dark and Stormy (dubbed Dark 'N Stormy by Goslings) can only be made with Gosling's Black Seal rum and Gosling's Stormy ginger beer—no lime juice, but garnishing with a lime wedge is permissible.


I will bow to her knowledge...  Cheers

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Good morning all.  A good collection of celebrations today.  No chicken dishes for us today, but I do like the drink recipe.   I have to put on my decorator cap today - the greenery we bought yesterday has to be arranged and since it's a beautiful day here I can work outside.  It will be a long day and I might have a drink when I am done - or maybe before I am done.  More wonderful memories from our last cruise.  A year ago today - St Kitts.







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Good morning everyone. Glad to see people seem to be on the mend. If you missed it at the end of day yesterday, my sister's covid test was negative. I am very relieved. I lost my brother in June.... don't need more illness in the family. Tom is still in ICU  and seems about the same.


 I applaud all teachers and especially now. I taught college level for many years and my Mother and one of my aunts also were teachers at high school level. We all enjoyed it but I have to admit I was ready to retire when the time came.


We are having lovely weather and the dogs and I are headed for a hike later this morning (they don't know it yet). We expect some badly needed rain tomorrow and again on Monday. I am well stocked up on food and supplies since my neighbor just did a huge shopping and got my needs. So I just keep chugging. I also have to go out to Humane Society and give the Dogue du Bordeaux a farewell walk.... she leaves for a permanent home tomorrow.



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Good morning to my dear sister Joy!

This photo I took last night ! I was in my kitchen and saw my little friend. Funny was thinking of you right at that moment!

Isn’t it funny how now for me when I see hummingbirds I think of you! My dear sister Ann it is kayaks and wine LOL!!

🌺Also you are definitely on my Christmas card list and all on The Daily!

🌺Rich, I also see the Westie in dry dock? Humm.... What is with that?

Celebrations of days especially Teachers👍 Quotes yes, and the meal suggestion well I am going for Roy’s 👍

🌺Roy, Thank you continuously for our prayer list and celebrations!!

I believe soooooo much in prayer! My dear sister Joy and Allen have gone through a lot as well as so many here and and we are seeing baby steps to positive results. Roy, you had me on the list several times and I truly believed it helped me personally. I see 🌺Joy and I know she will have really positive results.


🌺Jacqui! Thank you!  This says it all!

🌺Ann hope you and Bindi are doing well and today’s wine 🤔 maybe I would try! 
Thanks for doing the Wine for us daily!

🌺Summer, I will definitely pass on this drink! I do not like ginger beer. Again happy for your daughter!

🌺Durangoscots, Happy for your sister, and pray for Tom. Thank you for what you do at the Humane Society! Happy that special dog is going to a great home!

Well a sunny day to start here! First new day! Stay positive all so important!



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Dark & Stormy -- what a perfect metaphor for my mood today...


It's been a long haul since March. And, yesterday, with both our state and the CDC recommending Thanksgiving with only your immediate household, I couldn't avoid counting the holiday gatherings already missed and thinking about the missing ones still to come before vaccines return some sense of normalcy.


So, dark & stormy am I. 


But, I am very  thankful for the many contributors here and your posts that encourage me, delight me, bless me, and give me a chuckle (often when most needed).  So, Thank You -- all.


Soon, I'll walk to my local provisioner to restock my ginger beer. Later, I'll retrieve my Black Seal. And, with that Dark & Stormy in hand, I'll raise a toast in thanks to you for daily lifting me.


And, with hopes that I'm not viewed as trying to usurp @rafinmd's sunrise and sunset posts, I offer this twilight view of the N.A. waiting to sound her one long blast and follow Disney out of Havensight a year ago tonight.


May holiday gatherings soon safely return and may there be many sail-away celebrations in our future...




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Good morning, all, and thanks for all the inspiring posts!  I have been wondering when Rotterdam will appear on the  list?  We are booked to be on her "premiere voyage" and I am so hoping everything will go as planned.  


Dark and stormy here today, no pun intended!  The reservoir has reached 80%, I think, which will be a good thing for next year.  


I think DD is cooking this evening, pasta e fagioli from an Olive Garden recipe and cheese biscuits.  She goes in for a lot of garlic, so it's just as well we are pretty well under a new lockdown!  


I think we will have to go out today, perhaps to Everything Wine (our version of Total Wine) and get another case of prosecco, we are running low and I would hate to be without.  I think if we just whip in, well masked and with the credit card out, they will let us shop!  Or perhaps we'll call ahead and have them get it ready for us.

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Good morning everyone!  Thank you for the Daily Rich. Thank you for your lists Roy. We definitely need future teachers as I have heard we are having a teacher shortage. Every day is a beautiful day. And it should be children’s day every day also. 

I am not making the meal suggestion but will probably make fried chicken strips out of some chicken I set in the fridge yesterday. I also got my turkey  out of the freezer and into the fridge this morning. I have been debating if I should even make a turkey since it will just be the two of us but decided it just wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t. I am just going to make fewer sides. 

Have a great day everyone!  Happy Friday!

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13 minutes ago, Vict0riann said:

Good morning, all, and thanks for all the inspiring posts!  I have been wondering when Rotterdam will appear on the  list?  We are booked to be on her "premiere voyage" and I am so hoping everything will go as planned. 

I have been checking the Marghera shipyard every morning on marine traffic and it appears she hasn't yet activated her AIS.  I think that would be a good time to start showing her.



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Good morning all!

Yes, Dark and Stormy sure sounds like the weather we've had here lately.  @durangoscotsI wish I could send you some of our rain!!  But the drink sounds good too. 🙂 


Not sure what we'll have for dinner, but we've had a lot of chicken lately.  I do need to use up what we have on hand, as we'll be gone a few days next week over Thanksgiving (just the two of us, to the ocean for some Vitamin Sea, social distancing and ocean therapy) 🙂  I decided since we can't be with family, this would be the next best thing.


@rafinmdthat's great that you're having minimal side effects from your 2nd shingles shot!  When I got mine, everyone, including the pharmacist who administered it, told me this 2nd one would be a lot harder, and it was, at least for me.  I felt rotten for a few weeks.  DH was like you, minimal effects.  


@Hflorswonderful news!!  I'm so happy you're doing well and out of quarantine.


We have and have had several teachers in our family.  I like the idea mentioned earlier of including parents now dealing with online school with their children, many of them trying to work from home too.  Our daughter has been doing that since March (luckily her job allows her to work remotely anyway).  A funny story from last week I just have to share.


Our daughter has her office set up so both boys have their school desks (kindergarten and 2nd grade) in the room with her desk.  One day she was on a meeting, and the boys were doing their online classes, when the younger one started asking her for some apple juice.  She would whisper "I can't right now, I'm at a meeting".  This happened several times, until finally he went to get his own apple juice.  She was thrilled -- until he came back in the room with a bottle of bourbon and asked loudly "Mama is this the apple juice"??? and she answered "No Shep, you can't have bourbon"!  And everyone, her meeting, and his and his brother's classes all heard it.  🤣  She added it to her folder of "Covid Confessions". 

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Good morning and thanks Rich, Roy et al!  
@cat shepardso many tempting wines,  love Paso Robles

@rafinmdglad you are doing well!  
Good to hear so many good things today,  love the hummingbird photo @DeeniEncinitas


Well I was a teacher,  DD is one, so our granddaughter has made us play school since she was tiny,  though DH gets sent to the principal’s office 😂


Stay safe everyone!  Sunset from three years ago,  




Edited by bennybear
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Good morning, all! New Teachers, Good Days, Children - what a wonderful collection of days! Thank you for a cheery note on yet another grey, wet, morning. I love the quote! Like others, I will pass on the meal, as this seems to have been Universal Chicken Month so far. Sausages are on the menu tonight. A Dark N’ Stormy sounds worth trying - especially in a sunny port somewhere with a familiar blue and white ship anchored in the harbour.

@cat shepardin an unfortunate gardening mishap some years ago, I have actually sampled rosemary, thyme, and crushed stone as a blend. It is not worth repeating.😉

Today, all of BC is under new restrictions. The country is a second wave that is worse than the first was. For those struggling with decisions over Thanksgiving, look north at what happened here after Canadian Thanksgiving. You are basically choosing between Thanksgiving and Christmas! Stay safe and stay well!

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I have been enjoying the daily for a few months now and thought it was time to contribute.  I am also a former teacher.  First taught at a Navy electronics school while on active duty.  Found I enjoyed teaching, so went on to get a Masters in Education while still in the Navy and taught in private industry and a local community college after retiring from the Navy.  I enjoy ginger beer as a soft drink by itself.  Our local COSTCO sells an Australian brand and I noticed that it will be on sale next week ($5. off a case), so I plan to stock up.


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31 minutes ago, summer slope said:

And HAL just announced cruises cancelled through March 31, 2021 and ones longer than 8 days cancelled through November 1, 2021.



oops, posted same time as Kazu.


No worries, summer 🙂 

I guess the rules apply to any cruise prior to November 1st.  Our cruise has been cancelled that started October 30th even though we don’t call on a U.S. port until November 10th.  I am depressed 😢 

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6 minutes ago, kazu said:


No worries, summer 🙂 

I guess the rules apply to any cruise prior to November 1st.  Our cruise has been cancelled that started October 30th even though we don’t call on a U.S. port until November 10th.  I am depressed 😢 

I am there with you. Can’t figure out what to do as one cruise was paid for. Have to figure out if we want more FCC and what is available for 2022 and if we will be fit to cruise. 

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@DeeniEncinitas Hi sis! Loved your hummer picture🥰

We found a 2nd hummer hanging around so will keep them fed as long as they are here.


Did another cruise get canceled for you and David? I feel sad for those who keep needing to rebook, swap ships/cabins. Darn covid is following us right into 2021🤪

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