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The Daily for Thursday Nov 26, 2020 - Thanksgiving Day USA

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today is Thanksgiving, Family Health Day, and Good Grief Day  [/color]

The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.
        -- Mark Twain


On this Thanksgiving Day in the US, I wish to thank everyone that reads and contributes to this thread each day.

Meal suggestion for today - Spaghetti Squash with Tomatoes


Drink of the Day - Chairmans Spiced Cider

Wine of the day - Domaine Giraud Châteauneuf-du-Pape vintage 2016


at Sea Mediterranian
Noordam destination Gibraltar eta 11/27

Malta Anchorage

Rotterdam - Botlek Shipyard

Panama Anchorage Pacific

Portland UK

Torquay Anchorage
Nieuw Statendam

Southern Caribbean
These ships are not associated with a particular port but are 'at sea'

Nieuw Amsterdam




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A happy Thanksgiving to you, Rich.  Also Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans and to Canadians who will not be getting their usual onslaught of visitors this weekend.  Family health is largely in our own hands today, being careful of how we interact with others.  Good Grief sounds quite appropriate for out times.  Love the quote but will pass on the meal.  Unfortunately, the Thursdays I've been on HAL ships don't coincide with Thanksgiving, but my alternate meal suggestion is Chilled Pear, Cucumber, and Melon Gaspacho and Penne Frecasca, my first dinner on the Prinsendam Amazon Explorer, November 26, 2013.


50 years ago today was also Thanksgiving.  For my first full day in my house I had not moved much in and I finished closing after the supermarkets closed so my dinner this day was a packaged ham from a convenience store cooked in an aluminum camping mess kit and served on a folding card table.


Today's care list:

Mrs Vmax with radiation looming

Caregiver Gsel and her DH battling Alzheimers

Hflors son and daughter both ill with likely covid

Covid personally touching durangoscots, Hflors, StLouisCruisers, and cruisemom42

durangoscots niece’s husband in the ICU

Stressed out and overwhelmed medical workers


and Krazy Kruisers and Joe


Today's Celebrations and shoutouts:

Welcome to the Daily Mary229

Occasional posters like kplady

Front Line Health Care Workers and support staff

Teachers and school workers

Cruising along starting an intimate Thanksgiving getaway_

Loved ones isolating for 10 days before visiting

And blood donors(like 65gator)



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Good morning, thanks for the Daily Report.  Love the map.

Wishing a happy, safe Thanksgiving to my friends in the USA.

Love the quote.

I'll pass on the meal suggestion, wish I had some of that wine, but I'll settle for whatever we have.

Praying for everyone.  Cheers to all who celebrate.

Stay safe.

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Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving to my country.  I hope it is safer than predictions.  We are staying in with just us two.  Family Health Day is important in these times.  And Good Grief Charlie Brown. 😀

The quote is spot on, we need more laughter.  I will pass on the meal suggestion as a traditional meal is on tap for today.


Chairman's Spiced Cider:

One-part cranberry juice, one-part Chairman’s Spiced Rum, two-parts apple cider, and cinnamon sticks.

This is all I could find. 


Prayers for our care list and shout outs for our congratulations list.


Stay safe, social distance, and wear your mask!😷

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Happy Thanksgiving to all our group!!!    I can celebrate all our days for today!

The saying is very appropriate for us now.   I wil pass on the menu.   Turkey will be on our table today!!

Prayers to our list and congrads to our celebrations!!!


In November 26, 1941 President Roosevelt signed the bill making the fourth Thursday.     Also on this day the Japanese task force left Japan for Pearl  harbour..


Happy Thanksgiving to all.  Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!



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Thanks for the Daily, Rich and our morning smile 😄 


A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of our American friends!




I think this is the year of Family Helath & Good Grief 😉 


That quote is ever so true - especially in these times.


I’ll pass on the meal for today - I think it will be left over chicken Parmesan.


@summer slopethat drink sounds really interesting.  Thanks for the description.


Prayers for everyone on Roy’s Care List & those that need them and a toast  to all of those on the Celebratory / Shut Out list.


This is a good time to remember how blessed we all are.  My hopes are that everyone has a very safe and happy Thanksgiving 🙂 







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Good morning, thanks for the Daily!  What a wonderful combination of days to celebrate - know that I am thankful for everyone in this community of posters; you really make this place a pleasure to visit every day.    Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends; your gatherings are different this year, but hopefully that will mean you'll all be able to be with family and friends again next year.


Neither DH nor I are fans of spaghetti squash, so will pass on the menu suggestion for today.  That chili DH asked me to make yesterday?  Well, there are a LOT of leftovers, so that's what will be on our table tonight.  And wine.


Prayers for everyone who needs them and even for those who don't think they do.  Raising our glasses and toasting a Happy Thanksgiving to all.  Stay safe, be well, wash your hands and wear your masks.



Smooth Sailing!  🙂🙂🙂


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Happy Thanksgiving Rich. Thank you for the Daily and your thoughtful note.

Blessed Thanksgiving to all our posters. We have much to be thankful for! (Read and re-read Roy's post from Kazu) Thank you to all who contribute.


To my 2 adorable sisters. Happy Turkey Day! Deeni I had you in my prayers last night. I hope you are feeling better this morning. Love to you and family. Ann I believe we have a white on your wine today?



Well, our flagstone project and our blinds are complete.  The appliances were already installed when we bought our house and I do not like 3 out of the 4. So, we ordered washer, dryer, and dishwasher and Claudio has found families that can really use them. It's a win all around.


Sending out warm hugs and blessings to our CC friends. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.




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Thank you for today’s Daily, Rich! You have made these daily threads a great place to connect with a wonderful group of people! One of the many things I am thankful for every day.


Roy thank you for keeping our lists! Good morning Dailyites & my Sisters! @DeeniEncinitas, you are correct I was asleep at 1:30 a.m. your time.  Dreaming of turkey, pie & wine, probably! Hope that thumb isn’t too painful. 🌺 Joy, how lovely of you & Allen! Very special!  We actually have another red wine, but this is one to check out!


Summer that drink sounds intriguing. Another one I have not encountered. 
Jacqui - love your photo! Gerry - now those ingredients would make for a fun gathering!😷


Prayers for all who need our support. Cheers to all we are celebrating. Today I will toast the Daily’s Editor-in-Chief & all the Dailyites. Thank you all!


Stay well everyone!


This Rhone, France red has spectacular ratings and a surprisingly decent price with several online vendors offering it under $50!  Another reviewer recommends buying a case! Note: garrigue refers to the low busy growth along the Mediterranean coast.

#31 Wine Spectator Top 100 of 2018

The Tradition from Domaine Giraud comes from vineyards in the southern part of Châteauneuf-du-Pape famous for its red clay soils and galets. From vines ranging in age from 50–80 years old, the blend is nearly 2/3 Grenache followed by Syrah and small amount of Mourvedre. It is fermented in concrete and stainless steel tanks and while the Mourvedre and Grenache rests in concrete, the Syrah is aged in French oak barrels.

95 - Wine Spectator: Enticing, with bright, engaging raspberry, cherry and red currant fruit infused with gently roasted sandalwood and apple wood, garrigue and licorice root notes. A swath of tobacco underscores the finish, giving this an old-school hint. Best from 2020 through 2040. 2,500 cases made.



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Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating today.   I am very thankful to all who contribute to this thread on a daily basis.  It is such a joy to have this connection to others, especially since I live by myself.  


It will be a quiet gathering here today, but that is ok as I am holding out the big prize - being able to gather with the entire family next year.   



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4 minutes ago, cat shepard said:

Good morning Dailyites & my Sisters! @DeeniEncinitas, you are correct I was asleep at 1:30 a.m. your time.  Dreaming of turkey, pie & wine, probably! Hope that thumb isn’t too painful. 🌺 Joy, how lovely of you & Allen! Very special!  


So Claudio is going to pick up the appliances on the 7th and he's going to take them to the people's homes and hook them up. He said he will do it as a Secret Santa gift!

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16 minutes ago, Seasick Sailor said:


So Claudio is going to pick up the appliances on the 7th and he's going to take them to the people's homes and hook them up. He said he will do it as a Secret Santa gift!

Oh my gosh, what a wonderful thing to do!


Smooth Sailing!  🙂🙂🙂


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That wine sounds wonderful -- I wish I DID have a case of it, but nothing good could come of that! 


For today we'll stick to our traditional prosecco Thanksgiving pre-meal drink and some nice Beaujolais Nouveau with the turkey.




Happy Thanksgiving; though it has been a very different year than I had planned, I am thankful to have weathered it -- and seeing the hardships many are dealing with, I feel luckier than most. Thanksgiving has often been a time when I've traveled. I'm thankful for memories of years past -- on a cruise to Cuba with my son three years ago, and a trip to Venice and Florence two years ago, most recently.


My friends who were exposed to COVID seem to have made it safely through the two-week incubation period, so I am very thankful for that as well.


I also wanted to say that although I may not comment daily (work keeps me busy weekdays), I do read every day. :classic_cool:



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