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1-21-21 Thursday Weigh-In----A Good Day

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I feel we all have less stress today

Now if we could only make the virus go away


Hope the holiday eating pattern has left us too

Now back on track to lose a pound or two


I know cold weather we think of comfort food

Just have to make it less calories but still good


We know what we have to do-- don't have to guess

Exercise often and each day try eating less


Sounds so easy I know but it is hard sometimes I know

We tell ourselves we can do it but some days we say no


All we can do is try our best and keep trying if we slip

Get right back on track and have less food  pass our lips


Coming in here does help us each week even if the scale is not going down

We really want loss's but not having a gain is a good thing and don't have to frown


Not having a gain means we don't have to lose that pound more than once is nice

Coming in here keeps us aware that we have to do better--eat less--water with ice



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Today I am the same that I was last week - No gain so it is ok.  I wish I was more dedicated to losing - perhaps this week.


Belle, thanks for starting the thread - your words are great!  Jan

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HI All!


Belle ~ words of wisdom, thanks.


Jan ~ no gain is good, always next week to do better.

I think doing my Fitness Pal helped me as I'm down 1.2 lbs so back in the highest 160! Just 19 pounds to go, lol!


Glad all went well with the change in presidency & let's hope 2021 is good in all ways, meaning getting rid of the Covid & starting to cruise again!!

Stay safe!


~ Jo ~ 😊

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Belle, great poem. Great words, so thoughtful. Glad you are happy with how your house cleanout went. I'm sure it looks very nice.


I stayed the same, my usual.


Jan, stay the same is always a win!


Jo, congrats on the loss and the lower number!


Have a good day, stay safe,



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Thank you for the words. Yes time to get back on track. 


It's been hectic since Friday. Applied for SSA online and it said there was an error so I couldn't get in. So I did a mad almost week long search for a letter from the IRS that they said I might need when applying for SSA. (Not identity fraud, an employer never reported income to IRS / SSA. It was the hearing result). Multiple tries to get through the phone lines were futile. FINALLY got in and IRS sent the hearing results to them already so I was worried for nothing. Apparently they can not accept my bank info, too few account numbers??


I'm up as to be expected, congrats to all who stayed the same. I will this week

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Belle, thanks for the poem.


Jan and Diana, staying the same is good.  Like Belle said, at least it's not a gain that you have to lose all over again.


Jo, good loss.   Congrats


Ombud, sorry about the gain.  Good luck this week.  I know that you'll do good.


I am down, but very little.  .04lbs.   I need to try harder.


I received my first dose of the vaccine yesterday.   I was originally scheduled for the end of March but that appointment was cancelled.  I was very fortunate to be able to get a new appointment for much sooner.   I go for second dose in three weeks.   All of my family have appointments between now and late February.   All of my kids work in industries that make them eligible now.  My DH goes on Monday.   It's nerve wracking waiting for these appointments because NY is having difficulty getting enough vaccines.   Hopefully, now with the new administration things will improve.   It's no secret that Trump and Cuomo did not get along.   



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Hi all,


Belle, thanks for starting us. To piggy back from last week's topic - I'll be the first to admit my house is a mess right now! I can't seem to get the kids to get the last of their Christmas gifts upstairs - DD has a big paint by numbers which has made its home on my kitchen island along with a craft DS started and never finished. We've been having lots of game nights, and I know there are at least 3 in the living room right now. Part of a toy is on the loveseat (I have no idea where the other half of it is). I just got a couple deliveries from Fedex that are sitting in the hall... It's a wonder I have a place to put my laptop and type!


Jan and Diana - same is good.


Jo - Congrats on the loss and being back in the 160's!


Rose, I'm with you and just down .1 lb. Glad you were able to get your vaccine! I hope a couple more finish up their trials and get approved soon to help ease the shortages.


Ombud, sorry you are up. I hope your SSA gets straightened out.  

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Hello All--Was going to post earlier today but got sidetracked and

never came back in here. Sadly I'm up a pound. That's for 2 weeks since

didn't weigh last week. But think I just gained it yesterday. To many carbs!

Came on fast maybe go off fast too.

Thank you all for the kind words about the post.


Jan---Glad you didn't gain. Now don't have to lose any gains again like me.


Jo---Good loss! Seems like Fitness Pal is helping you


Diana---Glad you didn't gain either. Not finish with cleanout yet. Going though

the clothes, the ones you save that you will wear when you lose!😄  Plus cruise

clothes I don't wear anymore. I don't dress fancy anymore. Do you?


Ombud---Sorry you had a gain too. Also sorry had such a hassle with SSA.


Rose---Nice you had a loss. Glad you got your vaccine and your family has

the shots scheduled. Don't think Trump got along with anyone.


Mel---Nice you had a loss this week too. Good job. Mel your house isn't a mess

it's a happy lived in house.


Hope everyone has a good Friday and good weekend. Think kids coming over

Sat. again. Like seeing them more. Have a few things for Goodwill plus the clothes

if I get it done Friday.  Plus it's nice we get takeout food from our favorite places

and hope it helps to keeps them in business. We wear our masks except when we eat

and we keep our distance then.  like we're suppose to. Better safe than sorry as they say.



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Ombud, sorry you're up. Hope applying for SS goes easier in the days ahead.....


Rose, a loss is a loss. Great you/your family have appts for the vaccine. California, I must say, is a disaster in that regard. We can only hope things get better and more vaccine is available as the months go by.


Mel, small loss but good.


Belle, sorry you gained but it'll come off soon. We purged our closets when we moved 3 years ago. I donated the fancy formal night dresses I had. They're a pain to pack and I'm too practical to waste luggage space for 1 dress that I would wear once or twice. 


Today for me was cleaning bathrooms/showers, washing laundry. Rain today so good day to be inside. 


Have a nice evening,





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Hello All


Happy to say I lost the pound I gained. Thought I might.


Diana me too just don't wear the dresses anymore. I notice usually the

ones that cruise a lot have mostly gone to pants and tops and the new

cruisers are wearing the dresses. Doesn't matter to me what anyone is

wearing. It's a cruise--Enjoy!  My question when will WE cruise again?

Don't work to hard today.🙂

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The dress that had me join is a cotton sleeveless dress in a smooth finish. Just below mid knee.  I wear it with a sheer caplet for dressy & sandals for casual. Love dresses when it's hot. 


Just got an email from SSA. They don't need much, maybe because they have my info. Just need to have USAA verify my account #s & my passport to verify my age but they might waive that


It's raining. Barely made it back to the house before it started


Belle, 😁 on losing that pound!

Jo, I tore the house up looking for unneeded paperwork.  I had it sort of okay. In that I cannot walk outside, my exercise is sorting it all and shredding alot / putting alot in a goodwill pile

Diana, we're supposed to get snow. It's that cold

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I've been reading the posts and in my mind I have been responding, but haven't been typing.


Our first cruise was in 2003 and I found cruise critic in 2002 and spend hours on the "fashion website" and the "lose before you cruise" .. and made wonderful friends ... Belle, Miriam, etc.  I never went to a prom and had a lovely wedding dress in 1973, but never had the special dress otherwise.  When we started cruising was toward the end of the formal nights, I spent times looking for the 2 special dresses for our first cruise.  I ended up going to a dress shop that had lovely dresses and found a dress that had spaghetti straps and a beaded top with a lovely bottom.  My DH rented a tux for the cruise.  I can remember the night that was the first formal night --- we were dressed to the 9's and I even had gone to get my hair "done" so that I looked wonderful (or at least my DH thought so) ... he had the tux and his hair was still black without any grey or any bald spots.  I waited for the dining room to open and I went up to all the beautiful people and talked about their clothes and how wonderful we all looked .... I miss those days ... That was 2003 and it was my 30th wedding anniversary ... I wore the same dress with my son and DIL on their first cruise and their first anniversary (they got married on the same day we did 39 years later).  The cruise was 2013. The dress had to be taken in as I had lost about 30 pounds, but it was still beautiful and I loved formal night.  That was the last time I wore the dress ... I still have it in my cruise closet ... I no longer know if it is too big or two small, but every once in awhile I get it out and look at it and remember the memories.  I miss those days ... But, do not miss the extra weight for packing.  I know where a sparkly top and slacks and DH wears a long sleeved shirt, slacks and a smile.


I really miss dressing up, but not the packing  I am so glad that I had the opportunity to enjoy the days when cruising was a time of dressing up!  Jan

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Jan I remember my 1st cruise. I would  buy dresses, keep tags on because

I was losing weight. Have to take them back (unworn just hanging in closet)) because to big.

Had a dress for every night. Husband had a Tux and a suit. Those were the days, dressing up

every night and then the formal.  It was exciting, all the extra things they had on the ships then.

 but cruises cost more then too. Think it started to fade the dressier part when more people

started to cruise, then went to anytime dining. Then airlines started charging for the 2nd bag.

Plus as we got older (long time cruisers) said I'm not paying for 2nd suitcase for formal clothes

plus we didn't want to dress up any more. (I sure don't miss wearing dresses)


Ombud your joining us in sorting and shredding and trips to Goodwill. Welcome!

Glad it's working out with SSA.


Jan, Ombud  and everyone have a good Sat.

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DH and I met when we both competed in ballroom dancing. The competitions would have formal dinners each night, so I had my dance dresses, and then my formal dinner dresses. We didn't start cruising until after we had kids and stopped dancing, but we still like to dress up a bit for cruises. I pack one pair of black slacks to wear with a nice top and 2-3 dresses for dinners (church or work type dresses), but 2 different formal night dresses (cocktail dresses, no ballgowns). I would love to get back into my ballroom dinner dresses - I was a 4 or 6 then!

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Hello Mel How  long did you Ballroom dance? Bet your dresses were pretty.

I didn't mind wearing dresses on cruises all the years but now I'm fine not

wearing them now. Someone can buy them now at a cheaper price at Goodwill.

In fact a few are just like brand new. Only wore once or twice.


Had a nice lunch and good day with the kids. Went thru a few more papers

and things today. Still doesn't feel right I can't give them a hug or kiss. Safe is

the key word for now.


Hope your all having a good weekend.

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Ombud, they are saying we will have a hard freeze Monday night into Tuesday morning, snow down to 500 feet, yikes. 


Belle, Jan, Mel, nice to read about your fancy dresses. I agree with all of you, now I take black pants, dressy top, etc. 


Belle, nice you saw your kids for lunch.


Been working on our taxes in between tv watching. 


Have a good day, Diana


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Hello on this Monday Morning. Have a great week Everyone.


Hope you all had a good weekend. Thanks Diana is was nice to spend time

with my kids.  Seen them more the last few months which is nice but doing

it safely.


Taxes already? Seems like we just did them. Which we did because we were able

to wait till July. I don't have all my papers yet. They have till end of Feb. to send to you.



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Last week weigh in looks great.  Some losses and no huge gains.


Arrived home yesterday.  Had a great time.  Sloops a little icy not a lot of real snow.  Not too many skiers until Friday and Saturday.  I tipped over at least daily / more than usual for me.  Saturday I fell getting off lift on our second run.  There were tooo many snow boarders I had no where to go— fell back and landed hard on my backside — I either badly bruised or cracked my sacrum.   Feel fortunate it is my only injury.  It only hurts when I bend down ... sometimes when I sit.   No need to get X-ray (even if cracked or broken there is nothing that will fix it but time) 


we had an awesome time dog sledding.  My granddaughter 25, was-giddy for days. She is always stoic.  this is the most excited I have ever seen her. 
She doesn’t ski- can’t handle the altitude.  

My son drove. Lauren and I flew.   Both flights were full.  No social distancing.   Flew first class going , economy way back.  I sat  in middle seat since I have received first vaccine.  Everyone was mask complient.


I haven’t weighed yet.   I ate more than usual but not bad. Hoping for a good loss—- skied 4 hours for 4 days — hardest part is walking in ski boots that each weigh 3 lbs.  counting stairs in condo and getting to ski lockers the week total was 1000 stair steps.   Glad to be home with my dog.


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Izena Glad you had a good time. So sorry you fell and hurt yourself.

Hope it heals quickly. The dog sledding sounds like it was so much fun.

Sorry the flying was so full. Glad you had your 1st shot and everyone wore masks.


If you did gain, think not with all that exercise, it came on fast will go off fast.

Bet your dog is happy your back too.


Where is everyone today?  Cold? Tired? Busy? Lazy? Staying off computer?

Don't want to talk? Eating? Sleeping? Or ALL of the above?😄



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Okay ..... here's a really bad way to declutter. Tear the house apart looking for an envelope (that it turns out I didn't even need) and then have to put it all back. My garage used to be clean but not right now. If it wasn't so cold I'd go down to the shredding company and dump the papers. And we're in for a wet week. But at least I know what is unnecessary. Question: do you have all past papers shredded or just tax returns? I've got those from 1983->


Izena, that's quite a fall!!


Diana, not looking forward to snow or tonight's windstorm.  But we need the water


Belle, I can't download my 1099 composite from Schwab until 2/17/21 so no point getting started until then. S wants to start doing his own so I gave him a stack of envelopes to sort, list, add up his categories (Roth deposits, teacher expenses, income, student loan payments). Most of those will get 1099s but I think it's a good mental exercise. 


Mel, I don’t think I've ever been a 4. I blame it on broad shoulders but we know that's not true 


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Belle, I start on taxes as soon as I start getting some forms in the mail. Hubby still runs a business from home and we have lots of things to keep track of. We get a "book" from our accountant with all kinds of stuff to fill out. A little at a time makes me feel less "crazy." Plus hubby is getting older and forgets things so have to make sure he gets his stuff done.


Izena, welcome back. I'm still too scared to fly. Even with masks, too many people in a confined space. But, good that you had your first shot. Sorry you got hurt. Hopefully you'll be better soon. I agree with Belle, I don't think you gained with all that exercise...


Ombud, wow, tore your garage apart. I'm sure you'll get it back together soon. Right, not looking forward to the hard freeze tonight and with the wind? Brrrrr. Will be very wet starting tomorrow for a week. Definitely needed. I just wonder wth the temps. if it will snow.


Shredding: I would shred tax returns and anything with sensitive information like bank statements, etc. 


I used to be a 4. That was a whole lifetime ago. I was also plus sized. Now I'm somewhere in the middle. A happy middle that I can manage and maintain😊


Have a good evening,











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Sizing was different when I was a teenager.  I’m 5’6” and weighed 110lbs. Not as thin as  twiggy but close. The smallest size I wore was 8.   

I only ache when I bend over which isn’t much.  Feel very lucky it wasn’t a hip.

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So quiet in here lately.  What's up?  Do you still want this thread?


Ombud...Sorry you had to mess things up looking for a paper you didn't need.

I'm shredding papers that I've been saving for years (my parents too) 

Anything with names, address, numbers. Don't trust anyone anymore, all the

ways people learn to steal information. I'm still keeping the last few years

for now. Never know.



I read that this year the IRS won't take the taxes until Feb. 12th because got do it late

last year. They need the time. Usually do mine in March.


Speaking of sizes---I never was a 4 and will never be a 4. Been different sizes but never a 4.

Do you notice as you get older, our bodies change of course but you can be the same weight

as you were before and the size you were at that weight before just don't fit the same.

Think two reasons, our body changes, bigger hips, fuller or lower breasts, different shape

belly and 2nd I don't think their making the clothes the same anymore. Their making them

cheaper (even if spend more for them) not sizing right anymore. Not made in USA anymore. 


Didn't do much today, some wash, made a meat loaf and booked a cruise for Oct.

Will cancel my July one and take this one. Hoping things will be better in Oct. plus

changed the ports for the July one. Waiting awhile to see if they cancel July.


Izena glad your feeling better. Yes it could of been worse. Glad it wasn't.


What did you all do today? What are you doing Wed.?


Take care, stay safe and warm. 

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Sorry I've been MIA - get ready for a novel. 😜 It's engagement season (Thanksgiving to Valentine's Day), and I have had a significant upswing in inquiries. The couples who got engaged over Thanksgiving and Christmas have picked their venues, and they are starting to book the rest of us. I delivered 5 sets of samples over the weekend, and I have 4 more scheduled to deliver on this coming Sunday and Monday. My break is over, and my first wedding this year is this weekend too.


My daughter's AHG troop started meeting again last night, and I was presenting, so I had to get slides prepared for Zoom. Half of the troop is meeting in person, and the rest of us are meeting virtually. They're working on their Sign Language badge, so I have been spending a lot of time practicing several phrases. One of them was, "My favorite color is ____." I learned all the colors of the rainbow so I could help them finish the phrase plus white, black, and brown just in case. I felt so prepared until one girl said magenta and another said gold. 😆


We also got our gunite on Monday! It really looks like a pool now. We have to spray it down with water twice a day for a while to keep cracks from forming, and DH has been going into the office so he takes care of it in the evening and I have the morning shift. Of course it's been close to freezing here in the mornings again. 


Belle - I grew up dancing. Ballet, tap, jazz, modern. I assisted classes at my dance studio when I was in high school and was also in a performing group - the kind that you see at malls at Christmas, amusement parks, or at festivals. We even went to Hawaii one year and performed at several locations and were invited to the memorial to perform. Between teaching, taking my own classes, rehearsals, and weekly performances, I was dancing 40 hours a week all through high school and majored in dance in college. I had my business and marketing plans completed and was starting to look at locations to open my own studio when I sprained my ankle during my last semester. It never healed properly, so started taking ballroom classes after graduation and started competing. That's where DH and I met. I stopped after about 5 years - married life, kids, and work got in the way. We talk about starting again now that the kids are a little older, but we keep finding excuses not to.


Izena - I'm so sorry you fell, but your trip sounds like it was fun. Those tailbone injuries can take forever to feel normal again. 


Ombud - we shred anything with account number on it. Old bank statements and tax returns, water bills, etc. We also shred the credit card applications that get mailed to us. If we stay on top of it once a week or so, we can do it all ourselves without it feeling like a burden. Otherwise our bank has an annual shredding event, and we just take a box to them to do. Also, I should clarify and say I was a 4 on the bottom. Swimming shoulders and other genetic "attributes" kept me from being a 4 up top.


Diana - I'm getting closer to being happy with where I am right now. I'd love to be smaller, but I feel healthy, and I think that's more important. Maybe it's that I haven't really seen anyone in a year, so I don't think my size matters as much?

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The only storm damage at my house is the neighbor's tree all over the yard. Had to rake driveway, will leave rest for gardeners tomorrow.  Surprisingly the fence stayed up despite gusts to 47mph winds in Clayton, 80mph on Mt Diablo (hill behind my house)


As to the garage mess .... I tore the house apart looking for those SSA papers and put what would eventually go in the garage. Now I'm putting what I won't deal with this year in the rafters (no basement) leaving the rest in the garage and it's wet. I'm getting a dumpster for non-paper items. Plus I found a shredder that will come out, get papers and hard drives (have them from as far back as 1983), and I can while they shred. 


Diana, How did you fare with the storm? 


Belle & Mel, yes I get wordy. But you're right so I won't put anything with #s on it in the dumpster (I swear that stuff multiplies in the dark)


Izena, you were very lucky IMHO 


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