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1-21-21 Thursday Weigh-In----A Good Day

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Belle, glad you posted. Sorry you cancelled your August cruise. At this point I'm unsure about cruising in 2021☹️


Mel, wow you're busy but a good busy. I'm glad you are feeling good about where you are at weight wise. I think we all need to be no hard on oursleves in that regard. 


Ombud, the storm, yikes. The wind was horrendous. About 8pm last night we heard noise that sounded like a freight train. I opened our patio blinds and there our patio table (not light mind you, it is a heavy metal table) was taking a walk down our concrete path along with the chairs. Hubby went out and we moved it all next to the house where it more sheltered.


The back of our yard is pretty torn up. The bark ws all pushed away and the week block is all ripped up. 


All the trees are standing though so that's good. 










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Jazzper and I took A 3 mile walk this morning. Weather sunny windy hi 50’s .

Decided to change diet again—- keep my body wondering what’s happening.    I did Jack Thurmond’s 6 week diet/ provida.  Back n 2004 and won the wt loss challenge at work $1000.  30lb in 3 months.   And got out my food scale.  Basically drink lots of water, eat every 3 hours no salt or sugar.   

Next week is busy, haircuts Me and Jazzper.   Second covid vaccine.  Jazzper dental cleaning.   We will be beautiful , healthy and poor 😄

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Hello Everyone


Seems like everyone in Calif. has cold, rain and wind while those in Tx

your weather is better. Everyone stay warm and safe.


Mel---You sure are busy at this time. Glad your business is doing well.

Remember it well with all the "kids" things going on. Having to be here and

there and do this and that.🙂

Sounds like you were really busy and enjoying your dancing sorry you got hurt.

Nice you took up ballroom dancing and met your husband. Was it fate?


Ombud---Glad you didn't have any damage, just leaves. Nice you have a gardener to

pick them up. At least with looking for the SSA paper you got things to put in garage.

Nice you got a shredder, still doing my own. Wish had what Mel had, a bank that does it

once a year. Your right the piles of papers grow overnight, everynight.

I don't remember saying you were wordy. I like people who write or talk a lot. I'm one!🙂

If that is what you mean by wordy. Keep it up.

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Diana---Glad you didn't have much damage beside patio table and chairs taking a walk.

Hope your back yard isn't to bad. An easy fix.  More rain to come.


Yes the cruise was to Europe in July. They changed the ports, now to many the same.

Haven't cancelled yet. Waiting to see if they do. The Oct. one is to Europe too but with

great ports. No doubles. Both cruises were free inside and I upgraded to a balcony.

Now just wait and see if they cancel either one or if I will cancel Oct. if don't feel safe.

Everyone should have shots my then. So hoping 2021 will be a go.

They were both b2b, you can do that in Europe but not USA ports until after Nov. 1st.

My daughter is going with me.


Izena---How are you feeling. Good I hope must be took a 3 mile walk, some would

call that a hike.

I don't know what diet you were using before but it sure worked. You loss weight every week.

A lot of people do change their diets plans off and on. Some it works for them others not.

Everyone has to do what works for them. Good Luck.


Our hair and nail salons just open up again. Really need everything done but going to

wait. Waited this long.. what's wrong with waiting more to be safe. Counts still going

up here but less I guess. Don't even know if my places are open after a 11 months. Were

small, one owner places.


Haven't done much today, dishes, paperwork. Just had a salad with a roll so far. Dinner

will be meatloaf again. Trying to have a loss on Thursday by eating less, really shouldn't

of had the roll but I did.


Everyone take care, see you tomorrow.


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Koda & I got out for a shorter walk before it rained again. Not even 2 miles and flat. Dirt's slippery. Then had a great talk with the local librarian who suggested another series of books for the 7yo who will be homeschooled to middle school at least (in good times school bus would pick her up at 5-6am and return her at 4 .... not happening, she'll stay in her homeschool pod)


When I got home I decided to NOT put things in rafters. I don't think I'm fit enough to get it up there without a ladder.  I can't risk a fall because no one would know until the kids visit 


Diana, you had a lot of damage

Belle, I'm a little concern that the December cruise might be canceled.  Australia seems to be buttoned up tight. 


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Love all the postings ---- I need to get myself a shredder - had one many years ago ... but had to shred one piece of paper at a time ... drove me crazy.  I too don't want to put paperwork in the trash that has account numbers etc on it.  Not as trusting as I used to be.


Love tax season ... I am a CPA (accountant) ... but for many years (about 20) have done volunteer tax returns ... loved doing it, it was the only way that I know to give back to the community ... figured out that I saved a total of over 1 million for people who really shouldn't have had to pay to have their tax returns done.  I have now stopped doing them as it now takes me longer to be able to pass tests ... on items what I used to know without thinking ... I now have to think about items that I never had too.  I do some taxes for a few people (for free) and I do my kids ... but it scares me to do the 500 per year that I was doing ... so afraid that I will make a mistake.  Miss the days of "being perfect".


I can remember the days I was a "5" ... My daughter used to work at a retail store and said that each size can be different ... patterns are cut and depending upon which layer the outfit is makes a difference on how big the same size is (don't know if that is understandable).


I have been working on transferring cruises ... I'm looking at time-share weeks and also looking at Mediterranean cruises for 2023.  I have a bucket list!!!  Hope everyone is doing well.  See you all tomorrow.  Jan

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