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First time in a Sky Suite on Equinox

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We are about to book a Sky Suite on Equinox and hoping to get some help with cabin reviews.

I am looking at a corner AFT on either deck 12 -  2146 , 11 -1663 or 10 -1403. 

Wondering  about noise from the  sunset bar.

Can anyone help with some input on these cabins and some pictures? 

Im not  sure about the pole next to the bed in some pictures i've seen ,looks like a hazard.

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The pole is there and it does seem to bother some people.  I have always got used it it very quickly.  It's generally very close to the end of the bed (maybe 12" away).


Many people like deck 12 as there is an overhang over the balcony.  I personally don't book it as I'm a late sleeper and worry about morning noise from above with people moving chairs.   If I was an early riser I would probably like these cabins.


On some ships I believe deck 11 has the window washing equipment parked on the side blocking some of the view.


I personally do decks 7-9 but I think I would probably try 10 as well.  There was a recent thread about corner suites on Silhouette you might try to find.

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We prefer as high a deck as we can possibly obtain, and have stayed in all three of those cabins, but not all on Equinox. As wrk2cruise mentioned the window washing equipment is parked on the side of one of those rooms; however, I cannot remember which one and does restrict some of the view. 

As far as noise from above we have never been bothered by the sunset bar, and in fact we have enjoyed some of the music out on the balcony with a drink.  I usually leave the room early to go to the gym, and DW says I am more disruptive than any early morning noise from above.

The pole is a non entity, after you walk into it 3 times you remember.....just kidding, we have never walked into it, and never found it to be an issue what so ever.  One of the rooms, and I can't remember which ship or deck has two poles in the room, one on each side of the bed, but again far enough away from the bed to not be an issue.

We always pick the starboard side as the port side of the sunset bar is a designated smoking area.  Not sure smoke would be an issue; possibly if staying late or overnight in port and there was no airflow to carry it away.

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Get deck 11, 1663.   Cabins above you, not a bar.   Poles are a non-issue, we've been in that exact cabin and the opposite on 1666 several times.   Seriously don't even give those poles a second thought.  No issue with smoke or soot, it's a great cabin and we'd choose it again. 



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The window washing equipment is not a problem either.  It blocks a bit of the view in the corner area looking straight down, but as far as your far view and looking out, it's not an issue.   Much of the daytime it's not even there - it's washing windows.   You can hear the motor a bit if you're sitting on your balcony.   


You'll love the suite benefits on X.  

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We had 2146 on Solstice, which I believe is the same arrangement as Equinox. I rather liked the overhang, as the sun did get quite intense (South Pacific), but we were able to be on the balcony when it was. 


Noise from the deck above was, to us, only noticeable during daylight hours and did not interfere with our enjoyment. However, many years ago, we started taking a white noise machine with us everywhere. The low level static through the night essentially filters out small noises that would otherwise disturb sleep. Works great in hotels and on ships.


The pole was not a problem after the first couple of hours, but then it was on my wife's side of the bed, so perhaps I am limited in perspective.

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The noise issue can be real concern for people that are late sleepers and even though wanted some quiet time in the late afternoon.  Quite frankly, the noise is not so much from other passengers as it is from crew that tend to drag the chairs across the floor when they are rearranging furniture.  When we had one of these cabins, I actually had to go down to speak with the hotel manager to explain that if the crew simply picked up the chairs and put them in the required location versus dragging them across the floor, then most of the noise issues would be resolved.  The very next day, there was significant improvement.  Unfortunately, we were on a back to back sailing, and then it started again on the second leg.  Again, I went and had a conversation and again the noise stopped. Other than the noise issue, these are great cabins as they have lots of room and great views.  

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These two pictures are Cabin 2208, Deck 12 starboard aft corner Reflection.  They will give you an idea of where the poles are located.



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