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Should anyone be booking new cruises without FFC

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After being at a live NCL event Thursday, with no assurances about cruising dates, should the customer be booking new cruises, were on this site a commentator as been assured he will never get bumped because he’s paid by FCC.

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i dont see why not, anything below a suite has a $250 deposit, and although suites require $1500. you can always cancel and get your money back prior to the last payment being due. i have a cruise booked in oct 2022, and the last payment isnt due until june 2022. i'd personally rather book now, get the cabin i  want.

the only downside right now, is even with this remarkable 30% discount offer (sarcasm intentional) prices are way to high


if we're not sailing by then because covid is still around, the world have much bigger problems 

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If somebody doesn't have FCC, and they want to go on a cruise, then absolutely they should be booking without FCC.

Cruiselines are making it easy now, with low deposits - I'm perfectly happy for NCL to hold $300 of my money for a year so that I can have the cruise I want, if it goes.

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1 hour ago, Trimone said:

After being at a live NCL event Thursday, with no assurances about cruising dates, should the customer be booking new cruises, were on this site a commentator as been assured he will never get bumped because he’s paid by FCC.

For NA cruisers, absolutely, we could be booking now with or without FCCs.  Here, we can cancel a cruise and rebook a cruise with no penalty prior to final payment.  For those without FCCs, it may be a risk, however,  I think the risk is becoming smaller as more vaccines are becoming more available.  The add'l infusion of cash is leading the way to a more stable economic outlook for the cruise lines, JMO.  


I have 2 cruises booked for '22 already. If I were to receive my vaccines prior to the end of '21, you can bet I'll be booking a cruise ASAP.  I want my favourite cruise line to survive.  Long live NCL. 


Good luck to all, including Norwegian Cruise line but also their loyal cruise passengers.  



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I have FCC from a March 2020 cancellation which I used on a January cruise which was also cancelled. So have the FCC again to use. I keep going back and forth about whether to rebook now or wait until cruising starts again and see what restrictions are in place and what ports are open.


Had a phone call the other night from a new salesperson from NCL. (Asked if my current one wasn't there anymore and he checked and had no idea why he was given my number when mine was still there.) After his big sales job about what a great time to book at the 30% off and my response that it wasn't really so great since they had increased the price by at least that much,  I asked some questions since I had him on the phone. Keep in mind he could have made up any answers he wanted.


He said that demand is strong for upcoming cruises and that a lot of reservations are being made. He primarily attributed this to FCC which many of us have. Certain cruises are filling up (I guess cruise lines could be setting limits if they are concerned about limited capacity.) He didn't see prices dropping anytime soon. The fuller the ship gets, the higher the price goes - and with strong booking there was no reason to drop the prices.


So I'm back to the back and forth. Don't really want to book and get cancelled again, but also don't want to pay even higher prices than they are now - even with 125% FCC and a 10% discount coupon it would cost hundreds out of pocket to get what I had cancelled.



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We've booked many cruises for 2022 using our FCC and many cruisenexts for the deposits. 


When we used them all, and when we started booking for 2023 (beyond the FCC validity) we had to decide whether to use cash for new deposits.  Yes, NCL could go bust (or more likely, get taken over) and there's a risk that we'll never see anything from the FCC, nor the new cash (or indeed anything from our NCL shares).


But bookings with new cash do make that less likely (reduce the cash burn each month).  Most of the cruise lines say a majority of their new bookings are cash, which is great news.


So we've booked many more cruises in both 2022 and 2023 with cash, refundable deposits only.   We want  NCL to survive.  We can take a chance with them.  The odds are looking better.


We fully expect at least half the cruises to be cancelled or changed radically, and we don't even know yet whether we'll be able to travel to the departure countries. So we're not going to make any final payments unless things are very clear. Locking in current prices (even if they're higher than we like) is worth the small risk to the small deposits, for us. If they drop, we can rebook or reprice, before final payment.

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I am still booking new cruises, although I am using the FCCs and CruiseNext coupons, so no extra cash has to be paid.


Even if I do not have FCCs, I am okay to pay just $100-$200 deposit to make a new reservation if the itinerary is attractive, since the fare may keep increasing later.


As long as the deposit is refundable before balance deadline (not valid for bookings in Europe, where the deposit is non-refundable), I don't think there is a risk. I am not worried about the worst case that the cruise line goes bankrupt.

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Posted (edited)

The answer here is more or less that it is none of anyone else's business the motives of a person booking or not booking a cruise.  What is important is that we have weighed the pros and cons and made a sound decision for ourselves.  I say go for it if you want to, or don't if you don't.  

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