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The Daily for Sunday Mar 28, 2021

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42 minutes ago, travelingbums said:

I am not very good at tech stuff, how do I find last night's post to view the wreath for KK?

Just go to yesterday’s thread and it is on the last page

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45 minutes ago, ger_77 said:

I wonder if it was the, and I'm paraphrasing here, appreciating the weeds day which could be construed as appreciating something that one inhales, rather than rips from the ground?

Hadn't thought of that. Just knew I wasn't going to ask DH to celebrate today. He filled 3 yard waste bags with unwanted plants he ripped up yesterday.

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1 hour ago, rafinmd said:

I wonder if it was the drink of the day.



That is what I am thinking. If not, then it is because Rich mentioned appreciating weeds!

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Good Morning All,

lts feeling like a late spring day here and we have a very chatty mockingbird who has taken up residence. Got a text last night reminding POD volunteers to dress for unseasonably hot (90*) temperatures. 

Today’s agenda here includes making dulce de leche gelato for Sunday dinner, online church and a session on the slope celebrating “rogue plant” day.* I’m mainly going after  Bind w&&d and Sand Burr. The latter has sprung up all over here with a vengeance. I took some 6 gallons of the dry seed (burr) off the slope last October, and our dog collects his fair share. He’s a hairy Golden Retriever, so you can picture that.



*(We’ll call it that just in case that is what sent the original thread to the naughty room. But personally, I suspect it was the drink of the day that did it.) 


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Posted (edited)

Good morning.  We do not have cats now, but always appreciated them.  Weed appreciation day is not one I'll celebrate, but it could be for our yard.  Right now, it has more weeds than grass, so my work is cut out for me this week.


We have been to Tianjin and Beijing three times.  The first time was on the Volendam on the Asia Pacific Explorer Cruise (or as it was also called, the APEC cruise).   The second, we spent and afternoon and night at the end of a cruise before flying home the next day.


The pictures are from our 2018 Coral Princess Cruise, and they are a little different from most pictures of Beijing, as we did not take a tour this time.  We took the shuttle from the port to the shopping center in western Tianjin.  From there, we took an hour long ride on a local train to the Tianjin train station, where we caught the high speed train to Beijing.  Once there, we took their metro to Tiananmen Square.


The Chinese were celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Peoples Republic of China.  The square was blocked off except for one checkpoint.  Your had to show picture id and have your bags searched.  Fortunately, our passports worked.


The first two pictures are Tianjin and the mall.




These next pictures are the high speed train.  DH used an app on his phone to check the speed.  The train actually reached 220 mph, but I didn't get a picture of DH's phone then.  One of our tablemates was a retired freight train engineer in the US, and he would not even consider taking this train.  We guessed it was his experience with the trains and tracks in the US.  




The next two are buildings opposite Tiananmen Square at the far end from the Forbidden City.  One seemed to be an old fort and the second one is the train museum.  Unfortunately we did not have time to check it out.  May be on th next visit.




These are a couple of the special decorations in Tiananmen Square for the celebration.





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We disembarked Diamond Princess in Tianjin on March 30, 2012, after a 16 day Southeast Asia cruise from Singapore.  


Entering the harbor at Tianjin.



This was the beginning of an 8 day Princess cruisetour.



It started with a tour of Beijing including Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City.





After an overnight at the Kerry Hotel (including dinner and a Chinese opera), we flew to Xian.


DH was so surprised to see beer in a vending machine at the airport, he was "forced" to have one!! 😉




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Good  morning.I  will  mention neither drinks nor  rogue  plants! Our DD  and  SIL were  asked  when  they  bought  this  house if  they  would  feed  the  cats  the  owner  had  taken  care of for  years. They  already  had  4  inside  kitties  and  inherited  6  outdoor  kitties. Some  have  since  gone  over  the  rainbow  bridge but  others  mysteriously  come  and  take  their  places. DD  made   "shelters" with  special  hay  inside  for  winter  hideouts for  them  and  they  are  very  well  loved. It  also  provides our

dog  with a  lot  to  watch  from  the  window. A  neighbors' cat  has  also  come  during  the  day  to  sit  on  our  wall  and  greet  passersby. One  might  say  all  family  members  here  appreciate  cats!

I would  love  to  see  China,Japan,Australia  and  so  many  other  places. Thank  you  for  the  pictures everyone. It  is  really  appreciated.             Terry

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Good morning naughty ones!   Maybe it’s the port of the day?  We were supposed to visit two years ago, but after the imprisonment of two Canadian citizens we cancelled and switched to a circumnavigation of Japan.  So highly doubt we will ever go there.  

Love the Loire Valley Chenin Blancs so will need to do a little research on today’s 🍷.   

enjoy your day! 



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The drink sounds good even if ordering it might be embarrassing. Waiter, what would you like? Me, I’d like sex on the beach. Waiter sorry I can’t help you there ma’am as I’m married.

Hope everyone has a great day. 
Maybe they are trying to break your record Rich of conservative posts. 

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Posted (edited)

Well good morning all!

Interesting way to start the day, I hope the mystery will be solved eventually.  Meanwhile we'll all do our best to be good. 😉  


Have never been to the port of the day, the wine sounds delish, and I'm looking forward to seeing the recipe for the meal.


I will always celebrate cats.  Here are some photos of cats in my life now and previously.  


Parkour, one of my Grand Kitties in Seattle



Nimbus, Parkour's "brother" in Seattle



Jinx, our neighbor cat who visits every day if I'm gardening.



Our first cat, "Cairo" with our daughter

Amanda and Cairo.jpg


Our daughter grown up with Suhy, who we raised with a bottle




Beautiful Ebony.jpg

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Good Morning Everyone from a warm and sunny day at the beach.

      Couldnt find todays thread . Was looking for "Sunday". Not sure why it was held up, it is practically the only thread on CC that is not negative or argumentative!  Just a happy community.

      DD will be eligible for the vaccine beginning tomorrow and DS next week. Florida is opening up the age limits.  I will be thrilled when they both have received it. 


Stay safe and enjoy today.

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Thanks to those who copied and pasted the Daily information from Rich this morning.  I have to agree the drink of the day does sound suspiciously guilty of breaking the rules here.


In April and May, 2010 we took a Diamond Princess cruise from Bangkok to Whittier, Alaska.  Right in the middle of it was our stop near Beijing, called Xingang.  By map it looks like it is closer to the coastline than Tianjin which appears further inland and closer to Beijing.  I'm not sure why they didn't dock in Tianjin but there could be a lot of reasons which I can't speculate on.  The next time we head to China I would like to visit the Beijing sites show in the photos so far today.  Thanks to all who posted them.  


Instead on our cruise we took a ship's tour with several couples we knew to the Great Wall followed by lunch at a hotel restaurant.  The weather was warm and sunny, plus the trees had begun flowering so it was a nice day all in all if you don't mind a long bus ride.  The section of the Wall we visited was called  Huangyagyuan.  The entrance is below.enhance




If only each step was consistent!  Some were shallow and some were steep so you had to concentrate on each one.




This photo was taken from a window in a tower along the way.enhance


We wanted to make it all the way to the top so we rested for a minute or two along the way.enhance




Near the top.  A friend from China told us this means "The Saint's Peak - scenic viewing platform".enhance


After this we had to make our way down again, which believe me, is just as hard on the knees as going up!  At the bottom of the Great Wall entrance were these beautifully shaped trees which I would love to have seen in bloom.  enhance


We then had time to look at the goods being sold outside the entrance.  enhance




This little guy was hoping for a ride on this contraption but it didn't seem to be in service that morning.enhance


And finally a picture of the room at the hotel where lunch was served.enhance


I'm glad to say I got to climb the Great Wall of China (or a tiny portion of it), but want to go back to see more of Beijing.  The years are flying by though so who knows if it will happen?



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I guess the consensus is the name of the drink. It is one that has been around for a very long time. We'll just have to see what happens tomorrow morning.


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Good morning and thanks for the update.

    It’s a rainy day here and supposed to be better tomorrow.

  I appreciate all my fur babies every day.

Especially at meal time, when they decide the menu.

       Blessings and prayers to all on our lists.

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I appreciate lions, tigers, pumas, jaguars and other wild cats in their native habitats. These beasts the rest of appreciate are an introduced invasive species.

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Good morning everyone!  Thank you for the Daily Rich, even though it was posted in parts. I like your alternate site, do you do that everyday and save it?  Very clever. And thank you for your lists Roy. 

I appreciate cats, have had many over the years, but don’t appreciate weeds. Something on a stick?  Well corn dogs would be great but I don’t have any so maybe another day. I’ll pass on the meal suggestion. Roy, I’m missing your alternate meal suggestion. 

We have not been to today’s port. The pictures that have been posted are wonderful. 

The wine sounds like something I would like.  The drink, not so much. 

Have a great day everyone!


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14 minutes ago, StLouisCruisers said:

Since @lindalerrepeated the name of the drink of the day and it didn't censor her, it must be something else!  Intriguing!

Thought I would see what happened if I did. I keep checking back to see if I got my hand slapped but nothing so far and they haven’t pulled my post. 

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8 minutes ago, lindaler said:

Thought I would see what happened if I did. I keep checking back to see if I got my hand slapped but nothing so far and they haven’t pulled my post. 


Normally if you click on submit to post something, and CC sees something against their rules, it happens instantly and doesn't post it for all to see.  Only the OP can see it on their screen and it says pending approval or something similar.  Only the moderator can release it.  They probably have a bunch of them to check out every day.  So since your post went through the drink of the day is not the issue.  We won't know unless the moderator tells us which they don't have to.  Just makes life interesting around here for a while because we all get to speculate!

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I think I've posted most of what I normally do with the exception of my alternate meal suggestion.  It is Fruit Salad with Sambuca, Oven Roasted Chicken, and Strawberry Crisp as served on MS Zaandam March 28, 2017.



It will be really interesting to see what happens when/if the Daily gets unstuck.



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