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Passenger cancelling vs Celebrity cancelling - what did we miss out on?

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HI everyone,


    We had a Scandinavian cruise booked for July 2021 with a final payment date of April 4th. We had a completely refundable deposit and were waiting for Celebrity to cancel this cruise to see what they might offer. About a week or 2 ago, Celebrity still hadn't cancelled (even though they knew this wasnt going to sail) so we took it upon ourselves to just move our deposit and booking to the same cruise for 2022.  Of course a week after we did this, Celebrity then officially cancelled the 2021 cruise.


My question is, if we would have held out a little longer and waited for Celebrity to cancel this cruise instead of us, what would we have received in return? The 2022 cruise is about 2K higher than 2021 and is only 12 nights instead of 14. We were just curious what we may have missed out on. We had a great rate on the 2021 cruise and it isnt so great on 2022.  Has Celebrity been doing any type of lift and shift anymore or have they been generous with moving bookings to alternate sailings or did it not make any difference at all to us? Any insight would be appreciated.

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I've lost track of all the changes made to compensation for cancelled cruises, but I'd say look on the bright side: by cancelling ahead of Celebrity pulling the pin, you were able to book for 2022. Those who waited might get some financial compensation, but they might not all be able to book the cabin of their choice.

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Kind of in the same boat (pun intended). Have a July Med cruise booked with final payment imminent. Got a decent rate (not great)and have been monitoring all the options (incentives?) offered in response to cancellations made by X.  Since airfare is 100% creditable, we’ve decided to ride it out to see if the 125% fcc is offered to compensate for the future cruise price increase I’ve been reading about.  Interesting ploy by X to say, “For your inconvenience we’re pleased to offer a fcc of 125% to apply to a future sailing which, if you’re really lucky, might come close to the fare for the rescheduled trip.”  Of course, if future fares are outrageous, can elect to receive a full refund.




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Celebrity has been offering 125% as Future Cruise Credit when they cancel the cruise. However, many have commented that the price of future cruises went up enough to consume that extra 25%. Those FFC's also have a use-by date and may have a sail-by date, too, which can force you to make a choice you'd rather not.


That 125% is calculated based only on cruise fare paid prior to the cancellation. If you had not made a full payment, the extra 25% might not have amounted to much. So I agree with the bright side Fouremco mentioned - you probably had better choices.

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I believe some sailings you were able to do a L&S to a sailing the next year +/- a few weeks and they would protect the prorated per day fare.  Most of these offers I have seen had to be done within 2 weeks of the cancellation.

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The existing context is a gambling game. 


I agree with what other posted above. The best benefits, if Celebrity cancels first, is either the 125% refund, which does not amount to much or the possibility of a L & S ( which would have been quite interesting, to protect us against recent price increases).


In our case, (May 2021, Iceland, Ireland cruise), my TA suggested in mid February, to book the same cruise for 2022, with a refundable deposit, to take advantage of a new promotion and to secure a preferred cabin. 


If Celebrity had cancelled prior to our final payment date, we may have been able to L & S the May 2021 cruise and then cancel the extra booking. If not, as it happened, Celebrity cancelled one week after final payment date, our deposit on our May 2021 cruise was fully refunded, while our cabin, fare, and promotional perks were protected for June 2022. The only negative issue, is that for a short period of time, we had two refundable deposits paid, for the one cruise we hoped to do.


Like many political leaders, many business CEOs, including Celebrity’s, the COVID context imposes variables that are completely out of everyone’s control.


In short, we are, on a very small scale , called upon to do the same guessing work that all leaders have to do on a more significant scale.


In my opinion, the only way, to protect our sanity, is to analyze available information at the time a decision is needed, choose the option that appears to be the best and then relax and go with the flow...... until our next cruise effectively sails!  Keeping my fingers crossed tight for sooner than later! 





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To give a flavor of the Lift & Shift program, the new sailing had to be one year +/- 4 weeks from the original sailing, had to be the same length and essentially the same ports, and on the same class of ship. There was some, but very little, flexibility. I think as the end date for the program got closer, and more cruises were cancelled, the flexibility increased. And at any rate, the program ended some time ago.


Here's some of the clear as mud info Celebrity provided:

My cruise was cancelled by Celebrity Cruises as part of the global suspension of sailing, can I take advantage of “Lift & Shift”?

Yes. If you had a booking on a cruise that was canceled by Celebrity Cruises as part of the global sailing suspension, you are eligible to ‘Lift & Shift’ it, in lieu of getting a 125% FCC or a refund, but the deadline for  doing so may be earlier than the January 31, 2021 deadline for “Lifting & Shifting” an active booking under the Cruise with Confidence program. You would need to “Lift & Shift” your booking from the cruise Celebrity cancelled on or before the deadline shown below for that sailing. If you do not “Lift & Shift” your booking by the relevant deadline, the 125% FCC will automatically be issued for your booking.




MARCH 1, 2021 – APRIL 30, 2021

* Note:  These sailings are not eligible for Lift & Shift:  Celebrity Apex Transatlantic 5/1/21, Celebrity Edge 5/3/21 – 10/29/21, Celebrity Constellation 5/4/2021 – 10/23/21

January 26, 2021

CELEBRITY SOLSTICE 5/14/2021, 5/21/2021

CELEBRITY ECLIPSE 5/2/2021, 5/7/2021, 5/16/2021, 5/23/2021, 5/30/2021, 6/6/2021

December 22, 2020

JANUARY 1 – FEBRUARY 28, 2021 AND SOUTH AMERICA (1/3/2021 – 4/7/2021)

(excluding any previously announced suspended sailings)

December 16, 2020

CELEBRITY SUMMIT 5/6/2021, 5/15/2021, 5/25/2021, 6/4/2021

CELEBRITY EQUINOX 5/2/2021 and 5/14/2021

December 8, 2020

DECEMBER 1 – 31, 2020

(excluding Asia/Australia/New Zealand December 1, 2020 – May 31, 2021)

November 13, 2020

NOVEMBER 1 – 30, 2020

(excluding Celebrity Silhouette 11/8/20, 11/20/20 and Celebrity Infinity 11/16/20)


October 16, 2020


September 9, 2020

OCTOBER 1 – 31, 2020, and SILHOUETTE 11.8.20, 11.20.20 AND INFINITY 11.16.20, EXCLUDING AUSTRALIA/NZ

August 20, 2020

SEPTEMBER 16 – 30, 2020

August 5, 2020

AUGUST 1 – SEPTEMBER 15, 2020 July 31, 2020


Except for the different deadline, the terms and conditions for “Lift & Shift” under the Cruise with Confidence program would be the same.

If you elect to “Lift & Shift” your booking from a sailing that was cancelled by Celebrity Cruises to another sailing, you will be ineligible to receive any form of FCC or refund for that booking. The cruise fare and any prepaid taxes and fees or prepaid gratuities would be transferred to the new booking.

If the 125% was issued, prior to your “Lifting & Shifting” of the booking to another sailing, the FCC will be invalidated and you will not receive the extra 25% in FCC value.

Still, from other postings, it is clear that some people got good value from the L&S, while others made good use of the 125% FCC.


I think moving your deposit as you did was a good move and you missed out on very little. And I bet it felt good to have made the decision and have some certainty of a kind.

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Posted (edited)

Lift & Shift is still offered when Celebrity cancels or redeploys a ship, but only for 2 weeks.  They've added more flexibility to the length of the sailing and will prorate the fare at the same daily rate if the new cruise is longer or shorter.  A few rules still apply:


1. You can only Lift & Shift to the same class of ship.  Going from S-Class to E-Class is not allowed.

2. The sailings are limited by region, but not specific port.  For instance, I was offered Iceland or Baltics as a replacement for Norway, but not Spain & France.

3.  The sailing must depart within 4 weeks + 1 year of your original sailing.


Unfortunately in my case Lift & Shift doesn't help because a 12 Night sailing is too long and the only sailings to Norway are on Apex.  However, you would likely have benefitted from waiting for Celebrity to cancel as you could have easily moved to a 12 day sailing and received a 1/7 fare credit.

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We had a Greece and Turkey cruise aboard the Edge scheduled for July of this year.  Celebrity canceled the cruise in January and offered us a refund or a 125% FCC.  They would not let us do a Lift and Shift.  We accepted the 125 % FCC and were planning on using it on the Edge in October of 2022 since that is the only month the Edge is doing that same itinerary next year.  When we received the FCC, we found out that the sail by date is 9-30-22, which means we cannot use it on the only Edge cruise that is doing this same itinerary next year in October.  I am very disappointed that these FCC have sail by dates of 9-30-22, especially since their European season does not end until November.  In the beginning of the pandemic, Celebrity was very generous and flexible with customers who had canceled cruises.  Now, I don't believe that is the case.  Now, I am stuck with a 125 % FCC that I have to use by 9-30-22 and there are no Edge class ships that are doing our canceled itinerary before 9-30-22.  The only option we have for this itinerary next year is the Reflection and I hear that is a downgrade from the Edge.

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Nothing wrong with canceling and getting a refund. Getting stuck with fcc is getting old.  I have fcc that used to book a summer cruise.  Canceled it recently because I couldn’t see going to Europe anytime this year.  The stress was awful. Not worth waiting to see if a cruise will be canceled.  Now I have fcc again.  Got an extension on book by and sail. Y dates. Strangely, not having a cruise booked is ok.  

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Thank you everyone for their comments and expertise.  Since we only paid the 900 deposit and not final payment , it sounds like the FCC offered may have only been an extra 225 bucks. (125% of 900).  If that is all we missed out on then I don’t feel so bad.  

There really wasn’t a comparable sailing either for our cruise to lift and shift to. It was originally 14 nights on the silhouette out of Southampton and 2022 is 12 nights out of Amsterdam on the apex. Ports are pretty much the same though. 

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