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If you were on a Covid affected cruise, would you cruise again?

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On 4/5/2021 at 1:40 PM, Barry ATL said:

What items would you "hunt and gather" on the first day?  Also, how long of a supply of meds would you take?  

We generally have some preferred snacks already brought on board with us, so not sure what we might gather extra from the ship, although some yogurt for the DW and a variety of the single serving cereal boxes are always good. 


As for Meds. Our old method on meds was to take have 2x meds for the trip or at least 30 days worth. May look at upping that quantity on our next cruise. Since we get all our daily prescriptions in 90 day supplies, its not hard to have a sufficient quantity to take along.  

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21 hours ago, carefreebee said:

packaged nuts & dried fruits, packaged peanut butter crackers, small juice boxes,

Make sure you rotate your goodies! I had an oldish package of p'nut butter crackers and they were totally inedible when I got around to opening them.

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I had friends on the Diamond in Japan that was quarantined in the Bay of Japan.  After testing negative for 16 days they both tested positive on the18 day and were put in a boat and sent to a hospital in Japan.  Very Sick and they plan on cruising again.  I would also cruise again!


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On 4/5/2021 at 9:33 AM, jondfk said:


I was (Grand / Travis) and I will.  Not only that, I'll cruise on Princess and even Grand again, in January assuming things kick off by then.  


It's not that we don't fault Princess for any part of our disaster (we do, there were many mistakes made) but we do so enjoy cruising that we're willing to go again.  


We will of course make adjustments like:  I don't thing we'll ever travel again leaving any meds at home, and I think we will for a long time hoard a few provisions immediately upon boarding, we'll also have a plan in place for keeping the house going "what if" - all to a far greater extent than we ever did before.


But we will cruise again and in fact are eager to do so.

I have good friends that were on the Diamond and after sixteen days of quarantine their test came back positive and they were shuttled to a hospital in Japan.  They received great care and they are so eager to cruise again.  They have nothing but praise for how Princess and the Diamond handled the situation. They spent 5 weeks in the hospital before flying home.  


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On 4/5/2021 at 9:00 AM, AllureOfVacation said:


We were on the HAL Westerdam cruise that ended in Cambodia after days without a place to disembark. Little did we know about the future at that point.


We have two cruises booked. But we will only go with vaccinations

We were also with you on the Westerdam.  We had booked 42 days from Hong Kong, so it was cut short.  Because we were fairly compensated from HAL, we have booked a similar 42 days on the Noordam starting 14 February 2022 and are looking forward to it.

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On 4/5/2021 at 8:12 AM, vegasdriven said:

Just wondering how people who were on one of the affected cruises early on would feel about cruising going forward?

Was on ten day Mexican cruise which was just before the Hawaiian segment.  Quite a few passengers stayed on for Hawaii and got COVID.  I heard two passengers on my leg had it.


yes, we are cruising again but in 2022 and we are fully vaccinated right now.

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On 4/5/2021 at 10:40 AM, Barry ATL said:

What items would you "hunt and gather" on the first day?  Also, how long of a supply of meds would you take?  

First of all... HE Double Hockey Sticks YES! And Barry ATL- I love this "hunt and gather"  concept! this is an excellent idea. I would gather cheese, fruit, yovurt, water bottles and save my two bottles of wine for emergencies.

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We were on the Grand.


That said, hubby and I have a plan.  We will ONLY bring carryon, no checked luggage.  And if either of us can't handle the ship, we will get off and go home before the ship leaves port.  


I don't know if I'll be able to get back on a ship. 

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I was on the Diamond Princess, a 2 week vacation that turned into 6weeks away from home. Yes, can’t wait to go on another cruise! We’ve had 3 cancelled this year so far and have 3 booked towards the end of the year, fingers crossed! 

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We were on the Grand cruise that ended before the fateful, Cruise stuck cruising out to sea,

& docked in Oakland & then to Travis & parts unknown...... we felt like we dodged a bullet.

All the people staying onboard that we were envious of?

Now we were feeling sorry for them.

Being home and watching the ship we had just gotten off, going thru what they did on the news.


We had an inside cabin at that time, and learned from hearing from many stuck

onboard....and watching on the news..... we WON'T be booking an inside ever again.

Once bit, twice shy.

Balcony or bust.


Lots of good suggestions on this thread, and I am keeping notes.

Especially about bringing Bottles of your meds & having some Food in your cabin!

We do alot of carryon, as we use the Laundry facility onboard so its easy to pack light.


Keep the examples coming.



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