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The Daily for Thursday Apr 08, 2021

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Happy   Birthday @StLouis Cruiser! And  to  your  twin  as well.


I  will  defer  to @DeeniEncinitas for  draw  a  bird day. I cannot  draw  at  all.

The recipe  looks  good  but  is  too  high  in  carbs  for  me  as  well. We  are  working  to  lose  as  few  of  our Covid 19 in  this  house.....the  pounds  are  always  so  much  harder  to  lose!


Have  a  great  day  everyone. I  look  forward  to  Japan  pictures today.     Terry

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Posted (edited)

Good morning, thanks for the Daily!  I do appreciate all that is ours, can't draw anything that even closely resembles a bird, and love wandering around a zoo.  I love the quote, it's so true.


While we haven't been to Nagasaki, Japan, on this very day in 2012 and 2016, we were in Tokyo.  The first time was so I could preside over our son and his bride's wedding, the second was to bring back the first grandchild in DDIL's family (ours too!), and present him to his great-grandmother as well.  Both times we were there was during "Sakura Season" - the breathtakingly beautiful cherry blossoms.


We've got typical spring weather happening here on the "frozen tundra" - one day we enjoy +22C and a couple of days later we have more snow.  Today will be one of the warm ones, with a high predicted of +20, so we're going to take advantage of it by cleaning the yard and rewarding ourselves at the end of the day with a hamburger barbecue.  Burgers, a potato salad and fresh veggies will be what's happening on our dinner table tonight.  And wine.


@StLouisCruisers a very Happy Birthday to you and your twin with many returns of the day!


Prayers for everyone who needs them and even for those who don't think they do.  Raising the wine glasses to toast all on the celebration list.  Stay safe, be well, wash your hands and wear your mask(s).


Smooth Sailing!  🙂🙂🙂


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Good Morning Everyone from a warm and sunny day at the beach


      I enjoy zoos. It is really the only way for us to see some of these beautiful animals. 

Only been to Japan on a layover on the way to Singapore. So would love to see the pictures.  

    Happy Birthday  Sandi to you and your twin! Hope you have a wonderful day and a great and healthy year!

    Going to play golf today with a couple of friends. Have to try out my new golf sandals.


Stay safe and enjoy today

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Good morning everyone. While I can’t draw, my husband is getting very good at it and at painting. He has been taking on line classes from Rutgers and Scarsdale Adult school during the pandemic and it keeps him busy and out of trouble.


When I was young, my father took my brother and me to the Bronx Zoo every Saturday morning while my mother did whatever. After, we would have lunch at the Howard Johnson nearby.


Happy Birthday saint Louis cruiser and to your twin. Hope you both have a great day.


Stay safe everyone. We’re enjoying the spring like weather here.



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Good morning everyone.  Hope everyone is doing well today.  

We will skip the drink.

Never been to Japan but hope to one of these days.


As for dinner, tonight it is Cacio e Pepe.  My favorite Roman dish.  It makes me think of one of my favorite places on this planet.

Prayers for everyone on the Cares List.  Waiting for my letter from the IRS to resolve our problems.  Will keep you posted.

Have a great day everyone.


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Posted (edited)

Good morning, all! I, too, am a zoo lover. I think the best we've been to is the San Diego Zoo, before we took a cruise to Hawaii. We try to visit the local zoos on our trips -- the Anchorage zoo is quite fun, and we enjoyed hearing stories from the staff. They provide a free shuttle from the visitors center in Anchorage, so it's easy to get to.

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Good morning all!


@StLouisCruiserHappy birthday to you and your twin!


I can't draw a straight line with a ruler, so will leave the artistry to others.  I've always enjoyed visiting the zoo - have been to the Bronx Zoo many times, and also the National Zoo in Washington DC (to see the pandas).  I heard on the news today that Jack Hanna, the famous zoo person, has been diagnosed with dementia/Alzheimers.  So sorry to hear - he was such an advocate for animals!


I haven't been to today's port but will enjoy any and all photos from there.


Working from home today, and have to take DH to the dentist at lunchtime.  Have a wonderful day everyone!!


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St. Louis has a wonderful zoo, as does Atlanta and Columbus, Ohio.   I heard the news about Jack Hanna this morning too.  We met him at an Anheuser-Busch event when we lived in Columbus and had photos taken with him.  What a great, funny guy!  I wish him all the best.


And thanks for your good wishes @kplady.  Much appreciated.

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I can draw V, W,& M with the skill of a non artist. 😂


I actually have drawn birds enough to be able to identify it later. with the correct shape, tail length, colors - all labeled - so I can look it up later to name. It's enough for me - I doubt anyone else would be impressed.

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Posted (edited)

Forgot to wish a Happy Birthday to St. Louis Cruisers.  

Also used to love both the Bronx and Central Park Zoos growing up in New York City.

As a teacher in New York, took many of my classes on field trips to the Bronx Zoo.  It was always a special day.


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2 minutes ago, StLouisCruisers said:

St. Louis has a wonderful zoo, as does Atlanta and Columbus, Ohio.   I heard the news about Jack Hanna this morning too.  We met him at an Anheuser-Busch event when we lived in Columbus and had photos taken with him.  What a great, funny guy!  I wish him all the best.


And thanks for your good wishes @kplady.  Much appreciated.


I was at St Louis zoo at the age of 10 - we got to ride an elephant. I remember that the hairs on its back were prickly on my skin and it was a very hot day.

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 Good Morning and Thank You for the Daily! ✏️

The Nagasaki Peace Park was surely a memorable experience ---a port we visited as part of the Singapore to Shanghai HAL cruise. 🛳️

Zoos are a favorite--San Diego (of course) since that's my old stompin' grounds. Actually, we visited the very FIRST ZOO in the US....Philadelphia!😎 Other ones include the Lincoln Park Zoo and the one in Berlin, Germany. Maybe more🙃...senior moment. 😜

 🙏Prayers to all in need and Happy Birthday to @StLouisCruisers.


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Good morning all!

Today looks like it's turning out to be a good day to be outside and by mid month we're supposed to hit 70F -- sounds good to me!


@StLouisCruisersa very Happy Birthday to you and to your twin!!

@kazugreat news about your DH getting his vax appointment!  Hopefully you'll get yours soon too.


We love zoos, and go to the local one (Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle) often.  DD and DSIL bought us memberships so we can take the boys whenever we want.  Our routine was always to take a picnic, we had a favorite table, spend the afternoon looking at the animals, and then get ice cream before heading home.  Since Covid we haven't gone as often, I miss those days.  Also love the San Diego Zoo!!  Last visit (post-cruise) I was amazed at the changes since we lived there years ago.


Will pass on the meal, but those Empanadas look so good @kazu!  The dough is exactly the same I use for my biscuits.  The Daiquiri sounds darn good too!


Never been to Japan and probably never will, looking forward to any photos.


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Good morning, all, and thank you to Rich and Roy for starting the day off right!  I just happened to take a screenshot of the eagle babies (or babies no more) this morning.  They are "branching" and flapping a lot, and I think they will be flying soon.




Happy Birthday, @StLouisCruisers and your twin!  Who came first?


And well done, @kazu,  for getting a dose for your DH organized.  You are much too young!  I hear Australia and New Zealand are forming a "bubble", like the Atlantic provinces, so you are setting a good example!

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1 hour ago, StLouisCruisers said:

Thank you @smitty34877, @ger_77, @cunnorl, and @mamaofamifrom both me and my twin.  People ask me if I minded sharing my birthday all my life, and the answer is no.  It's twice the fun!

Happy birthday, both of you. 

Thanks Rich and all for the Daily, packed with great information and tons of caring. 

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Happy Twin Birthday @StLouisCruisers!


We woke this morning to the realization that it is our anniversary! It really snuck up on us since the days seem to run together during the pandemic. I had to get the calculator out to see that it is #33! I'm not quite sure how to celebrate, but it should involve champagne (or prosecco). We don't want to go out anywhere, it may be too rainy for grilling, we have lots of ham leftovers....


For our anniversary in 2018, we were in Malaga on the Koningsdam. We quite liked the port and certainly plan on getting back to Spain. 



Of course they embarrassed us at dinner that night, along with our Australian table "mates" - 


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Good morning, all! All is Ours Day for the win here, as we got DH an appointment for his jab on Monday! Hooray! He couldn’t get me in with him, because I’m not 70+. So now I’m waitlisted at 5 pharmacies for AstraZeneca if/ when more is sent out. My fingers are crossed!

The quote made me laugh, thank you Rich! Both meal suggestions sound good. We are about due for,a pasta dish - but I have no idea what supper will be at this point.

The forecast rain has turned into sun. Between that and DH’s appointment, it really IS All is Ours Day!

Happy Birthday @StLouisCruisers!

And to all, Happy Thursday!


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Good morning.  All the days are interesting.  If I try really, really hard, sometimes my drawings are recognizable.  We've been to a lot of the great zoos in the US, but not the one in Anchorage yet.  In the late 50s and early 60s, Abilene, TX, where I grew up, built a new zoo where the animals were kept in  areas resembling their natural habitat.  For a small city, it is a nice zoo.


@StLouisCruisers  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and your twin.  🎂 🥂


We have been to Nagasaki twice.  The first time was on the Volendam in 2002 on the 64 day APEC cruise.  We returned three years later on the Pacific Princess on their 25 day Islands of the Pacific Theater cruise to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the end of WWII.


I have so many pictures to share that I am going to break them up into two, maybe three posts. 


These are pictures of the Peace Park @garlictown mentioned.  This is an extensive area and these are just a few of the monuments.


The bomb was dropped on August 9, 1945 at 11:02 am.



As in Hiroshima, a portion of a building was left standing as a memorial.


These are just a small sampling of the Peace Park.







The park and the entire cruise commemorating the various battles to take back the Pacific Islands was a very moving experience.




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28 minutes ago, Overhead Fred said:

We woke this morning to the realization that it is our anniversary!


Happy 33rd anniversary 🥂 Malaga would have been a fabulous place to celebrate in.  👍 

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