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Advice for widow cruising alone

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I have cruised for 60 years but never alone.  Are there senior single cruises?  Do you go solo and hope to meet people?

Are there better ships or destinations that are better? post COVID - I need to get out and live!

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The solo forum here is a good place to start even though it isn't specifically for seniors:


There are various discussions there of how different lines/ships are for cruising solo and there is a long running thread on solo cruise bargains. I'm married but travel solo when my husband isn't interested in going. My solo trips have been on small ships: Windstar and Star Clippers lines. Star Clipper almost always has some sailings with no solo supplement. When I went on one of those, a lot of the other travelers were solo. In either case, I've never had any trouble finding other people (couples or solos) to socialize with.

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It is great that you are looking for a solo cruise.

I am widowed too and cruising is one of my great joys now.

I have only cruised on Carnival and NCL but NCL was the one that always had a solo host and solo dinners.  I prefer the Jewel class ships myself.  On the Epic, there were so many solos that I felt crowded.  On the Jewel class the solo meetings were usually 5 to 20 people and sometimes we went to sows together too.  When one of the group performed at  Karaoke, at least some of the group would show up for support.  On at least one cruise, our solo group made a killer trivia team.

Of course none of us know how Covid will affect things but I doubt NCL will abandon solos.

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If I was just starting to do Solo I would go on one of the NCL Ships with the Solo Cabins and Solo Lounge.  (Norwegian Bliss, Escape, Getaway, Breakaway, Epic, and Pride of America).  The Studio cabins are small, 99sf, but I think it is worth it to have the solo lounge and ability to meet people.  The Studio area is insulated where you have to have a cabin key to get in the area.  You have a lounge in the area and I find people in there any time day or night.  Everyone in there are solo travelers so they are willing to visit and enjoy others company.  The other thing these ships have is a Solo Cruise Director.  This Cruise Director is responsible for setting up dinners, activities and gatherings for all the Solo Cruisers.  My Getaway cruise we did have to have the Cruise Director replaced but when we got the second one she set everything up and we had a great time.  We had a standing dinner time with 3 tables reserved that would hold 45 people and most nights they were all filled.  

Going forward I am splitting my time between RCL and NCL.  RCL gives me the big ships and locations I want and NCL gives me the connection to other Solo Travelers I want.

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While not widowed, I sometimes travel solo when She Who Must Be Obeyed is not interested in the cruise itinerary.    I have never had trouble finding somebody to talk to in a lounge or on deck.  Many times it results in an invitation to join them for a cocktail or a bite to eat, and I am still in touch with some of those folks years later.


My secret?  Eye contact with a smile and a raised glass by way of a toast and greeting.  Perhaps just a smile and a comment or two.  I like to watch the sun come up while enjoying coffee on the aft end outside the buffet, and have found other like-minded folks there sometimes eager for conversation.


If you are comfortable in doing so, attend one of the Friends of Dorothy evening get-togethers, if that information is posted.  You don't have to be from the LGBTQ community and when I have done so, I have met some delightful travelers.


I once had a widow, probably twenty years older than me,  ask if she could sit across from me at a table for two in a crowded lounge after I smiled at her.  We shared some travel stories until it was time for her to go to dinner.  Later on I decided to eat in the MDR, so when I was seated, there she was at a nearby table eating alone.  After that night, we ate dinner together for the rest of the cruise.  We never exchanged contact information and that was that. 


The main thing is to get out there.  

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Not a solo, have several cruises on Holland America. Usually have many seniors on board, unless during school vacation. no idea about cost.

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I love my small ship cruises, especially those with open seating dining.  I also enjoy the all-inclusive ships so I don't have to worry about who's picking up the bar bill or ordering wine at dinner.  With a small ship, it's easy to see same people all the time and thus strike up a conversation too.  And it's easy to say, "think I'll go read/do a crossword/take a nap" if you don't want to socialize.


My first solo cruise was a year after my husband died.  Some people thought I was crazy but it was what I wanted.  I've had 3 (4?) canceled by Covid and am ready to get back on a ship.

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On 5/12/2021 at 2:11 PM, jhsocal said:

Not a solo, have several cruises on Holland America. Usually have many seniors on board, unless during school vacation. no idea about cost.


I've been able to book inside and outside cabins on HAL for less than 200%.  Some of the newer ships have single cabins, but I have no first hand experience with those.

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What are your hobbies?  I'd look for group cruises that have a focus on them.  That way you'll be sure to meet like minded people and immediately have something in common.

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