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Tuxedo on formal night

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33 minutes ago, Travel R said:

The traditional "cruising experience" included formal nights with most people wearing tuxes or suites, lobster night, and a chocolate on your pillow when you got back to your room at the end of the night, and a whole lot of other things.  Everyone on the ship "dressing up" (at least for me) on formal nights enhanced and charged the atmosphere for the evening. On the other hand, reading some of these threads through the years (and there is always a formal night type thread popping up on here every so often), formal night and wearing a suit/tux was akin to torture worse than waterboarding to some passengers and I am sorry that I had been insensitive to your pain.


The "cruising experience" in recent times is not the same (for better or for worse). Cruising has transformed since I first cruised in the 90s. [Has it really been that long?]  Although I admit that I do miss the ole' time formal nights (yes, I do like to dress up), let's be realistic, times are a changing. Whereas formal night used to be one of the highlights of a cruise, it has become just another cruise dinner.  I can also admit that it is a lot easier and much more convenient to pack and travel without a full suit in-tow (I still pack a few dress shirts & ties) - especially with all the modern air travel restrictions and charges.


Honestly, for the most part I am really not going to notice what you are going to wear. If I do notice someone wearing a suit or occasional tux, I will be a little envious. On the other hand, if you are dressed at the bare minimum to meet the dress code, you are okay in my book. In the long run, as long as what you do does not interfere with what I do, I don't really care. The one exception is that if you are wearing something very form fitting and revealing I will notice.


To the OP - if you want to wear a tux, I am behind you 100%. Life is short - do what you like.


Travel R


Well stated. It's never going to be what it was in the 90's. I would dress up if they when back to that dress code but the way it is now anything goes, it's not even worth packing the suit/tux and having it pressed.  The money saved in luggage fees and DW buying a new closet classic can be used for the winemaker's dinner or the chef table or whatever the cruise lines call these special meals.  The rubber lobster and rushed service in the MDR isn't worth the effort either.

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2 hours ago, coldflame said:

Wait, are we finally back to arguing about our personal cruising preferences instead of covid and politics? Whooo hooo we did it y'all!

Yes!  First an 8 page thread about tipping and now a dress code thread.  Whooo hooo indeed!  The OP is not a exactly a cruising newbie needing to be told what the norm is.   I'm guessing his post was intended to stir up a bit of entertainment:) 

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Even in the short time I’ve been cruising (about 13 years) formal night has become closer to business casual with sparkles. I do give it a nod if I’m out and wear chiffon pants with a sequined jacket. My husband tends to wear a suit jacket.  That said, on formal night on our NCL cruise with my son and his family, my son wore his dress kilt - and so did his 2 1/2  year old daughter. They caused quite a stir!  Honestly, you do you! If you like dressing up - go for it!

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My husband and I enjoy dressing in our tuxes for formal nights, with different ties and cummerbunds for each night, and we get lots of comments from other passengers (good ones, thankfully). And while it's nice to see other ladies and gents dressed up, we don't consider it a requirement—each to their own.


There's no going back at this point to "the way cruising used to be," but the sad thing is, formal wear for formal nights seems like more of a costume than simply following the dress code. Correction, suggested attire.

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We use to dress for formal night when it was formal but the last few years  it changed.Sometimes a blue sport coat  if I feel in the mood but usually long sleeve dress shirt & dress trousers.   

IMG_0622 - Version 4.jpg


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On 7/25/2021 at 12:59 PM, CntPAcruiser said:


There's no going back at this point to "the way cruising used to be," but the sad thing is, formal wear for formal nights seems like more of a costume than simply following the dress code. Correction, suggested attire. 

And you stand out like a sore thumb or like you are looking for attention and I think that's part of the reason that people have moved passed it.

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