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Starting the day right...with Breakfast

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I'm now booked on my first Regent cruise. One thing that I really enjoy is a good breakfast, and getting one on a cruise ship to date has been hard. Does Regent do breakfast right? By right do they have any creative dishes or is it just the basics? Do people recommend Compass Rose, La Veranda, or Room Service? How is the coffee? Are there any things to really make sure to try (other than the Sunday Brunch)?




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Compass Rose will sometimes offer a creative dish for breakfast, and there's usually a special of some sort in La Veranda. I don't know what you consider the basics, but generally the offerings are what you'd expect of a high-end hotel restaurant.


Room service is fine, but hot dishes are rarely hot by the time they get to you.


The regular pouring coffee in the restaurants is swill. I always ask for Cafe Americano (I like my coffee black--you can also ask for something like a latte). It takes a little longer to get (and to get refills), but is worth it.  You can get these in either dining room or the Coffee Connection. On Explorer (and presumably Splendor), you can also get a French press in the Coffee Connection.


If you're on Explorer or Splendor, and have a sea day on a Sunday, they usually have an opulent breakfast buffet in Compass Rose. Not sure how covid will impact that.

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TS:  Whatever your prior experiences may have been on other cruise line(s) as to getting a "quality" breakfast--


Rest easy.  As referenced-above, you will have many choices on any of all (minus Splendor) Radisson/Regent ships we have been on over the past 20+ years.  (That anticipated March, 2020 Splendor cruise was canceled due to COVID).   Yes--that Explorer at-sea over-the-top Sunday Brunch has been experienced on two occasions.  


More-mundane:  A La Veranda cooked-to-order omelet has been our favorite option.  You can stand there, should you wish, to observe preparations; or give your table number; then it will be presented with any accoutrements you have ordered.   Hot.  


Given the current ongoing situation--any concern as to breakfast options is a minor matter.  Having had three--so-far Regent cruises canceled due to COVID:  we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to board Explorer at Barcelona in late October and sample any/all breakfast options over the ensuing 14 days.   






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I have to say we’ve always had a good breakfast on Regent.  We enjoy room service, the buffet is good with everything one would want to have, the main restaurant is good-but takes a little time and most if nether time isn’t busy at all.

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When we are on vacation I prefer a casual sit down breakfast in the main dining room. Most of Regents tours allow time for a nice breakfast. When offered we will opt for a later tour time. We have always  had good service and menu choices  ( you can only do so much with breakfast) .   Never had any luck with room service for breakfast. Never sure what time we will get up!

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I am not a big breakfast eater but we have had good experiences in Compass Rose, La Veranda & room service. 

We usually opt for room service when on an early excursion. It is always served on time, or early, and the steward or butler presents it perfectly with table linen either in the room or on the balcony, as you prefer.


There is an extensive breakfast menu, with champagne & caviar available every Sunday.


If you just want a light-bite & coffee/tea/juice to kick start the morning then try Coffee Connection; “healthy options” (fruit/veg smoothies) are available at the Pool Grill.

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Although Regent is a great fit for me on many levels, I have to say that the breakfast buffet on Seabourn is better than Regent's.  The downside for some is that many days on Seabourn the main dining room isn't even open for breakfast.

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We always enjoy breakfast and/or coffee in the morning.  If we know when we are getting up for excursion, we will put out the door order and it will show up on time.  We will either order coffee to get us started for the day and head to La Veranda for breakfast, or will order breakfast if time is short before excursions.


If we just want some coffee while we get ready in the morning, I will call room service and the coffee appears in under 5 minutes.  (Don't think it would be that quick if food was also ordered).


Breakfast in LaVeranda is always good, there is a nice variety and a daily special and made to order omelets, etc.  There is always help finding a table or getting your food to the table.  It is a very civil buffet.

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Best thing about Regent is Full room service breakfast on your veranda! The waiter comes in and sets the entire thing up. You’ll have plenty of time to get to your tour. 

On Sundays caviar in Compass Rose. We prefer Compass Rose over buffet on any day. 

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34 minutes ago, gcorgain said:

Thanks. French toast sounds great. 


But skip the pancakes! Not nice & fluffy as one would want.

HOWEVER, do try the Chick Pea Pancakes (from the 'plant-based items') in CR - a great savory dish!

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Just now, honumaui said:

I am ready for lunch now. Any suggestions?


If you will be on Splendor or Explorer.....Prime 7 and Chartreuse alternate being open for lunch.  Nice and quiet with some lovely items, though I think the relatively small menu is the same each day.  My fave is a goat cheese appetizer....and try the dessert sampler in P7!


If you are on any of Regent's other ships - Compass Rose will offer menus with some of those same lunch specialties any occassionally from Pacific Rim IIRC. Forgive this senior - it's been a LONG time since we disembarked Splendor in San Diego.....ready to join Explorer 11/15 imn MIA! 

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yum..I am booked on the Splendor but not until 2023. ( my 2022 cruise on the Voyager was cancelled.)  Luckily I also managed to book a cruise on Oceania for Dec. Hope it goes. I am starving. 

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13 minutes ago, Pudgesmom said:

I’m pretty new around here and yes I want to know. What are the chances of getting peanut butter for my breakfast bread?


All you have to do is ASK.  No crunchy ... ok only smooth.

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Get your TA to ask them to have it for your cruise.  They can't always comply with special requests--it depends on whether the item is available where they happen to be taking on stocks for your cruise--but if they can, they will.  

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