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The Daily for Friday Jun 18, 2021

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Today is Go Fishing Day, International Panic Day, and National Splurge Day

Well done is better than well said. -- Benjamin Franklin

Meal suggestion for today - Brown Butter Scallop Rolls

Drink of the Day - Cranberry Mules

Wine of the day - Patricia Green Cellars 2018 Freedom Hill Vineyard Dijon 115 Clone Pinot Noir (Willamette Valley) Willamette Valley

Destination of the Day - Katakolon (Olympia) Greece

At Sea Pacific
Koningsdam Destination San Pedro eta 6/18

Corfu GR

Great Stirrip Cay
Nieuw Statendam Anchorage

La Paz MX
Noordam Anchorage
Westerdam Anchorage
Zuiderdam Anchorage

Limassol CY

Los Angeles
Nieuw Amsterdam

Scheveningen NL
Oosterdam Anchorage

Venice IT






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Good morning, everyone.


Strong storms are moving in this morning followed by a break and then another round of thunder bumpers tonight.   


I'm going to try not to panic today.  It has been decades since I've been fishing.  I liked going fishing with my grandfather when I was a kid.  I think I'm done splurging now that I finally (fingers crossed) have our flights to Seattle straightened out.   


Today's meal sounds great.   I'd leave off the bun and put the scallops on a bed of greens for a nice salad.  





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Thank you for the TGIF Daily, Rich.  I don't have the patience for fishing but try not to panic.  I will soon head out to splurge on breakfast at Panera.  Another port I have never been to.  Wise words today from Ben Franklin.  Another seafood suggestion that I will pass on.  My alternative is Chilled Pear, Cucumber, and Melon Gazpacho, Prime Rib of Beef au Jus, and Key Lime Pie as served on MS Veendam May 14, 2016.  I did not use it at the time because I was under anesthesia at University of Maryland hospital.


Today’s are list:

Welfare of furloughed crews

Mary229's sister resting after treatment for agressive cancer

Crew of Odyssey of the Seas

Garlictown difficutl recovery from arm surgery

Colorado wildfires

St.LouisCruiser traveling to Nancy’s funeral (Friday-Sunday)

Wandb’s sister undergoing agressive chemo


Celebrations and Shoutouts:

Junteenth celebrated in the US

Welcome back NextOne

Front Line Health Care Workers

Jabs for HAL crew at Los Angeles, San Diego and Fort Lauderdale

smitty34877 helping Tana

Sam working hard on his rehab

Second jabs scheduled for Tbay

CDC lowering the threat level of cruising for vaccinated

St. Pete Cruiser on a road trip

and Sabine, HAL’s likely first female Captain(I know this is a repeat but she’s worth it)




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Good morning.  Happy Friday!  Thanks for the Daily Report.

I'm not a fisher.  I will try not to panic.  I guess I'll splurge on a take-out dinner.

Very good quote.

The dinner sounds good, thanks for the recipe @dfish.

I'm sure the wine and drink of the day are good too.

Prayers for everyone on the Care List.  Cheers to all who celebrate.

Have a wonderful day.  Stay safe.

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Good Friday morning everyone and thanks for the daily report Rich.  What a great collection of days.  I’d like to splurge and call in sick to work, then go on a picnic and bring my fishing pole along.  Great quote by Benjamin Franklin, reminds me of another saying, when all is said and done, more gets said than done.  The meal suggestion sound very tasty although I would have it minus the roll. Never been to Greece so I can’t wait to see the pictures from there.  Prayers to all in need including @StLouisCruisers traveling to her sisters funeral service.  Cheers to everyone celebrating a happy event.

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Thanks for the Daily, Rich and our Friday morning smile 🙂 


Interesting collection of days.  I’d rather try not to panic than celebrate panic day 😉.  I’m in sync with National Splurge Day since I am ordering lots of lobster for the weekend 🙂   Sunshine does help fight panic and depression though:




Love the quote by Ben Franklin and the meal suggestion sounds excellent.


When I reminded a friend who is not an early riser that “the early bird catches the worm”, she responded back with this:




We have been to Katakolon, Greece.  I’m going to have to check my other device to see if I can lay my hands on some pics.

Garden Club participants - deer can eat rhodo’s 😱 My neighbour had hers devoured yesterday and chased the deer away whom she witnessed eating them.    I’m not sure why they are still after them as there is plenty of other good food available now?   So far they are leaving the lupins alone but just the same, I’m glad the bulk of mine are behind a fence.




Thinking of @StLouisCruisersand her family 😢 


Prayers for everyone on Roy’s Care list & for those that need them and 🥂 to those on the Celebratory / Shout Out list.


Have a great Friday everyone!




Stay safe and don’t forget your 😷 

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Thank you for today’s Daily, Rich! I will pass on the fishing and panicking, and focus on celebrating the splurge! I am about to book a tour in Reykjavík that takes you on a hike to the volcano that is erupting. This should be interesting on many levels, since it takes you there at night. I won’t get back to the hotel until 1:00a.m.  It has been awhile since I stayed up that late!


Roy, thank you for tending our ever evolving lists. Morning Dailyite family. Thinking of you and your family Sandi. ❤️Another lovely morning here. A busy day for me, but it should be a good one. Zumba this morning. Lunch with a good friend , the first since last year! And then to the Winery tonight to finalize plans for a couple of other Iceland splurges. 

Very wise words, Mr. Franklin. The meal sounds and looks amazing, Debbie. You could even wrap those scallops in large leaf lettuce and eat them that way. Looking forward to the drink recipe. Love cranberries. 

Prayers for all who need our support. Cheers to all who are celebrating! Stay well everyone!


Patricia Green Cellars 2018 Freedom Hill Vineyard Dijon 115 Clone Pinot Noir (Willamette Valley)

This wine has superb ratings and a decent price! I found several online distributors. Most offering the wine for around $38.99, though one online distributor was selling it for $28.99, if you spend at least $50 on your order. This one is going on my list. 

Winemaker’s Notes

This is simply perfect material from one single block of the vineyard the East Liberty Block, all Dijon 115 Clone Pinot Noir planted in 2004. This bottling has always emphasized the ability for whole cluster fermentation to shine with fruit from this vineyard. In 2017 we have committed this block of the vineyard and this particular bottling to 100% whole cluster fermentations. In 2018 we have kept that going. They are the most provocative, distinct and thrilling barrels of all the scores of Dijon 115 barrels from which we have to choose. The relationship between this block’s fruit and the tightly wound, highly evocative aromatic quality of Pinot Noir that we know Oregon can produce under the best of circumstances is perfect. The Duchesse’s dedication to increasing the quality of their farming and moving from sustainable farming to organic farming is paying dividends in the health of all their plants and the quality of fruit those plants are producing. This wine has floral tones, graphite, herbs, red fruit and saline notes all intertwined even at this young age. There is still power, but the tannins are incredibly fine-grained making for a wine of precision, length and complexity.

95 points Vinous: "An expansive, exotically perfumed bouquet evokes ripe red and blue fruits, incense, potpourri and Asian spices, along with sassafras and smoky mineral nuances. At once concentrated and graceful in character, offering palate-staining black raspberry, cherry, boysenberry, rose pastille and spicecake flavors that show strong back-end cut. The berry and floral qualities carry strongly through a strikingly long, sweet, youthfully tannic finish that leaves building mineral and spice notes behind. All whole clusters and 20% new oak."

95 points, Editors' Choice Wine Enthusiast: "A striking, dense and muscular wine, this is a standout among a slew of Freedom Hill designates from Patricia Green Cellars. Sappy blackberry and black-cherry fruit is streaked with highlights of red licorice, coffee and a whiff of charred wood. The tannins are polished and firm, and at 14 years of age, these vines are just entering their prime."

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Posted (edited)

We’ve been to Katakolon, Greece, two times.  The first time we were on the Noordam in 2006 and then later in 2014 while on the Ryndam.  Both times we toured Olympia and the  small, but excellent museum.









































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Good  morning  and  thanks  for  the  Daily,our  lists,Gardening Club,and  food  and  drink  options. I  have  not  been  to  Greece but  look  forward  to  pictures. I  will  try  not  to  panic  and  may  splurge  on  take  out  tonight. I  remember  fishing  with  my  brothers  on  a  lake  and  going  on  a  deep  sea  fishing  trip   off  the  coast  near  Montauk. It  was  great  fun   but  does  require patience.

My  thoughts  today  are  with @StLouisCruisers  and  her  family.

The  scallop  recipe  is  a  keeper,  thanks Debbie.  I  will  try  it  on  another  day.

The  pictures  of  Venice  yesterday were  just  so  beautiful. I  am  a  Donna  Leone  fan  and  her  books  have  given  me  an  image in  my  head. It  was  just  so  interesting  to  see  the  gondolas,calles  and  gorgeous  churches. Thanks  everyone.         Terry


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Good Morning: It's an overcast day here but , thankfully, we are out of the target zone for a big storm in the Gulf. With all the high profile international meetings this past week, I think the chance of an international panic is faily low. Loved fishing when I was younger but somehow, now that I'm retired, I seldom find the time for it. Go figure.

The scallop dinner looks yummy. Jacqui's lupins are beautiful.Stay safe everyone.



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Good morning everyone. Love the saying of the day. I’ll try hard not to panic when I have a phone conference with all the people, therapists and doctor taking care of Sam. They will tell us, me and my children, what their goals are for him based on what he’s accomplished so far, and when they plan to send him home. Yesterday,  my son in law took one of my NY grandsons  to the rehab so he could visit with his grandfather. They thought he looked well and we’re hoping he’d make a full recovery. 

My housekeeper is coming today and I am ever so grateful Imdont have to tackle the cleaning on my own.


Last night Ingot creative and had Grub HUP deliver some sushi from a restaurant.


Depending on the news, and how I feel after hearing it, I’ll come back and report. 



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Good morning, All, and thank you for our Daily!  We have an interesting collection of days.  Personally bringing some bits together, I splurged by booking a Disneyland vacation and am now in a panic.  😳 It would for sure be more sensible to go fishing.  🐟  

The scallop roll is an interesting idea.  That could be really delicious.


I want to send prayers here for those needing them — especially thinking of Sandi with the emotional funeral weekend ahead. Also will raise a TGIF toast to those celebrating.


For the gardeners, here is a photo of our Asiatic lilies. They have been returning yearly for about 25 years.  We have divided them only a couple of times.  I think they’re nice with the hydrangeas.  We discussed lilies here sometime ago.  These are allowed to die down and then the stalks just kind of fall off.




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Good Morning Everyone from yet another overcast but warm day at the beach

       Not complaining of our weather, it is pretty typical for this time of year.  Scallops are my favorite seafood so that recipe is a keeper, without the bun. Prefer Debbie 's idea pf the lettuce instead.

    Have not been to Greece, looking forward to the pictures.

    Cautiously optimistic that the CDC is making some positive moves. 

   @StLouisCruisers Thinking of you and your family this weekend. Never easy.  Your memories will help you and give you peace.  Safe travels.

      @cat shepardYour Iceland trip sounds wonderful.   An excursion to an active volcano? Yikes!  That sounds wonderful but scary.

 Off to water aerobics.


Stay safe and enjoy today



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Good afternoon and thanks for the daily and care list's.

I forgot to mention no peas so my fish and chips turned up like this but Pauline enjoyed them.

We have been to Katakolon a few times and enjoyed the small peaceful little sea front and small selection of shops and restaurants.

Olympia is about 30 minutes away but we never visited.

Today we are in an indoor shopping retail park.

Hope everyone is having a nice day Graham.



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First flight since Pandemic. Who are all these masked strangers?


Off to Pittsburgh to visit son and family or we could call it evacuating from the tropical storm formulating in the Gulf!


America is on the move as Atlanta’s airport is like days of yore!


Thanks Rich and all who contribute to the Daily.

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Posted (edited)

Good Morning Dailylites!  Thanks to Rich, Roy, the F&B Department and all who contribute.  Cheers 🍻 to the congratulatory list and healing hugs 🤗 to those on the care list.


We have only been to Katakolon once and it was during our last cruise before this darn virus turned the World upside down.  (Rotterdam - 10/19/19 to 11/20/19 - 32 Day Holy Land & Journey to the New World.)


Most of the pictures we have from that day are the same as others.  Hopefully these are unique...notice the "guardian" of Hera's Altar where the Olympic flame has been lit since the 1936 Olympics.







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Great day. Birds are singing, doves cooing. Well, they were til our lawn guy just showed up.


Thank you once again Rich for the Daily. Love to my sisters, prayers to Roy and everyone on our list. Sending prayers to Sandi and family. 


Debbie I love the scallop recipe. I'm definitely making them this weekend. 


Graham.. you and Pauline look like you have a lovely life.  I loved fish and chips and yes the peas while in England a few years ago.


Ann @cat shepard, my sister went to Iceland a few years ago and to see the Northern Lights they went very late and way, way out of the city. They all layed down on blankets to watch the show. But I think the time you go you won't be able to see them? 


So, fishing.. I decided to "borrow" my brother's pole and ride my bike to the Fox River dam. I thru in the lure and caught a fish pretty quick. When I reeled it in, there was a big ugly catfish on the line and no way was I taking him off. I dragged the fish still on the line up to the gas station and one of the guys took the fish off and kept the fish.




Have a great weekend. Love, blessings, prayers and Cheers. Xx


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Posted (edited)

Good morning from sunny central Texas.  I'm early today so I can get to the mowing before it gets too hot.  


Like most, it's been more years than I want to remember since I've been fishing.  When DH and I used to go fishing, we firmly believed the fish knew we were there and headed to the other side of the lake.   I really try not to panic.  My splurge this year has been buying a lot of books on line.  


Like Ben Franklin's quote.  He was a wise man.


@StLouisCruisers  Sandi, we're thinking of you today.  Safe travels.  

@mamaofami  Carol hoping for a great report from the medical team about Sam's recovery.

@aliaschief Have a safe trip and enjoy your visit.


We have been to  Katakolon twice.  In 2016  on the Prinsendam, we just stayed in town.  In 2019, on the Veendam, we took a local bus to Olympia and saw both the town and the site of the first Olympics.


A few pictures from Olympia.  It's hard to get pictures with out a lot of people in them.





The big event field.  DH had not seen pictures of this and was a little disappointed.



Pictures of the town Olympia.  Like Kotakolon, the main street is full of shops.




We enjoyed Kotakolon, the museum (which takes donations and has demonstrations if there are enough people) and sitting in one of the many cafes visiting with friends.



The main street in Kokakolon





The waterfront and cafes.  




An Olympic torch from the 2004 summer games in Athens.  The owner of one of the jewelry stores carried the torch during the relay before the olympics.



We met the owner when we purchased a Greek key necklace at his store.  We'd looked in very Greek port for the necklace, and DH found one like I wanted when he went back into town in 2016.  The owner let DH take the necklace back to the Prinsendam for me to see without DH having to pay for it.  We went back to the store and settled on a price.  His mother escorted me to the one ATM in town to get the money to pay for the necklace.  You don't find many people that are that trusting, but then he knew where to find us.


Finally, the waterfront as the Veendam sailed for her next port.





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Good morning, thanks for the Daily!  I'd love to go fishing today; we haven't fished since early last summer due to the pandemic.  @Seasick Sailor I love your fishing story, it sounds a bit like DH who doesn't like handling fish, even to take them off the hook.  He will wear a glove to do it when I refuse (note I said when, not if . . . it's his fish!).  


I don't know that I've ever panicked - I've been in many very stressful situations, but was able to maintain a cool head and deal with the issues.  I love that this is National Splurge Day, but what should I splurge on?  Will have to mull that one over a bit.


We've been to today's port and have photos quite similar to those already posted - of course we had to run a few yards at the running track.  Silly tourists!  LOL  


We had a surprise visit from friends yesterday - they'd made a Costco run and dropped off some ice cream in mochi for us.  Because we've all had our "shots", we were able to sit on the deck and enjoy a drink and a visit.  That felt so good, just having the freedom to be able to enjoy the close proximity of others at our home.  There is light at the end of the Covid tunnel.


I like today's menu suggestion, and think it would be great, wrapped and served in lettuce leaves, but it's Friday on the "frozen tundra", so it's pizza night for us.  It's DH's turn to choose, so it'll likely be an all dressed or chicken/bacon/ranch.  And wine.


Prayers for everyone who needs them and even for those who don't think they do.  Extra prayers for @StLouisCruisersand her family for safe travels this weekend as they lay her DS to rest.  Raising the glasses together to celebrate all on the happy list.  Stay well, be safe, wash your hands and wear your masks.


Smooth Sailing!  🙂🙂🙂


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