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The Daily for Sunday Jul 04, 2021

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Happy 4th to all!  Hope you are enjoying the holiday.

Thanks, everyone, for the great pictures from Bar Harbor.  We visited there on the Veendam in2019.

@mamaofamiSo sorry to hear about your issues with the hospital.  But glad to hear Sam is doing so well.  Better days ahead.

@smitty34877Very cute picture of Camilla.  Hope she can go home with Mom and Dad soon.

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Eyes on the TV for the moment.  ABC Affiliate in Baltimore playing an Independence Day Special, fitting for the home of the Star Spangled Banner.



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Posted (edited)

Happy 4th of July!

Thank you everyone for the daily!

Stopped in Bah Habah very briefly a long time ago on a drive to or from Canada. I remember wanting to go back but so far that hasn't happened. Had hoped to do a Canada/New England cruise last Fall.....hopefully before too long.

Hope everyone enjoys the holiday and weekend!

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Happy Fourth of July!


It's been a quiet day - I went to church in the morning, and read a bit this afternoon.  I like quiet days!


We were in Bar Harbor in 2010 on the Eurodam.  I posted a picture the other day (unusual ice cream day) of the lobster statue outside the ice cream store in town...once with that was enough.  I'll add a couple of pictures from downtown and from the top of Cadillac Mountain, with the Eurodam in the background.







@mamaofamiThe news about Sam is so good, but the facility's attitude is SO bad.  I hope your DD and DS can get this all straightened out with a minimum of stress.  Please take care of yourself!


@smitty34877Thanks so much for the adorable photo of Camilla - what a precious baby!  Glad she's closer to home and family.


Prayers for all on the Care list.  Cheers to the longer Celebration list!  Take care everyone so we can get to sail soon!



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Carol @mamaofami...😔I'm so sorry to hear about all the red tape and what you have been dealing with.

Darling 4th of July photo @smitty34877 of baby Camilla. Very sweet! 😊

Years ago, we enjoyed a road trip in Maine

(especially loved Freeport) and took the CAT ferry from Bar Harbor over to Yarmouth, NS.

Margaritas taste SO good with Mexican food! 🍸


unnamed (1).gif

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2 hours ago, Quartzsite Cruiser said:

The cake is decorated and ready for it's appearance as the end of our dinner.  I thought I'd share it with my Daily family.





Why, thank you!

Ill take just a tiny piece.😁😇

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16 minutes ago, bennybear said:

Wow!  Like a post card! 

Happy Fourth of July to my American friends and relatives! 


We were there in the winter of 2015 for about 12 days hardly any place of business was open , there was very little snow plowing done so a complete different place than during the busy touristic season .  It was very picturesque I must say , we had a great time .

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@mamaofami  Hang in there with advocating for Sam and (you)  It is so frustrating what our medical system has become (worked in nursing for 40 years).

        When I was still working in the ER my Mom had a stroke, she was an inpatient and discharge planner avoided talking with me.  I kept asking the staff what are the plans for Mom!  I said she needs to go to an inpatient rehab for stroke rehab and told them which one I wanted her at. 

      On my day off I was at the hospital at 8:00am, at 11:00am they told me oh we are discharging her at 12:00 we will send her to rehab by cab!  I said wait a minute a patient that cannot walk and talk is going by cab??  They said they tried to contact me I said not very hard as I had either been on duty in the ER, Moms room or at home which was exactly 2 miles from the hospital!  Any way I told them I would be transporting her and it would be at 2:00pm (I had an appointment at 12:00).  The only reason it was safe to transport her was I knew how to lift and position her.  I did file a complaint with the hospital, but sad that I had to fight it and I knew who to contact.

        Later Rehab tried to send her home early then I thought she was ready for, and got another 3 weeks for her!  She did go to assisted living for 3 months to gain strength and now has lived in a retirement apartment for 5 years.

        Sorry, for the long ramble but I want you to know you have to keep pushing, just keep advocating for Sam and I hope he recovers as well as my Mom has.

Thinking of you and Sam.


Take Care



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A bit late, but Happy Fourth of July to all our American family and friends. 
We were in Bar Harbour on 29th June 2018, on the Maasdam from Montreal to Boston. It was very foggy when we arrived but that soon cleared and it turned into a beautiful day. We wanted to go for a walk and i enquired in the Parks office for a suitable route for DS, who had recently been quite sick with COAD. We were given a map and shown an ‘easy’ walk along the sea shore. Well, it was fit for for a mountain goat. Eventually my DH had to haul DS up a steep rocky cliff path to get back on the main road, where we caught the bus back to the harbour. We did laugh about it later. We then had a very nice lunch in a restaurant on the water, and then DH and I did a bit more walking while DS sat in the sun. We loved Bar Harbor  and would like to go back. DH is a volunteer firefighter, hence the pictures of the fire trucks!3F079C98-7F81-4CAE-8A9E-DA32B9204B0B.thumb.jpeg.3783e100db0bb98624e32e4728cc729b.jpegB4D6B1FB-1CD3-4EF5-8BEA-042ACBB3A42C.thumb.jpeg.938719ccba514783a72b30afc9ba1991.jpeg31B71FD7-6F07-4986-AEB9-2E872AA24FBB.thumb.jpeg.6baa4238461dd13c16ac7369a3bc7358.jpeg44F82664-2E28-4BA8-A02D-4A14EB5FF945.thumb.jpeg.75224e75ff400e9f4e296403f2758eb1.jpeg889EA72B-AD0A-4A8E-BB9B-4641F5805304.thumb.jpeg.25a20fcfb737b6ec2459e9e621a41835.jpeg31BD16EC-1A8B-4E8C-8506-D001A3B33086.thumb.jpeg.0394aca51bf8525d314d58c6c47a1150.jpeg

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