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The Daily for Monday Jul 05, 2021

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I've just read @kazu's post and see she was lucky enough to find a tour to enjoy.  So it looks like Leon is the reason for this stop.  My advice would be to take a tour instead of staying in Corinto, then.  Good luck cruisers!

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7 minutes ago, StLouisCruisers said:

Unfortunately, I have to admit we have been to Corinto, Nicaragua too.  It's near or at the top of my list of least favorite ports of call.  I have no idea why the cruise lines go there unless they are very kindly trying to boost the economy there.  But the passengers have to suffer a day spent there. 


Corinto is not a DIY port.  You need to get out of that little town, unfortunately.  Leon is just over an hour away IIRC and lovely.  When we got back to Corinto and I saw it, I was very glad we had not stayed there 😉 


oops, looks like we were posting at the same time.  Sorry about the echo.

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Good morning Dailyites!


We were in Corinto on our Panama Canal cruise (Zuiderdam) in 2009.  It definitely was not one of my preferred ports - we got off and wandered through the vendors in town.  They had some (odd?) artwork, and some homemade items, but it wasn't much to see.









Hope everyone stays safe (good luck Florida with the storm!). Praying for everyone on the Care list, drinking (coffee!) to celebrate with the Celebrations list.  Enjoy the day!



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Good morning, thanks for the Daily!  DH loves apple turnovers, I've never had a bikini body, and my motto was always "Will work for weekends".


I love today's saying - gave me a good giggle this morning.  We occasionally have frozen General Tso's chicken on rice in the winter - it's a good, stick-to-your-ribs kind of dinner on a cold night.  The drink sounds like one you'd enjoy if you were heading out to the bar for the first time when you're old enough to drink.  LOL


Well the fan hanging saga continues today - after DH and DSIL worked for a couple of hours getting it together and putting it up on the ceiling, we discovered it only had 1 working speed and the light didn't work at all.  DSIL had to leave, so DH went out into the garage to mull it over, taking the box and packing material with him.  About 20 minutes later he wanders back into the house with a small black box in his hand and tells me it should have gone up into the ceiling rafters and hooked up to the electrical before the fan was screwed into place.  Sigh.  I think we'll be calling an electrician this morning to see when it can be properly installed.


@mamaofamiI'm sorry you're having to fight the battles over Sam's care, but so thankful you've got your kids to be on the front line for you.  Stay strong!


Temperatures have cooled down nicely, so I think I'm going to take a small beef roast out of the freezer and put it in the slow cooker on the deck for tonight.  Along with roasted potatoes and a salad, it should make a nice dinner for us tonight.  And wine.


Prayers for everyone who needs them and even for those who don't think they do.  Clinking the glasses together to toast all on the happy list.  Stay well, be safe, wash your hands, wear your masks and hydrate!


Smooth Sailing!  🙂🙂🙂


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Good Morning Everyone from an overcast and " threatening skies" day at the beach

       Love Apple Turnovers, probably the reason I dont wear bikinis anymore. Todays port was on a Panama trip that we have cancelled.  Found one I liked better, just hoping it goes.

       Watching the news about Elsa. I think it will be just a good rain maker. Problem  for us is the direction it hits. May have to move the patio furniture, not sure yet. 

       Have water aerobics this morning, hope the rains hold off.


Stay safe and enjoy today



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Posted (edited)

Good morning from central Texas where it is cloudy with rain forecasted.  Rain or shine, today, I can finally tackle cleaning the rv/car port and the side of the house.


Like apple turnovers.  DH might say I'm a work-a-holic, but it's just I like to keep busy, but with time to read too.  I've never worn a biniki and I'm not going to start now.


We'll pass on the meal and drink suggestion.  The wine sounds good with Italian food.


For all those travelling today, safe travels.  Hope everyone in the path of Elsa stays safe.


@mamaofami  Carol, sorry this battle is still going on.  The good news is Sam is improving and your kids are helping.


We have been to Corinto and to Leon.  One time to Leon was enough, asi there is not much to seet.  In 2020, we stayed in Corinto both times on our b2b Panama Canal cruise.  Corinto is not the greatest port, but we felt safe, and the people are friendly.  We took one of the bicycle taixs for a tour of the town, then walked around a little.  The stop of the west bound portion of the cruise was on a day the town was having a fiesta, which we found interesting.  You can call me odd, but I actually enjoyed Corinto more than I did Leon.  You just need to remember that Nicaragua is a very poor country.


These are some pictures from Leon.  You could go on the roof of the church, which DH did, but I stayed in the square which was hot.  To walk aound the roof on the path that was laid out, you had to take your shoes off.






Our last stop on the tour was the steaming mud pots with the volcano in the background.



These are some pictures from Corinto.  Both days, we were only off the ship a little more than an hour.










The local church







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Good morning Dailyites. Thanks Rich, Roy and F & B ladies.


We have had several Panama Canal cruises. Corinto was one of the stops. Allen didn't want to get off the ship that day, so I went alone. I would not recommend it. I had a 20 something person following me. I finally found a couple from our ship and told them. They turned around to look and the guy was gone. I hightailed it back to the ship.


Weren't the Washington D.C. fireworks amazing last night? Wow! I love listening to the West Point band and singers. We had a lot of booms here last night, but did not see sky bursts from our patio. It rained earlier in the day but was dry for fireworks. More rain on the horizon today.


Today will be a tidy up day for our visitors tomorrow and a pedicure. 


The last time I wore a bikini I was in my mid 20's. Not so much in my mid 60's..




Prayers, Cheers and Blessings 

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1 hour ago, kazu said:

 I’m going to try to be a workaholic in the garden but that’s as far as it goes 😉  I discovered some cursed bindweed so there may be a few expletives coming out of me while I fight it today.


Remembering a recent conversation we had on another thread, and seeing your post today, I simply had to add this.


Smooth Sailing!  🙂🙂🙂


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Thanks to @Quartzsite Cruiserfor showing us some photos of Leon, for future reference.  I think I've seen enough of Corinto!😁


I was able to see some fireworks from the windows at the back side (north) of my house.  They have them every year in the little town 10 or so miles northeast of us.  Luckily we live on a hill so can see pretty far over the treetops.

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2 hours ago, aliaschief said:



I loved Pluggers cartoon in paper this morning.


”Pluggers realize when they are over the hill but they don’t remember ever being at the top of the hill!”


Love it!

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👍Thank you Rich @richwmn for The Daily and to Roy @rafinmdfor both the Care and Celebration Lists. 😊

We've been to Nicaragua twice now. The first time was with Princess to San Juan del Sur and tried a DIY day...forget that! 😉The next time with 🚢HAL, we had our aunt with us and had the BEST excursion to Flor de Cana Distillery rum tastings from Corinto. Since discovering that brand, we've ditched Bacardi.

🙏Prayers to all in need and to those who contribute to this site. 



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It's almost like Coast Guard fleet week in Port Everglades. We've counted seven cutters steaming into port since yesterday. There was even a Navy submarine off the beach yesterday. Unfortunately, they're not here for a fun reason. It's the Key West fleet, here in Fort Lauderdale ahead of tropical storm Elsa.


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3 hours ago, summer slope said:

Good morning.  Love Apple Turnovers, my Bikini Days are long gone, and as I'm retired no work-a-holics in this house.  Interesting quote.  Only have General Tso's Chicken when we go to the Asian buffet.

We've been to today's port, no photos.  We docked in a container dock and walked off the ship.  Made it about 100 feet down the exit and did not feel safe at all.  Turned around and returned to the ship.

Prayers and toasts to our lists.

Todays drink was interesting to look up.  Not sure I would ever order one.

The Crapper:

Prepared at Rock and Rita—a hotel and casino in Las Vegas, this one is known to be one of the most bizarre cocktails of the world. Served in a toilet-bowl glass and garnished with a snicker bar, this cocktail is basically a chocolate based pina colada.
Definitely the most sophomoric cocktail on the list, this drink is perfect for the "only in Las Vegas" mantra. Served in a miniature toilet bowl, you'll get a sugar high along with an alcohol buzz from this chocolaty Pina Colada topped off with a Snickers bar garnish. Bonus: you get to keep the glass in return for your self respect. This amusing drink costs around $25 at Rock and Rita's at the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. (Now closed)

Screen Shot 2021-07-05 at 7.41.14 AM.png

I've noticed nobody is asking for this drink today, 😁

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Posted (edited)

Good morning.  I love Mondays!  I really do.  And despite it being a paid holiday, I'm sitting at my desk working because I love my routine.  So I guess that qualifies me for Workaholics Day.  


Thanks to all the listers.  Thoughts and prayers to all that need them.  Prayers for anybody affected by the tropical storm.  Prayers for Florida condo victims and survivors.  


Fireworks were banned in most of our area and they meant business, a $500 fine for the first offense, I still heard a few, but it was a pretty quite night compared to most 4th's.  We have a strong marine layer this morning, but despite the freshness of the ocean air, hazy smoke hangs in the air.  October can't get here fast enough, I've had my dose of summer.  




Not a lot on the agenda for today, some bookwork, minor housework, maybe I can squeeze in some reading.


Have a great Monday everybody!

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Good morning all!

Love apple turnovers, haven't worn a bikini since I was a teenager, and don't know any workaholics. The meal sounds good, this recipe doesn't sound as "hot" as some make it -- the usual reason I never order it in restaurants.  As for the drink.....😱


Last night was the usual 4th of July/NYE fireworks central in our area.  DH said it was just as loud as ever (and it always goes until at least 2am here) but this time I cranked  the sound machine way up, had the fan on high, and ear plugs -- it did the trick!  I slept right through all the booms that always shake our house.  


We've been to Corintos once in 2015 on a South America cruise on the Statendam.  Like @garlictownwe did the Flor de Cana Distillery tour and enjoyed it.  I thought it was well done.  After seeing photos and hearing about the town itself, I would either go to Leon or stay on the ship if we're ever there again.





Corintos volcano



Our souvenir from the rum distillery




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4 minutes ago, Cruising-along said:

@atexsixSeattle is getting rain???  Wish it would come up here. 🙂  

No it's not.  It's my "mental vacation" rain because we're unlikely to have a day like that for another 3 months. 

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