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7-8-21 Thursday Weigh-In--How Did You Do This July 4th Weekend Eating Wise?

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I guess this weigh-in will tell us all--bad or good

Tell us if we had to much drink and food


Whatever the numbers on scale today say

We will keep going on our dieting way


We never give up each week

Keep going after the numbers we seek


We have dreams of trips and cruises this year

So we want to be less weight you hear


We want weight and inches off for our clothes too wear

Don't want them tight and to tear


WE ALL want to lose weight

WE will keep at it till we get it straight


Those who lost today

Hip hip hooray


Those who stayed the same

Try harder in this losing game


Those who gained--what can I say

You know you start back eating right today





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Thanks Belle for the start today.  Yes we start back eating right today!  I did go off my plan over the weekend but I did have a loss.  Lost the gain from last week and another 1/2 lb to go with it.  I have been "shopping my closet" to see what fits.  Getting there!  So excited we booked another criuise.  Booked Princess for 10 day in November 2022.  Cruise prices are going up so we are booking casino offers as they come in.  With demand increasing the offers may not last forever.  

So enjoyed the Grands on the weekend.  Carrying a very chunky 2 month old might be the reason for the loss.  Maybe I need to start including lifting weights!  Have a good week everyone...Susan

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HI all!


Belle ~ thanks for the words of wisdom.


Susan ~ what a nice weight you lifted!! Congrats on the new booking.

I see you sailed on Amerikanis. That was our 1st cruise ever, in 1989.


I should have used yesterday's weight as I was down 1.6 lbs  but then I went shopping & you know what happens then, snacks!! Anyhow I am down 1 lb so not too bad. Unfortunately it's the same pound I'm losing & gaining back!!


Have a nice day & stay safe. I got my hair cut & had a teeth cleaning yesterday so am feeling good.


~ Jo ~ 😊

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Yes Jo.  Amerikanas was our 2nd cruise I think.  We thought it was Huge!  All, what 4 stories of it😁.  It was being leased by Chandras when we sailed.  The only cruise I ever lost weight on.  Greek food and I do not get along well.

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My unofficial daily weigh-ins show me up about two pounds the last few days. I'm hoping it will drop back down by the time my official Saturday weigh-in gets here. 


My wife and I are doing some reorganization of our clothes and getting some things together for donation. I ran across a button up shirt I had never been able to wear. I wrote the reason why on the tag years ago. Now that problem is fixed and it's too loose and too long in the sleeves. It's a good problem to have I guess. 


Good luck and great work everyone!


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Posted (edited)

Hello Everyone who came in today and those that follow.


Susan--Nice you lost your gain plus more. Good job! I like you book

the casino offers when they come. Well the ones I can take. I think when

cruising starts for good, they will offer less cruises for us gamblers.


Jo--Glad you had a good day of shopping, hair cut, teeth cleaning and you 

had a lost even with snacking. Hope the lb stays away for good.


Jan--That can happen when staying home each day and throw in a holiday weekend.

Hope you have a loss or stay the same.


Opti--Yes that's a good problem, clothes to big, just sorry you never got to wear it.

Since you weigh on Sat. hope you'll get the lbs off. Maybe just water weight from

the weekend.


Izena--Guess she got to finally fly out for her trip. Hope she's having a good time.


Ombud--Hope to see you here soon.


Katia--Saw your post on last weeks, your doing good.


Accepptance and Emosea hope you come in each Thursday with us.


Mel--Wish you would check in and tell  us that your alright.


Diana-- If reading once in awhile, come in and say Hi.

Edited by Belle
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Susan, carrying a baby is almost like doing weights (but fun,). I've never gotten a casino offer. My mother, who's never been in one, gets them at my house all the time. Go figure!!


Jo, good to see life returning to normal -- shopping, dentist, haircut. 


Opti, great way to measure loss! 


It's hot again .... up to 108°. I don't walk when it's hot anymore but I still have to exercise Koda so we're playong catch. Thankfully my taste buds are changing. Cookies, cake, and ice cream aren't as appealing.  I just want otter pops.  

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Finally remembered to weigh myself this morning - and for the third week in a row I have stayed the same.  I will take it - but wish I would start losing!!


Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Off to meet with the trainer and then run errands and make phone calls!  Jan

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Hello All


Ombud yes 108 to hot to walk in. Lucky you, I wish I didn't crave ice cream

or sweets anymore.


Jan at least you didn't gain and have to lose the lb again.  Have fun with

your trainer and errands. Or hope you did, it's late here and your time zone

is ahead of us, so you did everything already.


Everyone have a good weekend. Try to come in here and say Hi and tell us how

your doing.


Take care, stay cool or dry or both-- guess depends on where you live.

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I’m back from Montana - finally left on Sunday 2 days late - missed kayaking.  Had an awesome visit with friend and her mom.   Could see climate changes in Yellowstone .  Mammoth falls is just white rocks no water it was bad 5 years ago and worse now.   Old faithful wasn’t dramatic 5 years ago and is less so now.  Geysers / steam pot with are picture with beautiful color are few and decreasing in size numbers.  Traffic was bumper to bumper as expected .  We made the best of everything.


I have definitely aged in 5 years.  I couldn’t walk as far as I did last time when I was 30lbs heavier.  Face wise I think I’ve aged 20 years.  Not going to worry about sagging face and skin (I did that to myself and will carry it as a reminder). Am disappointed in the activity level really thought I would do better.  I did get in a minimum of 2 mile walks every day.


yesterday was 10 hours  of  continual mask wearing and unhappy airport workers and flight attendants (I’m sure all overworked)


Belle thanks to a good start of this week


Susan good loss. Jealous you have little grands


Jo-  congrats on 1lb loss I know it doesn’t come off easy for you 


Opti - great you are seeing your hard efforts are paying off by the fit of clothes— you are toning your body.  Hope you see a change in the scales.


Jan staying the same is better than gaining. But hard to see if you’re  seriously trying.


ombud -  wise to stay out of heat.  Nice to have koda to keep you moving.  Cant wait to get Jazzper today.  


im not weighing this week . Will let my body readjust.   My friend was stunned with my loss and was very supportive.  She dieted with me and made sure I got my walking in everyday.




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  • I posted this last Thursday under the wrong Thursday, therefore I am reposting so everyone can see on this weeks posts/ weigh-ins. 
  • Posted Thursday at 02:59 PM

Good Afternoon All! 🙂


Another weigh-in day (Thursday) and I am happy to report I lost another 1.2 pounds! Slow going with the weather (rain) not being in my favor.  Getting outside other than pulling a few weeds, housework, grocery shopping and researching excursions has been about the extent of my endeavors. Okay, I will admit I do Pokémon, but usually from a car window. 🤣 I plan on stepping it up in the activity section of my life. There are a few walking trails my daughter takes around our development so that is just one of my goals to start this next week. I have reduced my meals to one a day to prevent from over-eating, but this next week I plan on working on portion control and not going back for seconds. I thought I could give up coffee, but it is a persistent habit that wins out. I suppose I will save that goal (doing without), for another week. In other words, baby steps!


Our bodies does not like changes and seems to fight against our good intentions by tempting us back into our old habits. My mother used to work for weightwatchers and she warned me many years ago that our bodies don't like destroying those little fat cells we created over time; it takes work and energy on our bodies part to create them. In fact, our bodies like to regulate everything and prefers homeostasis, you might even say our bodies can be somewhat anal-retentive at times. When we go on diets our body defends itself against us (yeah imagine that, we are the enemy), because staving is not in its best interest. As my mother would put it, "Our bodies or rather somewhere in our subconscious, fears losing control and will compensate for that when you go back for seconds." I suppose that is a weakness for me, going back for seconds, especially when I am congratulating myself for not eating anything forbiddingly sweet. Once again, baby steps will have to be my motto for this next month. Rome may had not been built in a day, but my goals far outweigh giving-up. Giving-up just means I am willing to settle for the weight I have reached today and so far, I am not willing to allow myself that kind of surrender.    


Thank you all, and hope everyone has had good results today. 


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Good Afternoon, it's hot here, hope all are staying cool.


Izena--Welcome back glad you had a good time but sorry cut 2 days short.

Sad about Yellowstone. Drought, climate change, things just aren't the same

anymore. Hope we don't lose our beautiful parks, lakes ect.


Speaking of aging, have any of you thought you aged more then normal

during the Covid? Nothing to do with losing or gaining weight. Seems

hair and skin changed in a short time.


Katia--Glad you came in. Good information. I've read we never lose those

fat cells, they might shrink but can and do come back as we know.' Good luck 

on your walks and not having seconds.


Jan--Hope you had a good day and everyone else too.

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CRUISING? Don't understand.


We were told only 7 day cruises and no b2b's till after Nov. 1st


Now reading blogs from people on cruises in Florida --some are doing b2b and

the Carnival cruise that left today  is a 8 day. What gives? Is it because it's Florida?

CDC did a few things too. The rules always changing and not telling people.


Did you see 2 people got kicked off the Edge. Didn't have shots.

Port not ship said no shots have to take ship tour. Went on their own-off the ship they go.

 The ship wants to keep using the port. Expensive lesson for them.

Follow the rules or don't book a cruise.

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Posted (edited)

Good Evening all 😃

Belle, it is kind of hard to regulate back to back cruising and with many having had been vaccinated rules become bendable. Those that have not been vaccinated will most likely find it harder to do anything like they used to do on ships. Of course, this includes either gambling on a cruise and taking excursions outside of the ship's tours. In the back of my mind, I cannot help but to believe the cruise lines will make most unvaccinated guest to feel uncomfortable enough to swayed them into getting vaccinated. The individuals that jump ship for their own kind of excursion wasn't betting on through intelligent devices, cameras and key codes the ship crew can follow anyone anywhere, even if you do not think they are looking. Over the years, I had taken ship backstage and behind the scene tours. Most every crew member carries a small phone to communicate with everyone else on the ship, as well as communicate through codes to each other. I have been everywhere on the various kinds of ships and including where the captain sits. On one such occasion, I overheard a conversation between the captain and another individual discussing one of the passengers lit up a cigarette their stateroom. From where I stood, I could see they were both looking at digital board where a small red light was lit and then following the conversation sent one of the crew to go down to make sure that cigarette would be extinguished. 


I am vaccinated and scheduled to take a 14-day cruise from Tampa (round trip) on 02/27/22, NCL Dawn. I had picked this cruise May of 2020 and rebooked for a slight discount in June 2020. The price we paid for this cruise is phenomenal and I have not been able to find anything near the price we paid for the stateroom category. I have worried over time the cruise line will think twice about us early bookers and delete us in favor of someone willing to pay far more. Cruise lines are in the business to make money and if they can get someone willing to sail back to back, then they are only too happy to oblige. I have no doubt it has a lot to do with many individuals being vaccinated and knowing they cannot afford to turn anyone away on a small technicality they themselves may have a hard time proving the legal rights of whom to turn away. The cruise lines depends a lot on their computers to do their thinking for them and sometimes that can be to their determent. This is why when I board a ship I have all recent copies of all my paperwork in a folder. When something goes wrong with your cruise bookings (excursions, specialty restaurants, drink packages etc.), they will ask if you have any proof. I know, because I was in such a position in May of 2016. Thank goodness, and to their surprise I had everything to prove my case. 


Tonight I made a purchase, actually two of them, and it turns out their computer did not pick-up this mistake in my favor. I only picked-up on it by double checking my numbers after I made both purchases one right after the other on a whim with NCL cruise line. Obviously, I will call them in the morning and make them aware of this mistake or else it will eat me inside out over time worrying if they will eventually figure it out. I am pretty sure they will not because, like most people they go by whatever the computer tells them, like we do when we look down at our scales. Moreover, computers are not designed to make mistakes, even if they do on occasion; like our scales. 🤣 



Edited by SilentlyPerfect
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Hello on this Sunday Morning.


Katia--My thought about cruising--- CDC made the rules--you follow them even if don't

like them or agree. People didn't book because of the rules and now a few are getting

by the rules. I wanted a b2b to Alaska and they said NO only 7 day cruises, no b2b.

Like only could have 7 day cruises and there doing an 8 day. How did the  cruise line

get to do that?  People had 8 day cruises cancelled and now their sailing one.

Yes a NO Brainer all cruisers should have the vaccine.  Having non vaccine passengers

doesn't make sense. Plus ones without vaccine couldn't do some things on the ship.


Congrats booking 2 more cruises and having the vaccine. I think everyone on our sight

here we've all had our shots, so safe to cruise.---Whenever that might be!

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Posted (edited)
6 hours ago, Belle said:

Katia--My thought about cruising--- CDC made the rules--you follow them even if don't

like them or agree. People didn't book because of the rules and now a few are getting

by the rules. I wanted a b2b to Alaska and they said NO only 7 day cruises, no b2b.

Like only could have 7 day cruises and there doing an 8 day. How did the  cruise line

get to do that?  People had 8 day cruises cancelled and now their sailing one.

Yes a NO Brainer all cruisers should have the vaccine.  Having non vaccine passengers

doesn't make sense. Plus ones without vaccine couldn't do some things on the ship.



Belle, I think because of Florida is going through so much change, and is in the news these days fighting the CDC, as well as so many people are foretelling the end of Covid is near, therefore the cruise lines are allowing B2B cruises. My sources say it is not over until it is over and that is why getting vaccinated is only the first step. Change is happening everywhere everyday and so fast I am sure the news media is reluctant to report on anything, because what is happening today can be changed right back tomorrow. In my opinion, the news media can only go so far before being accused of messing with the public's mind and instead of reporting news, they will be accused of reporting fake news. I agree we should all be following the CDC guidelines no matter where we live in the United States. As you know, because of the way our government is setup, states for the most part can decide what works best for them. Florida is so depended on tourism and can not survive much longer without the influx of tourist coming here to our beaches or traveling through our air ports and cruise ports on their way to somewhere else. Okay we will survive, but we want our designer coffee, eating out in an actual restaurant and our vacations to somewhere else and preferably on a cruise ship. Like most mindful individuals, I have not eaten out in a restaurant since before Covid.


Alaska has their own set of problems and can be a bit self-efficient when it comes down to it. Alaska can well afford to exclude who ever they want, including cruise lines from it's shores. If something doesn't work out, try again. Needless to say, always try to find another way to solve a problem. That is why when booking a cruise (after I had a cruise canceled), I picked something far into the future and crossed my fingers. Alaska like Florida will have to settle their demons in a row and take their first step back to the real world. After all, hiding out in Neverland did not get anyone anywhere near being wiser. 



Edited by SilentlyPerfect
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Posted (edited)

Only down 0.03 pounds this week sadly but it's still a loss. I didn't make it into the gym as much last week since work was a bit crazy and I wasn't as motivated as I should have been to go prior to work. Still hit the gym everyday but there were no morning and evening visits like in previous weeks. Goal this week will be to make at least nine visits to the gym in seven days. 


Possible moderate gains in my bicep circumference measured by my wife. We're not sure when we should be measuring that honestly. I feel more "muscles" right after a gym visit but I'm not sure if that stays or starts to fade in between gym visits. I could probably have her measure me more but it makes me feel weird and more vain lol. 

Edited by optimusprime82
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Katia--Florida is a state unto it's self. Crazy, not the people per say but

how it's run at the moment.  Alaska wants people, they depend on cruises.

It's Canada who closed their borders and the CDC who made the 7 day rule.

Happy that Alaska are going to get some cruises now with the new rule

in place for awhile.


Opti--A loss is a loss! Plus by exercising your gaining the muscle and

they say muscle weighs more. Some people they say measure once a month

and in the morning. I think measure anytime and often as you want. Your

working hard at it and it's not weird or vain. Your doing a great job of losing

and exercising.


Hope everyone is having a good Sunday afternoon and evening.

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Opti, sounds like you're decreasing your BFA (? is that the right way to say it?). IMHO thats healthier than decreasing BMI. 


It's too hot. I almost never run the air and I've run it for 3 days. Koda and I can only walk in the early morning & after sundown.  Grandkids are still here. No one is touching ice cream. Just eating otter pops and watermelon. So my measurements should be better this week ) FWIW I don't own a scale)


Katia. Its always good to have something to look forward too. And yes, its changing rapidly. Some say BC Canada might open soon but I didn't book an extra day for Victoria & its too late now (34 days & counting). 


Jan, is the trainer a new thing? Did I miss that?


Susan and Jo 👍On losses


Izena, welcome back. Airline schedule nightmares are all over the news but it sounds like it was a good trip despite issues getting there


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Ombud--Glad your having fun with the grandkids. Glad measurement could be going

down with better eating even with grandkids there! Weigh to go! Isn't your weather

cooling down a little this week? Hope so.


Even if Canada opens to late for them to enjoy the cruise season. Alaska rt out

of Seattle. The Canadians will be happy so they could go more place and not

stay in a hotel when they come back


Almost Monday another week starting for some, us that are at home it's just

one day after another!😊

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Good Morning This Monday July 12th.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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Good morning everyone.   I bought a compression shirt and a back brace.  Goal to alleviate burning left side back pain the cuts my walks short.  I had surgery 10 years ago the used part of the dorsal is latimus muscle for reconstruction- I’m hoping the burning is from strain on remaining muscle and support with better posture will help - walked 2.5 miles this morning it was better.


The last 3 morning I have weighed the same  — wt same as 2 weeks ago. This may be as good as it gets.  There’s is nothing else I can do.  Not healthy to drop calorie intake .  Will just continue with routine.

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Evening All


Izena--sorry your having trouble with your back. Hope the brace keeps working

and you get better each day. You do great walking each day hope you can do it

without pain.


I know you want to lose but by being the same as 2 weeks ago means you

didn't gain on your trip or if you did you got it right off.

Aren't you at goal or near it? The last pounds are hard to lose. Keep up the

good job your doing.


Hope everyone had a good Monday and have a nice evening if reading now.

If not have a good Tuesday as you read this then.

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