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The Daily for Thursday Jul 08, 2021

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Today is Be A Kid Again Day, National Blueberry Day, and Video Games Day

Life is a lively process of becoming. - Douglas MacArthur

Meal suggestion for today - Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas

Drink of the Day - Last Word

Wine of the day - Luce della Vite - Italy - Red

Destination of the Day - Dublin Ireland

At Sea Pacific
Noordam Destination La Paz MX eta 7/12
Zuiderdam Drifting off Mexico

Corfu GR

Great Stiffup Cay
Nieuw Statendam Anchorage

Ijmuiden NL

La Paz MX
Westerdam Anchorage

Long Beach
Nieuw Amsterdam Anchorage

Piraeus GR
Eurodam Anchorage

Venice IT



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Good morning.  Thanks for the Daily Report.

Oh to be a kid again!?  Sometimes that seems like a good idea, other times, not so much.

Love blueberries, but not a fan of video games.

The meal suggestion sounds good to me.

Hope the wine and drink of the day are good too.

I hear thunder rumbling outside - the dog's walk will have to wait.

Prayers for everyone who needs them.  Cheers to all who celebrate.

Stay safe.

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Thanks for the Daily, Rich and our Thursday smile 🙂 


Interesting collection of days.  I’m not a video game player but I’m sure many will be happy to celebrate and perhaps be a kid again.  DH will celebrate Blueberry day happily.


I like the quote by MacArthur & the meal suggestion is a good one.  We just had chicken last night though so it will have to be something else tonight.


@bennybeari tried to help with your squash predicament on yesterday‘s thread.  Sorry the answer was this morning and not last night (too late for kazu).


A small but very pretty bloom




Happy to say I beat the Lily Beetles and this lily is blooming




Most of my lilies were pulled up because of the infestation but I saved a few so I can focus on the battle


Garden participants - if you think I exaggerate about our deer problem…..My neighbour heard a noise on her deck and discovered this buck had climbed the stairs and was munching all her plants.




As I say, they don’t frighten easily.  he just stared at her when she got this picture




Have to run as I have my final (I hope) periodontal appointment this morning for the ‘final’.  Prayers for everyone on the Care list and for those that need them and 🥂 to those on the Celebratory / Shout Out list.


Have a great Thursday everyone!




Stay safe & don’t forget your 😷 


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Thank you for the Thursday Daily, Rich.  I'd love to feel like a kid again.  I enjoy Blueberries most days.  I'll pass on the video games.  Like the meal and the MacArthur quote.  I think I've been to Dublin but not sure.  My alternative menu suggestion is Indonesian Risjsttafel Lunch as enjoyed on MS Prinsendam June 4, 2015:




Off to Rehab soon


Today’s care list:

RIP Montgomery County PA Vol FF Sean DeMuynck in a Line of Duty Death 7/4.
Welfare of furloughed crews
Garlictown difficutl recovery from arm surgery
Western wildfires
Mamaofami searching for help for Sam
Pope Francis in hospital
smitty34877's Miss Camilla in NICU
Scout Luke G in hospital
Those in the path of Elsa
StLouisCruiser’s neighbor
wandb’s sister heading to surgery 7/13

From the rotation:
StLouisSal’s weakness and fall injuries
Mary229's sister resting after treatment for agressive cancer


Celebrations and Shoutouts:

Front Line Health Care Workers
Jabs for HAL crew at Los Angeles, San Diego and Fort Lauderdale
Explorer OTS housing Surfside first responders
Laseyv and son in Sedonia for a week
highland cruiser at Diamond Lake
St. Pete Cruiser on a road trip
smitty34877 on Cape Cod
Welcome home Dfish and CrazyForCats
Sam making progress
CatShepard in Iceland
NextOne’s family gathering for DH Memorial Service
Aliaschief on pop-pop duty
Denise on her wilderness adventure
Sharon’s mom doing well after surgery
Congrats Tampa Bay Lightning
and Staff Captain Sabine, HAL’s likely first female Captain(I know this is a repeat but she’s worth it)




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Good morning everyone, thanks for today’s daily report Rich.  Summer is the perfect time to be a kid again!  Love blueberries and a game of Ms. Pac Man sounds like fun.  Great quote today.  We’re going out to dinner with my visiting nephew this evening so the dinner will have to wait. Today’s drink was created at The Detroit Athletic Club in the early 1900’s, equal parts gin, lime juice, Maraschino and green Chartreuse and is quite potent. Have been to today’s port once on a land trip, a very lovely city.  Prayers to all on our prayer list today and cheers to everyone celebrating a happy event.

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Good morning, everyone!    It was so nice to wake up at home.  No traveling today.  


Like others, I sometimes yearn to be a kid again.   But then I think of all those  years of school and working and I wouldn't trade where I'm at today.  If I could just get time to slow down a bit, I'd be happy.  


Today is supposed to be rainy and that's ok by me.   The gardens and grass could use a good soaking.  


I've been to Dublin several times, always on land trips when doing genealogy.  What lovely, friendly people!   


Today's meal looks really good.  They do make low carb tortillas that I could use.




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Good morning all!

Interesting days. I had a wonderful childhood although I’m not sure I want to live it again. I seem to be in the minority in blueberries, I don’t much care for them. I got hooked on Tetris years ago, I still play solitaire and Words with Friends.


Haven’t been to Ireland in my travels, but friends who’ve been love it; looking forward to some gorgeous pictures.


Today’s dish sounds delicious just from it’s name. Will watch for drink and wine info.


Had my latest drug trial dose follow up yesterday and then it was off to lunch (a blue crab cake sandwich with Parmesan truffle fries) and an afternoon spent at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. The flowers (especially the roses and day lilies) were beautiful, but most of my pictures were of their current display “Origami in the Garden”. I will share a picture. Very appreciative of my travel scooter as I scooted all around the garden.

Have a wonderful day everyone (St Louis weather continues to be an unusually temperate July, very grateful for lower humidity, sun and a light breeze). 

Prayers for those in need of healing 🙏🏻 and for celebrations breaking out everywhere, a toast 🍷


St Louis Sal


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Good morning!


Love being a kid, love blueberries, and really enjoy video games!


I've been to Dublin on our Pacific Princess cruise around Great Britain.  I would love to go back and spend more time, but we enjoyed our whirlwind day there.  We took a tour of the Dublin Castle, including the chapel and state rooms.







Then went to see the Book of Kells at Trinity College library (since I work in a library, that was a definite must see!)



By then we were hungry, so we found Duke's Pub and had Irish Stew with Smithwick's...yum! (and DH had a glass of Guinness for dessert!)



Prayers for everyone with health problems....hoping today will bring healing to you.  Cheers for all on our celebration list - nice to see such a long list!  Have a wonderful day everyone!



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Good morning.  Days of being a kid are over, love blueberries, and sorta play video games with the apps.  Like the MacArthur quote and the meal sounds good.

Prayers and toasts to our lists.

Stay safe, social distance, and continue to wear your mask.

Last Word:

The Last Word is a gin-based prohibition-era cocktail originally developed at the Detroit Athletic Club. Wikipedia
Ingredients: 1 part Gin, 1 part Green Chartreuse, 1 part Lime juice, 1 part Maraschino liqueur
Preparation: Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.
Served: Straight up; without ice
Drinkware: Cocktail glass

Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 8.01.11 AM.png

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Good morning. 
Thing went from bad to worse with a terrible storm here yesterday. My little Borough has declared a state of emergency. Luckily no injuries that I know of, but trees and wires down everywhere. I’ve had no power since 3pm yesterday. The power company says it
might be until 11 pm tonight before it’s back. 

Trees down outside my house. And the streetlight ended up in my yard. 




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Good morning everyone. I think I’d love to be a kid again because maybe I might be interested in playing video games.

Today we have a temporary aide coming and we made a decision that tomorrow we will start a live in aide. We insisted that they be vaccinated and you would be surprised that health care agencies do not make it mandatory for their aides to be vaccinated. We however feel it’s extremely important. So, today the temp aide comes along with the VNA nurse to assess the situation and arrange for PT, OT, and speech plus an additional aide a few times a week for now to help with showering and some laundry. It’s going to be a busy household from here on in.


The nurse from the agency that supplies the aides came yesterday and we thought it a sign that she had the same name as my mother. I felt like my parents were watching over the situation.


Have to run for today’s people both arriving at the same time.



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Thank you for taking the time to post today's daily and care reports.

We are like kids today as we went to a beach 20 minutes from home and had a walk along the promenade went through the fairground and got a carton of chips each.

Dublin is a lovely city that we have stayed a couple of times for New year's celebrations.

Any meal with chicken in is lovely.

I hope everyone has a lovely day and prayers to everyone on the care list.









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Good morning everyone!  I hope all are trying to stay safe from Elsa as she progresses up the coast.  I think we're about finished here south of Atlanta, and didn't get much in the way of bad weather from it thank goodness.  


I'm not a fan of video games, but acting like a kid and eating blueberries are all right by me!  Interesting quote by MacArthur.  I love enchiladas but only with a very small amount of sour cream please, or none at all.  


@kazuthank you for the photos of your flowers today.  I can't believe the size of that deer and those antlers are huge!  No wonder you have fencing to protect your garden!  Thanks also to Rich and Roy for their work in getting the Daily on these boards each day.  Prayers for those in need and cheers for all the good news reported today.


I'm happy to say we have visited Dublin 5 times from 2011 to 2019.  The two times that stand out in my memory are the 2015 visit on Royal Princess and 2017 on the Prinsendam.  I'll spend some time looking for good photos.  🍀

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Good Morning Everyone from a war, but overcast day at the beach.

      Blueberries are probably my favorite fruit, although I really like them all. I too like to play Tetris. It is mindless and an easy way to relax.

       I have been to Dublin a couple of times on land trips. It is an interesting city and the people are wonderful.  Would love to go back again but there are so many places I have not seen that it probably wont happen anytime soon.

     Going to play golf this afternoon. Hope the weather holds.


Stay safe and enjoy today



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@JazzyV Vanessa, I'm shocked at the damage from the storm to your neighborhood!  I hope the power comes back soon and work begins on the cleanup so things can get back to normal.


@mamaofami Carol, good luck today with your health aides.  I hope things start going smoothly there in your household and that Sam keeps progressing toward better health.

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