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The Daily for Sunday Jul 11, 2021

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4 hours ago, rafinmd said:

Thank you for the Sunday Daily, Rich.  This is a great place to cheer up the lonely and I expect a lot of pet photos today.  I think @dfish will especially appreciate National Swimming Pool Day.  Love the Seinfeld quote.  I have not been to Bordeaux.  The meal suggestion sounds nice.  10 years ago today I left home for my first modern HAL cruise and boarded 10 years ago tomorrow.  For my alternative menu suggestion I'll use the Mariner Brunch for that cruise, a Rotterdam transatlantic, Apple and Pear Gazpacho, Braised Beef Short Ribs with Roasted Garlic Cloves, and Key Lime and White Chocolate Tart.


Today’s care list:

RIP Montgomery County PA Vol FF Sean DeMuynck Last Alarm 7/4.
Welfare of furloughed crews
Garlictown difficutl recovery from arm surgery
Western wildfires
Momaofami adapting to Sam at home
Marmot@sea’s cousin 4km from wildfire
Pope Francis in hospital
smitty34877's Miss Camilla in NICU
Scout Luke G in hospital(improving somewhat)
Marmot@sea’s cousin close to wildfire
StLouisCruiser’s neighbor
wandb’s sister heading to surgery 7/13

From the rotation:
Kakalina undergoing radiation for aggressive cancer
Sharon’s mother with pnumothorax and positive lung biopsy


Celebrations and Shoutouts:

Front Line Health Care Workers
Explorer OTS housing Surfside first responders
highland cruiser at Diamond Lake
St. Pete Cruiser on a road trip
CatShepard in Iceland
A wediding for Ger_77
Sam’s caregiver settling in
Retirement for Live4Cruises
HorizonChaser1957's DD released from quarantine
First indor performance for Baltimore Symphony
NextOne’s family gathering for DH Memorial Service
Denise on her wilderness adventure
and Staff Captain Sabine, HAL’s likely first female Captain(I know this is a repeat but she’s worth it)







Thanks for both lists Roy/

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3 hours ago, KirkNC said:

Happy Sunday!


Bordeaux reminds me of a visit on the Prinsendam where, try as we did, we could not get a taxi to come to the ship.  How different from ports where cruise ships visit frequently.

I had trouble finding taxis anywhere I was in France. 

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2 hours ago, summer slope said:

Good morning.  Great group of days.  Will absolutely enjoy the National Swimming Pool Day.  Looking forward to all the pet photo's and Port of the Day photo's.

Love the meal suggestion and have it often.  Great Seinfeld quote.

Prayers and toasts to our lists.

Stay safe, social distance, and wear your mask.

Fireball Hot Toddy:

Yields: 2


2 c. boiling water
1/4 c. warm caramel
2 tsp. honey
Juice of 1/2 lemon
1/4 c. Fireball
2 cinnamon sticks
2 star anise


Bring water to a boil and dip glasses in caramel. Add honey to each glass and squeeze lemon juice. Pour over Fireball and boiling water and stir until honey is dissolved.
Top with cinnamon stick and star anise.


Screen Shot 2021-07-11 at 8.16.12 AM.png

Is Fireball a brand of Whiskey?    A friend of mine's mother used to give him a hot toddy when he had a fever or cold. It was made with hot water whiskey and honey.  It worked.

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1 hour ago, rafinmd said:

I think that narrow pointed bow is much of what made the Elegant Explorer a great little ship for rough seas.  It's a trait shared with great ocean liners like QM2.







I've tried explaining to people over the years that ocean liners and cruise ships are built differently.  And that there's a reason many ships never leave the Caribbean, at least I hope they don't.  Wouldn't want to be on many of them on a trans sailing. 

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Good morning. Thanks for the Daily.

Interesting days. I needed some cheer since I felt like living alone I was in total isolation due to the pandemic, so thank goodness for everyone on the Daily! I've no pet to take a photo of and no pool.

Good quote.

I like the meal, but will pass on the drink and like the wine.

I haven't been to today's port. Thanks for pictures from those who've been there.


Just relaxing today. I wore myself out with yardwork the last 2 days. The shrubs need to be trimmed (I like to keep them somewhat formal), but it's supposed to rain the next few days. And I have other things to do. Bone density test/Mammogram tomorrow, then PCP pre-op exam on Wednesday.


@mamaofami I hope things get situated with your aide.


Prayers for the care list and cheers to the celebration list.

Stay safe everyone.



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❤ I'm lovin' all the photos from Bordeaux...thank you to all who contribute! Also, thanks to Rich @richwmnfor The Daily and, of course, to Roy @rafinmd for the Care and Celebration Lists!😊

I am SO missing swimming in our pool and hopefully soon will be back enjoying keeping cool.

🙏Prayers to all in need...another extreme heat warning for the West.😯



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12 minutes ago, Himself said:

Is Fireball a brand of Whiskey?    A friend of mine's mother used to give him a hot toddy when he had a fever or cold. It was made with hot water whiskey and honey.  It worked.

Fireball is a cinnimon flavored whiskey.


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1 hour ago, Quartzsite Cruiser said:

In 2011, the Prinsendam reached the pilot station early the morning after leaving Bordeaux.  Because the station is so far from where the pilots board and disembark the ships, it is done by helicopter.



Wow/cool! 😀

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Posted (edited)

Goor Sunday morning, Dailyites, and thanks to Rich and Roy for hosting the party.  


I checked, we haven't had a pet since 2015, we keep talking about getting one, and then put it off until "after the next cruise"...


When our baby Bella the Bichon died, DD made a special card of her life.  That's me, upper left, as we brought her home for the first time.  She was so tiny!



Edited by Vict0riann
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Thanks for the DAILY Fleet report. My day is not complete without knowing what the HAL ships are up to, .each day.  Thanks to all who have and continue to post on this thread each day.  Many do not post but read this each day.. Thanks to all and it is raining here in Naperville today. 

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29 minutes ago, Himself said:

Is Fireball a brand of Whiskey?    A friend of mine's mother used to give him a hot toddy when he had a fever or cold. It was made with hot water whiskey and honey.  It worked.

Yes, Father it is.

Screen Shot 2021-07-11 at 11.35.38 AM.png

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Good morning all!

Great collection of days.  Always important to try to cheer up the lonely, now more than ever.  Up until 10 years ago I've had pets all my life.  Will post a few (excuse the poor quality, these go back many, many years!) 


The only time we've had a swimming pool was when I lived in California as a teenager.  How I would love to have one now, with the hot summer we're having.  Love stroganoff, but I think we'll bbq chicken today.  Also like the wine, I'm thinking it was offered on a BHB?  In any case I've had it and liked it.  I've never been to Bordeaux (thank you for all the photos!!) but come near on land trips.  But we'll get there next year on a cruise, so I really appreciate the photos and to hear that it's so walkable.


Some photos of pets past...


Our first cat. We got him as a kitten from my boss in Washington, D.C.  We were visiting my parents in CA, and the cat was driving their dog  nuts through the window. This cat was great on car rides, he moved with us across country, even went camping with us. (first baby, lol) He feared nothing, even the jaws of Riley 😉  



He weighed 17 pounds and lived to be 17.  Here with our daughter.



Next cat was Ebony, a stray.  Gorgeous boy.



And our last kitty.  She was abandoned when she was only a few days old. I raised her with a kitten bottle, and she lived to be 17.  All our pets take a piece of our heart when they leave us, this one especially so for me.






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Good Sunday morning, beautiful collection of pictures today, lots of variety, I got to the store early to pickup everything I forgot yesterday, the day is going to be a busy one, I have some cleaning to do in the garage because it's out of control, I'm having junk haulers out this week to get rid of as much as I can because I can't even get the car in there now, so I have to make sure all that stuff is ready.  I've got some bills to pay and Dear Dad wants to cook chicken, but in the end most of the preparation, cooking, and cleanup will fall on me.  


Swimming pools-Yay, if they belong to someone else 😁 I have never wanted to own one, people I've known with them are forever fiddling around with cleaning, filtering, chlorine and other chemicals, the list of chores seems endless and I have enough to do as it is.  I will admit though that they look especially inviting on very hot days.


Pet Photo: I posted a picture of my Abyssinian separately. 


Cheer up the lonely: very difficult as others have pointed out because it's a guessing game, the people I would guess to be the least likely to be lonely turn out to be and vice versa.  Plus, when my parents were growing up in Little Italy the entire family lived on the same street, everybody knew one another, you knew who was having a bad day.  But what do we have now?  Email?  Texting?  Alexa?  These devices are great, but there's no substitute for real human beings. 


Thanks to all the posters.  Thoughts/Prayers to all that need them. 


@mamaofami Carol, I'm so sorry you are going through this, as a caregiver myself I know how important routines are, not just for the patient, but for the caregiver.  I used to have other family members give me a day off once in a while, but they were so unreliable that I stopped doing it years ago; being a few hours late wasn't a big deal to them, but to a caregiver those few hours of downtime are all you have to look forward to.  


Have a great Sunday everybody!!





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5 hours ago, smitty34877 said:

Good  morning  to  all. I love  swimming  pools  and  do  my  best  to  reach  out  to  lonely  people. I  will  look  for  a  good  picture  of  Fred  for  Pet  photo  day. He  is  usually  on  the  move, a  very  busy  dog.

We  have  been  to  Bordeaux  twice  on  the  Prinsendam  and  really  enjoyed  it. The  first  time  we  took  a  CC group  walking  tour and  covered  a  lot  of  the  city. The  second  time  DH  and  I did  our  own  walking  tour   and  enjoyed  coffee  at  an  outdoor  cafe  in  beautiful  weather. The  next  morning we  sailed  under  the  amazing  moveable  bridge  before  sunrise. It  was  one  of  the  most gorgeous  sailaways I  have  ever  seen.

CC  is  not  allowing  me  to  enter  pictures  on  either  the  phone  or  computer,hmmmmm.

I  will  be  back  later





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Pets past and present - unfortunately the cats are not on digital so I cn’t share them so it’s just the dogs:


Maverick. Our 1st dog and my avatar - great gentle giant, RIP.




Kazu = my CC name and a great dog - mascot for the SPCA and helped us raise money , RIP




Fox (aka silly Willy) - a rescue from a seizure where she was beaten and survived eating wood and ice for water.  It was amazing to watch her change as she grew to trust.  Maverick adopted her and taught her how to play, what a toy was and all the rules of the house.  Miss that little munckin




The current bundles of trouble - Marley & Miko:




Marley who is getting up there:




Miko - one big bundle of energy - when he was not quite grown.  The wall of the flower bed is a NO.  Look at the look he’s giving me.  Bundle of trouble.





He’s bigger now 😉 




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Good Morning.


The news I had from my cousin yesterday was that a fire guard had been built around the fire.  Plus they had a down pour of rain with no lightening.  As far as I know they are still evacuated.


This is Blanche as a puppy.  Blance is a Great Pyrenees blend and has grown a great deal since this photo was taken a year ago.  She is my DS' dog.


No photo description available.


Ellie as a puppy.


No photo description available.



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