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Live - Allure Simulation Cruise July 27, 2021🛳

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7 hours ago, cruiselvr04 said:

Not crazy about needing to use the app to order.  I don’t like to carry a phone on a cruise ever.  

Also with the app it may be harder to convey food allergies?


Yea, I'm really not sure why cleaning menus is Covid related. More of a Noro issue.


Wait staff still asks about alergies

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7 hours ago, cruisegirl1 said:

John - have any guests had to play the  part of an  unvaccinated passenger ( and have restricted access) or  getting covid and having to  quarantine?



Shoreside employees are playing un-vaccinated. I didn't see it, but my travel companion Mike saw a hazmat team exercise

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7 hours ago, BND said:

Stay in a suite and you can go to CK 🙂



If the block is not there, go talk to the loyalty ambassador.  We were due one on the second leg of a b2b on Oasis.  After the LA confirmed it with Miami they brought it to us.  We're due one on the first leg of our b2b this Nov/Dec on Harmony.  We've gotten them on Allure, Oasis and Anthem.  What's funny is the ship we've been on the most  is Grandeur (7X) but never timed it right to get the block.


Paul Argyle is Loyalty Ambassador,  but I've never seen him. He doesn't appear to have a desk in the Library

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6 hours ago, Espn said:

Going back a few pages to yesterday John, you said you had a new couch and saw new carpet and pool furniture, what is the general condition of the ship, like is there lots of new furniture and things look good? We are on Allure October 24 and were last on it 3 years ago and were worried that it missed many updates last year in Cadiz. Hoping lots of worn out stuff was taken care of since 2018. I know they replace things periodically but some things were looking rough last time.


Also where did you get the Bella door sign? My daughter needs one for her Lola.


Ship seems on very good shape. I would not worry.


Bella sign comes from Dollar Tree. Find them in craft section

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4 hours ago, ReneeFLL said:

I realized that after he found Bella. I guess it clicked twice from the magnets. It didn’t really sound like a knock, but I was unsure. Happy we found her. 


Sent you an email with my address for tomorrow.  We have tags 7 and 8

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1 hour ago, SherriZ366 said:

Is that for this test cruise or going forward to revenue passengers?   There is still a space for it on the deck plan for Deck 17.


It's still there, just no need to offer it to public

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35 minutes ago, Jragland said:

John, thanks for all the info and your time. I’m looking forward to your October Live before we board on the 17th. 


Did I already commit to that🤣🤣

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19 minutes ago, Lady Hudson said:

Just got an invite to Independence simulation cruise. Four nights out of Galveston - starting 8/1.  Too bad I can’t accept.  Hope there is a test cruise out of the northeast soon! Katherine 


We got it as well. 


I understand Oasis should do one.

Fingers crossed for you

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2 hours ago, Iamcruzin said:

I agree it's like driving with your sunroof open and all the window closed.

First T-Tops had my new 1990 Firebird Formula. Was at Ft Campbell Ky. Sun was out was 50 degrees, so of course I had the T-Tops out, Windows up and heat on

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Went to Dazzles after dinner for Karaoke. 


As with every activity, hardly anyone there.😪


Had a Curacao Cosmo



Here is QR code for drink menu



Had the song list on QR code as well. That's actually convenient. Forgot to take a picture


The place was so dead, they got bar staff to Serenade us. This is Jay singing Hey Jude. He was a good sport


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