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new confusion about masks onboard


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5 hours ago, schittenden said:

I don’t believe this is correct. Where did you read this?

I believe the poster is referring to the health protocols for Florida (possibly other locations as well). I have inserted two page shots relating to excursions and extra costs..travel insurance..testing etc.

Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 1.32.35 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 1.31.53 PM.png

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3 minutes ago, DCPIV said:


It's more of a middle finger to the Florida legislature and Governor who passed the law that prohibits Florida businesses from requiring an individual to provide proof of vaccination in order to receive services.  You don't have to provide proof, but you'll be treated as unvaccinated if you don't.  


RCI still goes with the masks because they didn't want to enforce a 95% vaccination rate among passengers because of all the younger children that come on board and, as of yet, are not able to be vaccinated.  Celebrity doesn't tend to have that issue. 

you are confusing cases.... there is no real issue as far as proof of vaccine is concerned...Royal and Celebrity have figured out a work around... you ask if people if they are vaccinated and if they don't want to provide proof.. fine...once Celebrity 5% quota reached..anyone not showing proof assumed unvaccinated and well...you get cut. In Royals case they take more but you will be considered unvaccinated... pay to tests, require additional insurance...can't go on excursions on your own and will be wearing masks literally everywhere.  What I was referring to is the fact that the district court AND appeals court have placed a stay.. essentially telling the CDC their CSO is not in place for Florida...pending a ruling on the case... They can't be pleased with the CDC ...essentially saying... we don't give a ***** district or appeals court..."we do what we want"...to quote South Park.. as I recall. So their case is sitting in front of a court ...still needs to be decided and they told them we don't care.. At least that is the way it looks to me... Florida vaccine passport is a pain but not stopping Royal, Celebrity, Disney or Carnival... NCL is a different story...why they don't do the same.. I have no idea.

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8 minutes ago, kearney said:

Royal's sailings out of Florida allow more than 5% unvaccinated... so they are following CDC rules for that situation...which requires masks for all..regardless of vaccine status unless you are in one of the vaccine only locations..where masking is not necessary. This is not new and is consistent with CDC guidance. Celebrity on the other hand is sailing with fewer than 5% unvaccinated and the CDC guidance allows for vaccinated not to wear masks. I don't really see any change... it appears to be a middle finger to the courts... essentially saying..."okay you can say the CSO exceeds our authorization and cruise lines can do what they want...but we are going to use this other aspect of our powers to make their lives a living hell should they decide to do what you allow them to do.". Frankly I do not see the cruise lines changing anything in terms of loosening protocols for a while... by then courts will decide and hopefully Delta variant will have faded.

This type of personalization of the CDC’s instructions on the transit mask requirement for ships not following the CSO voluntarily is really becoming over the top.  The CSO allowed for an exemption to the transit mask mandate for cruise lines based on compliance with the order. It makes perfect sense that any failure to continue to voluntarily comply with the overall provisions of the order while sailing out of Florida would result in the reimposition of the full mask mandate, as well as testing and other sanitation protocols.  The cruise lines are going to continue to comply with the CSO provisions for the very reason that it is in their best interests and because of the administrative nightmare involved in trying to comply with the order in other jurisdictions while not complying in Florida. The lines understand the concepts of unintended consequences and “be careful what you wish for” even if many cruisers do not. All of this so flies in the face of common sense as we have seen so aptly demonstrated by the now devastating impact of the Delta variant directly related to vaccine hesitancy.  It needs to stop. 

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4 hours ago, ReubenR said:



What is Celebrity’s Shorex Policy?

In ports where guests are permitted to go ashore independently, all vaccinated guests are permitted to go ashore on their own. All unvaccinated guests are required to take a Celebrity curated shore excursion to go ashore. Families with unvaccinated children are required to take a Celebrity curated tour to go ashore. In ports where cruise ship guests are not permitted to go ashore independently, guests are required to take a Celebrity curated shore excursion to go ashore.


As for "additional expenses" related to COVID, there currently aren't any on Celebrity (except, of course, in Florida), but the company has stated that it reserves the right to require such charges if necessary, hence unvaccinated passengers and their families/travelling companions are "subject" to such costs if any should be imposed (which they haven't been, yet).


When the Millennium was sailing out of St. Maarten, all passengers (vaccinated or otherwise) were required to show a negative COVID test prior to boarding. Two passengers still managed to catch COVID on the ship for the June 5th sailing, so at the time the cruise line indicated this testing requirement would be extended to Seattle. But it appears Celebrity has reconsidered since that language no longer appears on the FAQ page. Still, the encroaching Delta variant is likely to put Celebrity back on a defensive footing that could require such testing for everyone again, especially families travelling with unvaccinated children.


In Florida, both Celebrity and Royal Caribbean currently charge $178 per person per test for anyone over the age of 16 (or 12 as of Aug 1st) who refuses to disclose his/her vaccination status, such tests to be administered both at embarkation and at debarkation. It's not clear whether the mid-cruise PCR test will also be charged. Unless Washington state also passes a ban on asking a person's vaccination status, this likely won't be an issue for Alaska cruises.


So, in other words, families traveling with unvaccinated children (under age 12) out of Seattle are not subject to any additional costs currently, nor are they subject to any additional testing requirements.  They are subject to a requirement to take Celebrity excursions, but given the sharp increase in COVID cases in Alaska, traveling with a group from a fully vaccinated ship seems somewhat prudent whether it is required or not.

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