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P&O Standards dropped, probably never again.

The Med

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6 hours ago, indiana123 said:



No we lived in Southeast London.  I think there was a class system in each catagory. We lived in Honor Oak, East Dulwich which was definitely classed as posher than surrounding areas even though it was mostly working class and even though we lived in the attic🤣)


BUT we always had nice food on the table..stodge maybe.. but that was how it was then.


Surely I'm not the only kid on here who scraped the ice off the inside of the bedroom windows before school.

I well remember ice forming on the inside of our windows,  but my Mum always warmed my coat and scarf in front of the fire before sending me off to school in the bleak mid winter.

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3 hours ago, Harry Peterson said:

To be fair to our younger cruising generation (and I speak as a Boomer), our generation may have had outside toilets, no central heating, lino and maybe rugs on the floors, ice on the inside of the windows, no fitted kitchens and tin baths in the kitchen - but we also had free university education (not just tuition fees but also living grants), a sufficient supply of houses enabling many to buy their own houses on marriage, and enough local authority rental housing to accommodate those who couldn't. 


Very few homeless people then, jobs were secure, and final salary pension schemes were common.


We bought our first place in outer London (West Wickham) without any parental help in our very early twenties, and so did most of our friends - almost unheard of now.


I think we are very much the favoured generation.

That was indeed the case Harry but then never more than 10% of school leavers went to Uni, which of course made it viable for the state to fund it.  But if you remember it was Tony Blair and education, education, education, that changed all that, and now we have more than 3 times as many Uni students. Which is why students now need to contribute, and of course it's the poorest families that suffer the most.

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What  about revolving menus and chores ie the same meal every Monday, then same every Tuesday etc and the same next week.  Rarely varied.


Monday washing, every week, and other chores had their days.


As for food, none of this cooking differently, whatever someone wants, it was there it, eat it or go without!!!  We never complained.  It was put on the table and we ate it.

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