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Okay, our renewal notice has just come and it's gone up to just under £1000.  My Facebook feed was full of ads from Avanti so rang them only to be quoted £1450+ for ANNUAL insurance but on discovering we had a cruise booked next year which is 42 nights and with a possible 2 or 3 nights pre-cruise stay they advised us to just take out a SINGLE trip insurance of......£2,500+!!!!  Their maximum trip is 35 nights.  Our present insurance company, AXA, will insure us for stays of up to 65 nights so we can stay with them.


Are there any companies out there that will do long stay trips at a more reasonable cost or cheaper insurance in general.  We are senior citizens with multiple medical conditions and it seems that now we have the time to cruise we can't afford to do the longer holidays because of the steep price of insurance.  If not, sadly we will be reduced to shorter trips which is a shame, but at least we would still be cruising.  Probably will have to take the States and the Caribbean out of the equation as well as they seem to push up the price.

Thanks in advance

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You raise a serious issue for many older people with health conditions that insurers see as high risk - we have exactly the same problem.


There's no magic bullet, because different insurers take different views of different conditions, and quotations will vary accordingly.  This might be a good starting point if you're not already aware of it:



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It is an issue.


We used to get our basic annual travel insurance "free" with our NatWest account, paying extra for pre-existing medical conditions (of which we have several). This year, when we came to renew, they declined to insure me at all. The insurance was actually the major benefit of that account, so we're now looking to change accounts with them.


We checked out the money saving expert website (link in Harry's post) and came up with Staysure (which we'd also seen recommended on another forum). Got an annual policy for just over £900 for the two of us. They had a deal on at the time which has given us 15 months cover. It's only a few weeks ago so the deal may still be on.

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Posted (edited)

The other issue is if you're doing a long cruise. AXA our present insurers will cover us for up to 65 nights but I think the standard is round about 35 nights.  The cruise we have booked is 42 nights.

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Sadly it is a problem for all.  On top of that I believe that whatever policy you buy 

or when you buy it Covid and any other pandemic related claims will not be covered.

Before covid  it was considered an unexpected event  so some claims were valid

( a lot it seemed were not,  the insurance cos got off pretty light even tried to not

pay business disruption claims as although it was an unexpected event the policy

did not say it was covered!!! ) 

That means that  even if .gov say you can cruise  airlines  & rail say you can travel

if 11 months on there is a  new  covid strain outbreak and your trip falls apart I dont

think the insurance will cover anything.

One way perhaps to look at it might be  to  not give up cruises but just to cruise

a bit less.    A  Cruise costs  maybe £100 -£200 per person per day   so a 5 day

cruise for 2  costs   £2000.    Cruise 5 days less and  it would pay your insurance

for any number of cruises  for  360 days a year for 2 years.  

   I would like to see some figures for what the insurance companies pay out

for medical and repatriation claims   £10m always seems a lot of cover.

You also hear some terrible stories, one where somone tripped and broke their

hip in Italy  and the ins co insisted that  they took ambulances home  to the uk

which took 3 or 4 days. 

As a note  if anyone has/had   an EHIC   you should get it replaced with a GHIC



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If you have previously worked for the Civil service, NHS or other public sector organisation you may be able to get travel insurance through the Civil Service Sports and Leisure club.I can't find details at the moment but it is something I will consider if my bank refuses to cover me for my existing medical conditions in the future or when my husband reaches 70 (whichever is the sooner)You pay a fixed sum a year to join, about £48 I think and then pay a fee of about £300 a year for travel insurance though it may have changed since I last looked.You are covered for all medical conditions as long as you are fit to travel and have not been given a terminal diagnosis.I think the cover is for a certain number of days each year with a maximum of 45 for any one trip.I think you have to be between 50 and 74 to apply.

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19 hours ago, ann141 said:

travel insurance through the Civil Service Sports and Leisure club.

Thanks for that. Certainly worth looking in to. I was in the public sector for most of my working life - local council and, later, in admin with the probation service.

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21 hours ago, ann141 said:

If you have previously worked for the Civil service, NHS or other public sector organisation you may be able to get travel insurance through the Civil Service Sports and Leisure club.

Ironically DH and I joined the Forces Pension Society in 2018 because although I am a senior citizen I have my late father's service number from when he served in the Second World War and it was enough for them to accept us. Their insurer is Axa who operate on a group insurance policy.  Like the ones you mentioned they didn't ask for for any medical history other than to confirm that I wasn't mentally ill or had a terminal illness.  Our original premium for worldwide including cruising was just £450.  Just 2 months after we joined DH was taken ill and declared medically unfit to travel. This was 6 weeks before our Christmas and New Year's cruise. They were very good and 4 weeks after I called them the cost of the cruise was back in our bank. 2019's premium was £200 more but they said that the rise had nothing to do with our claim (hmm).  2020's premium also went up and now the latest premium has also gone up.  If we want to continue travelling abroad, whether it's cruises or not, we have no choice but to pay the exorbitant prices.  Our son lives abroad so there's really no choice. 


Yes we're senior citizens and yes we have medical issues, but these are all well controlled with medication. It just seems so unfair to be penalised for something beyond our control.


Now if someone can tell me where to find the fountain of youth I might well be interested.....providing I can afford the insurance to get there of course.

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Covid cover, what a nightmare !!!!!!!!


First time looking for cruise cover in a number of years.

5 day UK seacation so single trip policy was on the agenda.

Medical ailments cover required so I delved into the travel insurance world of covid cover.

What a nightmare !!!

Princess wanted proof of covid cover and medical and repatriation with a minimum 2 million pounds expected.

The 3 favorite colors of the travel insurance agency seem to be bronze, silver and gold with a dash of platinum here and there,

Bronze gave enough medical but cancellation cover etc didn't cover the cruise cost,so silver seemed to be within my requirements for a short cruise.


Now onto covid cover. My o My......was this element of cover frustrating or what !!!!!

The policy's went from totally vague and almost invisible with exclusion after exclusion, to a bit more comprehensive without filling me with confidence I was covered totally.

The most vague was AXA silver who actually supply an additional letter if requested, to back up their policy cover in case the cruise company's don't feel you have enough cover after reading the policy documents.

When the the letter arrived it just said you are not covered if traveling against Govt travel advice but you are covered if you follow Govt travel advice with very little detail in between. I cancelled the same day as I was not comfortable with the lack of detail.


Princess recommend holiday extras, but their site was down for days as they upgraded their systems so I could not get a quote from them initially.

If you use the princess cruises insurance ref number you get 20% discount.

I eventually used this company even though their quote was a little more expensive than some but at least I felt I understood the covid cover assigned to my documents.

All in all it took me 3 days of quoting, telephoning  and reading due to the lack of clarity in many policy descriptions.

 I found it to be almost unbelievable at times on how they use their "grey area" descriptions that will confuse you in the event of a claim.


Keep safe on board everyone,





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I just used cover for you, they have a covid cover letter specifically for explaining their cover for covid19, worked fine on my cruise on MSC Virtuosa in June

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We use bank account insurance which is usually frowned upon by cruise firms, however Nationwide "Flex Plus" accounts include excellent travel insurance  in the £13 a month fee along with UK and European breakdown and recovery cover, mobile phone cover and emergency card assistance. There is an upgrade requirement once over 70 but it covers immediate family/partners for an annual fee of £65 and whilst cruising in UK coastal waters is covered an upgrade for international cruises is required at same fee. Most cruise companies require min of £2 million medical/evacuation cover but Nationwide provides max £10 million for this. Only drawback is max 31 days limit although we never cruise for longer than this. Total cost less than £300!

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