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8-5-21 Thursday Weigh-In---It's August Already! Four Thursdays To Weigh!


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What is your goal for August--do tell

Are you planning your days well


Are you being very strict each and every day

Or are you planning a few days to play


Last month of summer to lose some weight

We better get it straight


Fall and winter will be here fast

Need to lose weight now and make it last


The world is a little off base right now as you know

Only thing we can do is keep ourselves healthy and

to some foods just say no


So wishing you a month of loss's and smiles☺️

Along with healthy eating maybe we can also walk some miles

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Good morning, Belle thanks for a great start to the week.  Have adjusted to sleeping on my back with back elevated 30 degrees.  My life is never boring woke up at 4:30 itchy.  Believe I’m having reaction to antibiotic — took some Benadryl and will call dr office in the am. 

weighed this morning down 2 lbs for the week.  (Up 1.4  from Monday pre-op). Not working on losing this week trying to get enough calories. ( never would have expected I would have to make myself eat)


hope everyone has a good weigh in.

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Good morning!  Just back from walking.  It is getting warm in south Alabama this morning!  Down 1 pound this morning.  Did not weigh last week so I will take 1/2 pound a week x2.  Especially since we went to Biloxi and I did not behave😁.  Yesterday I "shopped my closet".  I have sizes that range from 10 to 16.  The 12s are fitting now!  Usually when we cruise I have a hard time lining up enough outfits that I can get into.  This time I will have a hard time deciding which ones I want to take!  Take you all for the support.....Susan

Oh and Izena...glad things went well.  Thanks Belle for getting us going.

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Didn't weigh myself this week (again) ... but, I am reading the posts.  Congrats to all on the losses.  Izena glad your procedure went well.  Susan - love when one can shop the closet and find clothes that fit!  Jan

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Posted (edited)

I weighed in this morning and down 2lbs. I also noticed yesterday that my pants were just a bit loose in the waist while buttoning them. Looking forward to trying the "saved" clothes in the closet myself . 

Edited by Craxe77
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Good morning, Belle


Izena, read on the other week that you had to stay in the hospital. Yes, eat. Necessary for healing


Alabaster & Craxe77, isn't it great when we get back in saved favorites??


Barely down at all but better than up

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Finally weighed myself this morning - (last weigh was 7/15) - I am up 1.2# - could have been worse, but it now means I am up a total of 20# since 2019.  


Hopefully soon I will get motivated!   Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Today is my youngest child's 30th birthday - having a big celebration with all the kids (outside).   Jan

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Craxe great loss

great Susan and ombud are looking at cruise clothes that now fit.  

Jan -  I’m so glad your on this site.  The hardest part of taking off wt is getting into a routine that works for you.  Just the fact that you have stayed with us is wonderful.  You will get this under control.  It only took me 20+ years.  

I’m  having a post op pity party.   Itchy, no stamina, feeling my age. Not even peppermint ice cream could make me feel better.  

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Jan sometimes the hardest thing to do is step on the scales when you have been off of them for awhile.  You're on to the next phase.  You know you can do it.  We all know how it feels to gain .  It has been a lifestyle of ups and downs for me.  Good luck and keep coming back.

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HI all!


Belle ~ thanks for starting the thread .Hard to believe it's already August so I finally put on my sandals the other day.


NIce for the 2 of you to be able to wear your smaller clothes. That's what I'm hoping for at some point.


I weighed on Thursday & was up a # but have been weighing daily & am on a downward trend. I hope it keeps up!🤞


Have a nice weekend & stay safe.


~ Jo ~ 😊


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Sounds like a lot of people had bad weeks recently too. I did weigh in last week but didn’t post here because I was really down on myself. I gained, then weighed myself the next day and gained again, and gained the next two days as well. This was despite exercising with weights and cycling everyday since early June. The week of the bad weigh in I had cycled over sixty-five miles. I also ate responsibly so I’m still at a loss for why I gained over four pounds in less than a week. 

The good news is the weight did drop back off and this week I’m down another 1.1 pounds from my weight two weeks ago. It’s a set back since I was hoping to be down 3-5 pounds every week two weeks, not just one. Hopefully the next weigh in will be better though I doubt I’ll be able to break the 69.24 miles I cycled this week to do it lol. 

Good luck and great effort everyone!

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Seems like we’re suffering from burn out.  Cruises still seem a little iffy.  Covid is lingering (a friend is hospitalized with covid pneumonia in a regular bed.).  

1 week post op and I’m feeling better.   Reality is I’m old, it will take me months to be up to 2-3 mile walks.  

opitmus  stay on track,  don’t focus on the numbers (scales will drive you crazy).  I change goals to match reality.  My monthly goal of losing 5 lbs changed to 3 lbs.    Don’t be embarrassed about the numbers- we are here for each other.  


I’ll see my TX son on Wednesday  - he doesn’t know I had surgery — he would have worried.   Everyone have a good week.

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Sorry I been MIA but had some dental surgery done and more work

to be done. So might be missing here and there.


Izena---Glad your feeling better but sorry that your having  trouble sleeping

and inching because of antibiotic. Yes as we age takes us longer to bounce back.

Nice you had a loss.


Susan---Nice job walking and having a loss after being away. How nice to shop in

your closet and having to many clothes that fit to choose from.


Jan---Sorry you had a gain maybe start watching it again after your "baby's birthday"

My daughters birthday this month, where does the time fly? Sept. Birthdays 

are coming and we will be older! Yikes!😮


Craxe...Good loss this week. Doesn't feel good when clothes feel looser?  Soon

the "saved" clothes will fit and you'll feel so good.


Ombud---Barely down better then up.  Is your cruise in one or two weeks?

I'm sorry I'm missing Alaska this year. Been reading the posts.


Jo---You were up but going down at the same time. Good job! How many months

do you get to wear sandals? Your not in the warm part of Canada?


Opti---First off you lost, any loss is a good loss! You might not make your 3 to 5 lb loss

but your losing. Don't give up and don't miss coming in here if you gain, you might even

gain more. Remember your exercising a lot, building muscle and muscle weighs more

and holds water. So your weight could be up and down but will still lose weight and inches

but maybe not in your time frame.

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Good Afternoon.  How's everyone doing? Eating right? Exercising?


Hope your doing something from above but the Main Thing is----


That Your Having A Good, Happy, Peaceful, Healthy Day.😊

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