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The Daily for Tuesday August 10, 2021


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Good morning to all!  I am so glad it's lazy day today because we decided yesterday we were going to do NOTHING today, so how appropriate it is that it's lazy day!  Happy new year to Islamic members of CC.  No dogs here to spoil.  Cheers for the Smithsonian.  I sort of got what Maya was saying with her quote but @richwmndid a great job of interpreting for us.  We love pulled pork and DH especially likes the vinegar based sauces on the Carolina pulled pork, while I like the sweet and smoky sauces.  We found a food truck-type guy who makes great pulled pork sandwiches very close to us so we don't have to drive so far anymore.  That's worthy of celebration!


Happy Birthday @Tbay!  Thank you all for prayers for Copeland.  I will let you know how he's doing as we get more news on him.  Prayers for all others on the list especially @Mr. Boston's DSIL.  🙏  Cheers for the Celebration list! 


We have been to lovely Lisbon three times on the Prinsendam and once on Crown Princess, all great visits.  I've been there with @kazuat least one time and was going to suggest she show some photos but I see she already has.  I hope the photo posting doesn't present problems all day.  We need our photos!


Have a great day!

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Not having much luck uploading pics today.


Trying not to duplicate - between the black boxes and duplication, it doesn’t leave many 😔 









I’ll try more later.  This black box on CC is something I haven’t seen before 🤷‍♂️ 

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These were taken in May 2005 in Lisbon when we were on P&O Arcadia.

Paulines mam and dad came on several cruises with us before Roy died in 2008 and Ruth shared our cabin on 6 cruises up to her 90th birthday in 2012.

Sadly they are both no longer alive.





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Let's give it a try with a couple photos.  In 2018 we went to Lisbon in both April and September on Prinsendam.  We just couldn't resist the great itineraries on that little ship!  Here is an early morning photo as the ship arrived.  00-krGnVk_TmW1vjXOSXmrbNCgtIzRKIF36hrdhGheqtVK4TLzKwtlfn2r1cJbuOS_X?cn=THISLIFE&res=medium


The sun was just rising.  00-krGnVk_TmW1vjXOSXmrbNCgtIzRKIF36hrdhGheqtVLp8wu-EdBdGl3XZ_6-lAyV?cn=THISLIFE&res=medium


An interesting way to get around Lisbon, these trams.  Aren't they cool?00-krGnVk_TmW1vjXOSXmrbNCgtIzRKIF36hrdhGheqtVKhOXDurH5QlTcLazFs0Bqr?cn=THISLIFE&res=medium


Some of the beautiful flowers for sale at one of the squares.00-krGnVk_TmW1vjXOSXmrbNCgtIzRKIF36hrdhGheqtVLPzsXrHgZyFHkg1FHbPXkB?cn=THISLIFE&res=medium


The arch at Rossio Square00-krGnVk_TmW1vjXOSXmrbNCgtIzRKIF36hrdhGheqtVLzvhuxerIxD3cDUL9tKeYK?cn=THISLIFE&res=medium


We stopped at this wine tasting shop in Rossio Square00-krGnVk_TmW1vjXOSXmrbNCgtIzRKIF36hrdhGheqtVJtRyBCFHsKkSfN_sc5HiKN?cn=THISLIFE&res=medium


Automatic dispensers00-krGnVk_TmW1vjXOSXmrbNCgtIzRKIF36hrdhGheqtVLs0wLFDEM_gZqlI24tXkVM?cn=THISLIFE&res=medium


You purchase an electronic card and use it to try wines from these dispensers.00-krGnVk_TmW1vjXOSXmrbNCgtIzRKIF36hrdhGheqtVLJ4Fmo6rGmli4iPWKz5aIZ?cn=THISLIFE&res=medium


DH trying a red00-krGnVk_TmW1vjXOSXmrbNCgtIzRKIF36hrdhGheqtVJTDWmd9RbXo6E5L8b2JK72?cn=THISLIFE&res=medium





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Today's sunrise is from my 2016 trip culminating with the Crystal Serenity  Northwest Passage cruise, Seward to New York.  On August 16 I was on the Alaska ferry Kennicott headed to Seward.  That day we stopped in Yukatat:.





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10 minutes ago, rafinmd said:

Today's sunrise is from my 2016 trip culminating with the Crystal Serenity  Northwest Passage cruise, Seward to New York.  On August 16 I was on the Alaska ferry Kennicott headed to Seward.  That day we stopped in Yukatat:.






That Northwest Passage cruise must have been extraordinary, Roy.  Something none of us would ever forget.

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Good morning from central Texas.  The next few days will be our hottest, close to triple digits, then back to the mid 90sF, with 15mph winds.  I'm not complaining as we won't be in triple digits and the wind makes the heat tolerable.  I will still be inside keeping cool.


Happy New Year to our lslamic friends including our friends in Istanbul, and those working on the BHBs.  Lazy day and spoil your dog day seem to go together.  When we still had our dogs, many friends would tell us they wanted to come back as dogs in our house.  We've enjoyed wandering through the Smithsonian when we lived in the mid Atlantic area, and we watch the Smithsonian channel quite a bit. 


A good Pinot Grigio is another white wine I drink.  Will progress pass on the drink.


For once we'll have the meal of the day for dinner since I still have some pulled pork in the freezer.  My recipe is similar to the first one @dfish Debbie posted.  There are a couple more ingredients in my rub and my sauce.  Since we don't care for an overly vinegary sauce, I use half the vinegar called for.  The sauce is a little sweeter, but still has a tang.  We smoke ours for at least six hours, and wrap it for two to three of  the six hours.  Getting the internal temperature to 200F is critical to making it tender and easy to pull.




We have been to Lisbon nine or ten times.  I'll look to see if I have any pictures that are different than the ones already posted.






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Posted (edited)

The tile work in Portugal is known all over the world.  You see it everywhere on the streets and inside the buildings.00-krGnVk_TmW1vjXOSXmrbNCgtIzRKIF36hrdhGheqtVL2Lqan4pZdZ9q8T4D9RNtm?cn=THISLIFE&res=medium


When wandering around Lisbon you will find interesting wall murals like this one, which takes your eye away from the potholes, patched or not.😉00-krGnVk_TmW1vjXOSXmrbNCgtIzRKIF36hrdhGheqtVL65DKjjQRY2XYnpcxiH6JB?cn=THISLIFE&res=medium


While visiting a small park I spied this van parked in front of the fire station garage door.  They had to hunt the driver down to move it so they could go out on a call.  Hope it wasn't urgent!00-krGnVk_TmW1vjXOSXmrbNCgtIzRKIF36hrdhGheqtVIfQBuLom3VuKMg6tgcaO5u?cn=THISLIFE&res=medium







We went to the top of a hill (lots of those in Lisbon) and saw these beautiful views.00-krGnVk_TmW1vjXOSXmrbNCgtIzRKIF36hrdhGheqtVLn3UMSBUSYIchcT-hdQESJ?cn=THISLIFE&res=medium










This batch of photos was taken on our April-May 2019 final cruise on Prinsendam.  



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Good morning Dailyites. Thanks to Rich for our best thread ever!


Cloudy and a bit of wind but going to be a hot one today and rest of the week. High 90's. A lazy day for us today. A nail appt and out to lunch.


3 years ago today we arrived in Southampton aboard QM2. Our driver picked us up and whisked us through Salisbury Castle, fed ducks in Upper Woodford, lunch in Thruxton then to our flat in Marylebone. 


Ann the wine today sounds pretty good. Lots of "tones".. Avocado? Sap?

Happy New Year to our Islamic friends and Happy Birthday to @Tbay Prayers, Cheers and Blessings to all.




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Good Morning, Everyone!


Thanks to all contributors here.  Healing hugs 🤗 to those on the care list and cheers 🎉 to the celebratory list.


We have been to Lisbon four times.  Will try to not duplicate what has already been posted.


The first was a TA on =X= Solstice (12/2/11).  We took a walking tour (for tips) that was great.  Saw all the usual suspects, but just happened to catch this fellow driving a tram.



Driver's view of one of the lines



One of my all time favorite whites






Second visit was another TA on =X= Constellation (12/4/12).  Grainy, but different.



This time we just did our own thing and had to stop for a shot of this.







Next was a TA on Ruby Princess (5/6/14).  Found another Ginjinha window!



Followed by -- you guessed it!



Our last time in Lisbon was a  two night stay (4/17 & 4/18/18) prior to a wonderful land tour (Paradores & Pousadas) of Portugal and Spain and the photos from that visit would be duplicates of other posters.








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Good morning from soon to be Glacier Bay! Doesn’t look like we will be having blue skies out there. In fact looking at advance weather reports not sure if that will be the case for the rest of the cruise. There is a certain mystique about gray skies in Alaska.


We ate in Pinnacle Grill last night and it was jammed pack with diners. A couple of the servers we have had from previous cruises and of course they recognized  us. Food was great, serves exemplary. I believe the beef is better than the previous DD ranch supplier. Never thought the steaks were as good as was the previous Sterling beef.


The internet at 5:30 AM is pretty speedy. We’ll see as others awake and start using it. 

Life is good.


Wish all of you were here!


Thanks to all.

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Posted (edited)

Good morning all!

Happy New Year to all our Islamic friends.  Most of my days are lazy, although today won't be.  I plan to pickle some beets this morning and then drive down to DD's for some DGS time and dinner.  I don't have a dog to spoil, so will leave that to others.  Both the meal and wine sound great!  DD will be making dinner for us tonight, and I have no idea what it will be. 🙂 🤷‍♀️


@Tbayhappy birthday!


We've been to Lisbon a few times, the most recent was September 2019.  We took a tour to Batalha and Fatima.  The first 5 photos are of Batalha, a 14th century monastery. The last 3 photos are of Fatima.


















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Good morning.  Getting later and later.  Interesting group of days.  Love the Angelou quote.  The meal will be saved for another day.  Have not been to Europe.  Have been reading Coppers review....sounds like a great time being had by all.

Prayers and toasts to our lists.

Stay safe, social distance, and wear your mask.

Savoy Affair:

2 tsp of peach brandy
2 tsp of Strawberry liqueur
2 tsp of Lime Juice
4 oz of Champagne
2 tsp of Passion-fruit Juice

Rim a double-cocktail glass with lime and caster sugar. Pour ingredients into the sugar-rimmed glass, garnish with a sugar-dipped strawberry, and serve.

Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 10.26.56 AM.png

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😊Happy New Year to our Islamic Friends on CC.

👍Thank you Rich @richwmn for The Daily and also to Roy @rafinmd for both the Care and Celebration Lists.

I fell in ❤ with Lisbon on my first Transatlantic visit in 2011 (🚢Crown Princess) ...the other two times were from the Celebrity Silhouette (additionally, Transatlantic cruises). In April, 2019 we jumped 🚢 and got off early in Lisbon~~we've asked for permission in the past when our purpose has been to go out on our own by car, bus or train.🚗 🚌 🚅

🙏Prayers for all in need and 🎂Happy Birthday to @Tbay.


Easy to be lazy with good 📚 or dreaming about a future cruise!



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We visited Lisbon on a Transatlantic cruise in 2015. We did an independent tour for six of us. The tour covered the highlights of the city and the Sintra area outside, which is a charming area just outside of the city.

I’ll review the pictures we took and try to find some which may cover some of the uniqueness of the area.

The first one is, of course, one of the best reasons to go to Lisbon, and that is to get some Pastéis de Belém – A Portuguese egg custard pastry dusted with cinnamon.




The pastries (also known as  Pastéis de nata) were created before the 18th century by Catholic monks at the Hieronymites Monastery in Lisbon. At the time, convents and monasteries used large quantities of egg-whites for starching clothes, such as friars and nuns' religious habits. It was quite common for monasteries and convents to use the leftover egg yolks to make cakes and pastries, resulting in the proliferation of sweet pastry recipes throughout the country.

In the aftermath of the Liberal Revolution of 1820, following the dissolution of religious orders and in the face of the impending closure of many convents and monasteries, the monks started selling pastries at a nearby sugar refinery to bring in revenue. In 1834, the monastery was closed and the recipe sold to the sugar refinery, whose owners in 1837 opened the Fábrica de Pastéis de Belém. The descendants own the business to this day.

Since the opening of Fábrica de Pastéis de Belém, the original recipe of the pastel de nata is kept in a secret room. The recipe remains unchanged to this day and is known by only a few. The Fábrica de Pastéis de Belém, remains the most popular place to buy pastéis de nata around Lisbon. The shop is located just a short three-minute walk from the Jerónimos Monastery. The shop offers both take out and sit in services and sells over 20,000 pastéis de nata a day.


As normal, there was a lineup several block long of people waiting to get in, but our guide was able to take us around to the rear service entry and take us into the kitchen area, where we had a great tour of the facility – including a taste sample – fresh out of the oven. We also purchased some to go, which comes in their neat case which hold 3 tarts. If I remember correctly, they cost about $1 per tart.








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I was getting that black box trying to see the poster's pix who is currently cruising on the NA.  Then I clicked on the tiny box in the middle of the box, and voila, they opened!

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One of the places we visited outside the city was the coastal town of Cascais. The former fishing village gained fame as a resort for Portugal’s royal family in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Nowadays, it is a popular vacation spot for both Portuguese and foreign tourists.


The municipality also hosts international tennis and motorcycling events and for many years hosted the FIA F1 Portugal Grand Prix. The famous Estoril Casino is one of the largest in Europe. Near the casino is the “Hotel Palacio” (Palace Hotel), a 5-star hotel where scenes of the James Bond movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service were shot.


There was an International Scouts event happening on one of the beaches while we were there.




Beach and harbour area.



A rather elaborate sandcastle, including a pool for collecting donations.



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I forgot to mention earlier that I like the Maya Angelou quote.  Thank you, @garlictown for posting the entire quote.


I have started going through our pictures from our many visits to Lisbon.  These are a few we took on our first visit in 2001 on Golden Princess' ignaural TA.


We docked at the cruise terminal that was away from downtown.  



Pictures from our tour and our walk around downtown after our tour.





And the elevator, Santa Justa Lift, from the lower streets to the upper part of town



I'll check the pictures from our many visits to see if I find others that are not duuplicates.














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Good morning!

We drove through Portugal some years ago, so were able to spend quite some time in Lisbon.  The photographs here bring back great memories.  I love that city!


I wonder if any of you happened into the National Coach Museum there?  It stands out as a highlight in my memories of Lisbon.  Well worth a stop.  Any book you've read where they mention a horse-drawn mode of transportation -- they have it there. 

It really brings to life how everyone got around -- from the most lowly to a duke.  

I haven't seen such a great collection anywhere else.


Also...a side trip up to Sintra is worth a day.  Amazing place.  The Quinta da Regaleira there is the most weird/wonderful home I've ever toured.


@garlictown, thank you for posting the image including the second line of the Angelou quote.  I admit to thinking the first line a little too "organic" as separated from its second part.


@grapau27, thanks for sharing the photos of Pauline with her mother.  It's so nice that you enjoyed many travels together.


Wishing all a great day.  Prayers and cheers to our Dailyites.

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