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The Daily for Wednesday August 11, 2021


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Today is Play in the Sand Day, Son and Daughter Day, and World Calligraphy Day

We pass through this world but once. - Stephen Jay Gould

Meal suggestion for today - Sloppy Joe Mac and Cheese

Drink of the Day - Brooklyn

Wine of the day - Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut - France - Sparkling

Destination of the Day - Nawiliwili Kauai Hawaii

Ships with Passengers

Sitka, AK
Nieuw Amsterdam 08:00 - 17:00

Ships without Passengers

At Sea Pacific
Noordam Destination Ensenada MX eta 8/12
Zuiderdam Drifting Off Mexico

Corfu GR

La Paz MX
Westerdam Anchorage

Long Beach
Koningsdam Anchorage

Piraeus GR

Scheveningen NL
Oosterdam Anchorage

Stirrup Cay
Nieuw Statendam Anchorage

Trieste IT




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Thank you for the Hump Day Daily, Rich.  Salutes to Sons and Daughters, playing in the sand and calligraphers.  I've been to Kauai on a land trip but it was many years ago.  The Gould quote is a winner, and Sloppy Joe Mac & Cheese sounds nice.  My alternative is Venison Sausage and Vegetable Soup, Pork Chop with Parsnip Puree, and Peach Crisp A La Mode as I might have enjoyed August 11, 1997 on MS Rotterdam.


Today’s care list:

Welfare of furloughed crews
Western wildfires    
Mr Boston’s DSIL with aggressive abdominal cancer
Copeland with breakthrough Covid
Cruisin single awaiting mamogram clarification
From the rotation:
Krazy Kruizer DH Joe
Tana back in the hospital


Celebrations and Shoutouts

Front Line Health Care Workers
Aliaschief, bobpatj, and Copper10_8 on a BHB
Nieus Aamsterdam in Sirka
Sam moving to outpatient PR
Ger_77's family visit
NextOne outthinking the MVA
The thunder of a calving glacier
3 days for Boytje
and Staff Captain Sabine, HAL’s likely first female Captain(I know this is a repeat but she’s worth it)





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I haven’t said it in quite some time, but —


Thank you, Rich!

Thank you, Roy!

Thank you, Dailyites!


All of you add so much to my day by your pictures and posts!


Stay Safe!


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Good morning. Thank you for our Wednesday Daily. And thank you for the care and celebrations lists. 
Not sure why I’m awake. Going to try and get a couple of hours more sleep. Good night! 😴

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Good morning.  Thanks for the Hump Day Daily Report.

I haven't played in the sand in years.   A salute to sons and daughters and calligraphers.

Interesting quote, but I'd like to think we come back.

The meal suggestion sounds interesting, but I'll wait to see the recipe before I commit.

I think the drink of the day and wine sound terrific.

Never been to Hawaii, maybe someday.  Thanks in advance to those who will post pictures.

Prayers to all on the Care List.  Cheers for all the celebrations!

Stay safe.

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Sneaking in early today over my morning coffee before heading to the office.


Sons and Daughters Day - I'm blessed with one of each along with a wonderful son-in-law.  


We do indeed pass through this world once, and with the grace of God and help of friends any mistakes we make along the way can be mended.  We are all fallible, but with the help of others we can learn and grow.  Never give up...always move forward.


Sloppy Joe Mac and Cheese sounds very similar to a quick taco-flavored dish we make sometimes here.  I bet its yummy, especially on a cool fall day.


Kauai HI - someplace I've been, though on a land trip, on honeymoon with DH.  34 years ago we did a 3-island land trip and Kauai was the last stop - I think I can say we saved the best for last.  None of those photos are digital, all pasted in scrapbooks but I'll see if I can scan one or two in to share.  We always thought we'd go back for our 10th anniversary, then 15th, then 25th...still trying to get back.  Someday...


Hope everyone has a good day - check in later!!

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Good morning everyone, thanks for today’s report.  Interesting collection of days, I would love to play in the sand.  Today’s quote is one reason why we love to travel, life is short.  Not  sure about today’s meal suggestion, I’m not experimental with mac & cheese although in the spirit of today’s quote perhaps I should be.  I love today’s wine, it’s served at all of our happy events.  I have not been to today’s port and anxiously await the photos.  Prayers to all on our prayer list today.  Cheers to all of you celebrating a happy event!

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Good  morning  to  all of  the  Dailyites. It is  a  very  hot  and  humid NY  with  "real  feel" temps of  107 threatened  by  the  weather  folks. I  keep  getting  phone  alerts  from  the  power  company telling  me  what  to  do  if the  power  goes  out. So  far  we  have  had  2  short  power  stoppages but  it  seems  alright  now.

It  would  be  a  good  day  to  play  in  the  sand  and  lie  submerged at   the  beach,right  in  the water.Sons  and  daughters  are  celebrated  every  day  and  I  admire  calligraphy. The  quote  and  the  menu  are  good  ones  as  well.


We  went  to  Kauai  on  the  Veendam  with  DD  and  DSIL. DSIL  and  I  took an  amazing  tour  on  a  helicopter. The  day  was  a  truly  beautiful  one and  we  had  a  great  time.  Afterwards  we  toured the  area  in  a  rental  car to  keep  the  other  two  happy  as  they were  not  so  keen  on  a  helicopter  ride.






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Good afternoon and thank you Rich for the daily report and Roy for the care list.

It is currently 65°F cloudy and we are on the beach.

Nice collection of days but will pass on the food.

Interesting quote.

We were in Kauai during our Hawaiian cruise on Grand Princess and the movie tour was excellent.

We visited the site where Blue Hawaii,Gilligan's Island and could see where South Pacific was filmed as well as lots of other interesting movie locations.

🙏Prayers for everyone on the care list's.

Wishing everyone a lovely day.








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Two weeks on Kawaii 1988.  Days when you could almost take anything on a plane. GH took his golf clubs.  Rained for 11 put of 14 days. Got on the   course  once. Love the island. Been back 3 times on circle cruises

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Thanks for the Daily, Rich and our morning smile 🙂 


Loved playing in the sand when I was young.  Some of those who are young at heart do the sand sculpture contest here each summer.  Sons & daughters are worthy of celebration every day.

That quote of Gould’s is so true.  A good reminder to enjoy each day & family and friends.




The meal suggestion for today is an interesting one.


I believe we’ve had today’s wine selection on a BHB.  I’ll wait for Cat’s description to be sure.

We’ve been to Hawaii but not to the port of the day. Looking forward to reading about it.


Prayers for everyone on Roy’s Care list & for those that need them and 🥂 to those on the Celebratory / Shout Out list.


Have a great Hump Day everyone!!!




Stay safe and please don’t forget your 😷 

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Posted (edited)

Good morning and thanks for the daily report. The "Brooklyn" is one of our favorite drinks to enjoy on cruises! We enjoy them now in the Ocean Bar at Happy Hour. On our RT Hawaian cruise aboard the Eurodam in 2018 we met a very nice young man, Romm, as Bar Steward. To our surprise the following year on our East and West Med cruise aboard the Nieuw Statendam he was once again our Bar Steward! He remembered us due to our ordering "Brooklyns!" Made it special as we would enjoy the extra Black Cherries that he brought us. Even on my wife's gelato during the day!





Edited by Heartgrove
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Happy Hump Day!  I love to play in the sand every chance I get.  Only have a daughter, but have a wonderful DGS.  I took Calligraphy classes decades ago, but never could quite master it.  I like the quote and the meal.  Have not made it to Hawaii yet, looking forward to the photo's.  The photo's from yesterday's port were just fantastic.  Wonderful Celebration list and continued prayers for our care list.

We have another storm bearing down on Florida.  And our cruise is in 143 days.....yea!!!

Stay safe, social distance, and wear your mask.

Brooklyn cocktail:


  • 2 ounces rye or other whiskey
  • 1 ounce dry vermouth
  • 1/4 ounce maraschino liqueur
  • 1/4 ounce Amer Picon, Ramazzotti, or a few dashes Angostura or orange bitters


  1. Combine ingredients with ice and stir until well-chilled. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 7.46.11 AM.png

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Thank you for today’s Daily, Rich!


Roy, I appreciate you keeping our lists! Morning Dailyite family! Haircut day for me today! Hawaii is magical, though I have never made it to today’s island.  Guess I need to go back. 


Mostly a lazy day for me today. Good thing too, since the humidity has come back. And no breeze!


Prayers for all who need our support. Cheers to all who are celebrating! Stay well everyone!


Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut

This sparkler has excellent ratings and a price that isn’t too crazy! If you are a member of Sam’s Club, or Costco, you might look there. Both of them came up in Google, so they might carry it.  And it would definitely be priced lower there. Lots of online distributors with prices starting at $40.95. I mean who doesn’t like a “racy” wine with a “plump palate”?

Thank you @Mr. Bostonfor sharing your experiences with this wine. I am not certain I have ever had it. 

Winemaker Notes

Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label is the signature champagne of the House. Dominated by Pinot Noir, it offers a perfect balance of structure and finesse. First, Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label looks beautiful: golden-yellow, with a foaming necklace of tiny bubbles. Next it is so pleasing to the nose: initially reminiscent of yellow and white fruits, then of vanilla and later of brioche. Note the fine balance between the fruity aromas coming from the grape varieties and the toasty aromas, the result of the three years of bottle aging. The first sip delivers all the freshness and strength so typical of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label with a symphony of fruit tastes following (pear, lemon). Here is a true member of the Brut family, well structured, admirably vinous. The lingering aromas echo and re-echo, with each fruit or almond notes distinct. Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label manages to reconcile two opposing factors - strength and silkiness - and to hold them in perfect balance with aromatic intensity and a lot of freshness.

This consistent power to please makes it ideal as an apéritif, and perfect as the champagne to enjoy with a meal.

D94 Decanter: Lemony richness on the nose, a struck match character that falls in with lemon vanilla note. Toffee apple allure on the palate with chalky coolness & savoury nutty finish.

WW92 Wilfred Wong of Wine.com: Medium straw, yellow color; complex aromas of ripe apple and light cream, excellent depth and persistence; medium bodied, active and layered on the palate; dry, medium acidity, well balanced; bright and beautiful ripe fruit and cream in the flavors; medium finish, lasting impression in the aftertaste. 

JS92 James Suckling: Some oyster shell, berry biscuits, fresh strawberries and gently toasty brioche here. Lots to like. The palate is plump and flavorsome with plenty of berries and citrus intertwined. Good depth here. Grapefruit finish.

WS90 Wine Spectator: This is tightly knit and racy, with a spicy underpinning and a clean-cut mix of poached pear, grated ginger and pink grapefruit zest. An aperitif style, showing a crisp, lacy finish.

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Good morning Rich. Thank you for the Daily. Woke to the windchimes clattering away. A windy morning. 


We stayed on the south side Lihue area at a Marriott once. After that visit we chose the other side of Kauai (Princeville Westin). Loved snorkeling with the turtle's in several spots on the island.


Jacqui those dogs are so cute. And I have the quote on friends in a cookbook I wrote.


@DeeniEncinitas would love to wiggle my toes in the sand with you right now at the Barefoot bar, mai tai in hand!




A dear friend of mine writes beautiful calligraphy. I really look forward to her cards and letters. An appointment this morning,  Mahjongg this afternoon and pork tenderloin tonight.


Wishing you a blessed day. Prayers and Cheers



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Good morning, all! I’m up early today, and spent some time outside in the zero gravity chair watching the stars. Play in the Sand Day goes perfectly with today’s port. The meal sounds like something I could try out tonight!

We have been to Nawiliwili a few times on one Dam ship or another. Friends of ours used to live there. Our first visit, they picked us up and gave us the grand tour. Some of Graham’s photos were spots where we stood and very familiar. There is also a nice beach in front of the hotel within walking distance of the pier. Once our friends moved away, we just took towels and had a beach day there. You can’t use the hotel,facilities, but the beach itself is public and there are vendors nearby. We took our own umbrellas for shade.

Due to worries of a fourth wave, our province has lowered the time requirement between vaccine doses to 28 days. DD got her second shot yesterday, the first day it was possible to do so. She was the last in the family to be fully vaccinated, other than my nephew’s DD, who is still too young.

DH comes back to salt Spring Island his morning. He gets away from the mainland just as the forecast heat hits. 
Happy Wednesday, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood BHB elevator mats!


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Good morning everyone!


Don't have any daughters, but will happily celebrate our two wonderful sons!  Not a fan of the beach (in spite of living 10 minutes from it), so don't really wiggle my toes in the sand often.  Not a calligrapher, but love to see it when it's done.


We've been to Kauai twice - once on the Zaandam in 2011, and then on the Pride of America in 2015.  First trip we did a tour to Waimea Canyon, which was beautiful.





On our return trip, we went to Smith's Luau, which was a great experience. The grounds are beautiful and we had plenty of time to walk around before eating. The show after dinner was wonderful!










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