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8-12-21 Thursday Weigh-In---Do You Hear That?


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Did you hear the scale calling your name

Did you lose, gain or stay the same



Did you hear the food calling your name

Did you say no to it this week--said I'm eating all the healthy food that came


Did you hear exercise call your name

Did you say yes or say I would rather watch tv or play a game


Who or whatever you heard that called your name

Hope this week you showed them my losing weight or staying the same




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Belle - thanks for starting this weeks weigh in and for the poem!


I really wanted to not weigh myself this morning and to just say I'm done - but, decided that wouldn't help so I stepped on he scale and found that I weigh the same that I did last week.  I'm ok with that.


Hope everyone has a good week.  It is to be very hot today in Maine with a heat advisory - humidity level is at 94% - good day to stay indoors with the air conditioning and read a book.  Jan

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Hi all!


Belle ~ thanks for starting the thread.


Jan ~ hang in there, you know you can lose the pounds if you try. We all know it's not easy & you have to want to. Staying the same is good.


I'm down .09 lbs so am happy about that even though I did go shopping & bought/ate things I shouldn't have.


Have a nice weekend & stay safe. Who has a cruise coming up this year?


~ Jo ~ 😊

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Jo - I have a cruise December 11th on Symphony (Royal Caribbean) .  I am so looking forward to it.  Haven't been on a cruise since summer of 2019.  We've had 5 cruises canceled (so far!).  Now I have 6 cruises booked - Can't wait!  Jan

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Belle thanks for getting us started and keep us going.


ive been on this site a year and feel I’ve made wonderful friends.  We’ve all had our struggles but keep plugging along.  

I’m  down 1.4.  Saw my primary dr today I’m so blessed to have a dr who listens and actually hears me.  Im think im suffering from post surgical blues- the anesthesia drugs really did a number on me - I am crying a lot.  Hoping it wears off soon. 

I have a cruise in Nov.  very excited.   Not sure if granddaughter will get vaccinated ,  that’s her decision to make.  If the cruise goes so do I even if I end up going alone. 

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Good Morning on this Friday. Only three posted Thursday, hope see the rest of you today.


Jan---Aren't you glad you got on the scale. Stayed the same, now you can try to lose

next week and not having to lose a gain. If you didn't weigh you might of just ate more.

Stay cool and enjoy your book. Yes I'm looking so forward to my cruises too. Had so

many cancelled. like you. Have 8 booked.


Jo---Glad you had a loss even with buying extra treats. Maybe without knowing you

bought less and ate small portions. Your thinking without knowing.😊 You have a

cruise this year don't you? My cruises start in November this year on Princess.

Think we're all so ready to cruise. To be out on the open sea!


Izena---Nice loss especially with not feeling well. So sorry you have the blues.

Really good you have a doctor you can talk to. Did he tell what to do or take

or do you just have to ride it out. Hope you feel better soon. Just think good things

like you have a cruise in November.


Ombud---Are you ready for your cruise? You cruise Sunday? Will you have internet?

If you do and it works drop us a line and tell it how it is. We're all are ready to cruise

and your the first one. Bon Voyage!


Rose--Been thinking of you. How are you and your husband doing. Won't he let

use the computer?


Mel and the others that left us, come back whether you gained, stayed the same.

Even if lost, come back will help you keep it off.


Me--I'm doing ok, had my surgery, taking meds so weight up and down. Will count weight

when stop taking the meds and eating different then now.


Take care everyone, the monster covid is still out there and bringing others with it.

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Looks like good losses or at least maintaining weight this week from the above comments. That's great! I am down 3 lbs. from last week and made my goal for the month already. I was a little stressed from work one day and ended up fasting a second day unintentionally while scrambling to get things done. I guess it all works out. 

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Craxe congrats on the big loss this week. Sorry you didn't get to eat on a day

you planned but it worked for you.  No side effects except a loss.


I hope stress from work is better now. Trouble is think the words-- stress and work

go together!

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Sat. is almost here, it will be Sat. when/ if anyone comes in here and reads.


So quiet in here. Where's all the talking? Is everyone depressed with everything going

in our world and no one feels like talking.


We have to "keep going" and still to help each other losing weight. The few of us in here

this week so far have done good. Loss's and no gains. Hoping the rest coming in have

done as well.


I'm trying to eat smaller portions, meds finish on Sunday so hoping will get a true

weight by next Thursday.


Do you find the weekends harder to eat healthier/lighter then the week days?

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Hi Guys!    Belle I'm sorry to mess up the no gain week.  We went out of town and just now back home to weigh.  Up a pound😞.  Did enjoy our time though.  I would say back to work now but today we leave back out to take care of the Grands.  Will enjoy that too but have to behave more around food.  Wore masks all last week to protect ourselves before being with the grandchildren.  We had had a cruise book for August 7 on Celebrity but I had canceled it early in the year.  I wish now we had gone on it.  I am so afraid future cruises are in limbo.  I would feel so much safer on a ship!  They are 95% or more vaccinated whereas the county we live in in Alabama is only about 25%.  I just don't understand.  Oh well...hope everyone has good week.  Glad to hear surgeries are being recovered from....Susan

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Afternoon All


Susan--Glad you enjoyed your time away. You'll lose the pound fast maybe

just water weight. Now with the grands might be harder to watch what you

eat. Sorry you had to cancel the cruise. I would feel safe on a cruise even if they 

have some cases, they take care of--out in public you don't know what people

are doing and if have vaccine. Ships all the people have shots.

Yes Alabama should get their act together! Is your Gov. saying they don't have to?

Some Gov.'s should not be in office, their not taking care of their people..

.My Opinion Only but bet some of you believe the same.


Hope your all enjoying your weekend.

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  Yesterday I woke up feeling myself -think the anesthesia finally wore off


got my labs results diabetic A1C is 5.2 (no longer in pre or diabetic range).

 Interesting was all the cholesterol levels slightly elevated (always have in lo normal range.  Haven’t eaten red meat or fatty foods in a year) googled and found normal for labs to be elevated with significant wt loss

trying to plan fall activities - still want to try kayaking,   Go to zoo when weather cools.   Maybe a day trip to Galveston.  I’m bored!!


Texas is a mess governor refuses to mandate or even encourage masks. I’m proud of houston we are in code red. The cty/city attorney has filed suit against governor.  

i agree at this point ships are safer than our grocery stores.   In my opinion, The people screaming the loudest about their RIGHTS are the super spreaders .   Karma will eventually bite them.


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Down 2.1 pounds this week so I'm pretty happy for once lol.


Went to pick up some new gym shorts at Nordstrom Rack and ended up trying on blazers and fit quite comfortably in a 46R (slim fit surprisingly) which is a size down from my normal 48R. Didn't buy a blazer since I'm months away from my next cruise so I'm hoping I can lose a bit more.


Also tried on another shirt that I purchased for a cruise 3-4 years ago but was never able to button up. Well that finally changed in Saturday, it's still tight but it's close to being wearable in public. 


I'm finally within 15 pounds of the goal weight that I set for myself. It's weird to be closer to the goal weight than the starting weight.


Great work everyone, keep it up!

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Good Evening Everyone.


Jan---Thank you Jan, I did have a good day but didn't to much. I talked to a few

friends today and my kids. Ate healthy mostly, no exercise. Did you have a good

day? Do anything special?


Izena---I'm glad your feeling better and your numbers are good. Yes you did good in your 

eating and weight loss. Hope you can get some trips in that you like.

Good your city is trying to do the right thing, as said before don't understand some of

theses governors.


Opti---Good weight loss, doing good!  Isn't it nice to wear new or clothes in your closet

that fit at smaller sizes? Only 15 lbs from goal weight, that's Great.  Do you plan to stay

at that goal weight or try to go lower? Some people do others don't.


Everyone have a good week.

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I guess you ALL don't like to talk like me. I'm sad when no one comes

in and says Hi and tell how their day is going.


I've really been trying to eat healthy to get the scale moving, only thing

for me, know others have this problem too. Really have to eat less calories

then others can have for me to lose weight.


Had couple e-mails from Princess today, got a few free upgrades on my cruises.

One really good, the other location good but not the room. Have to call and see

what can be done.

Then just checking other cruises for next year, there's a mistake on the cabin,.

Upgraded to a balcony on one of them, paid for and they have me in an inside.

Have to deal with that to. Seems they made a mistake on something else

that's going to make everything harder on this matter.  Wish me luck.

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  Jazzper and I walked a 1.6 miles this morning.  Feeling much better I think anesthesia has finally left my body.   I weigh everyday and I think I’ve reached my settling point.  I’m rocking between 131-133.8 .  End goal was 126.6 (100lb loss).  It’s just number.  So I’m declaring I’m on maintenance mode.


Have to laugh I received call from office nurse.  She discussed labs results.  Said dr instructions to monitor intake due to elevated cholesterol.   Glad I already googled the issue otherwise I would drive myself crazy.  I take instructions literally. 

everyone be safe and healthy.  Smile and laugh a lot - it will drive everyone crazy.


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Afternoon all


Izena like Jan didn't know you lost that much weight. GREAT JOB!

Glad you feel better and enjoying walking your dog and getting exercise.

One time a doctor said, don't make your goal weigh to low, you might reach it

BUT can you stay there day after day---He said the

 main thing is make your weight goal a healthy weight you can maintain.

You did that. Congrats.

Have a good day Izena.


Jan hope your having a good day too.


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Hi all!


Izena ~ WTG! What a loss.


Jan & Belle ~ I have 2 cruises booked for Oct/Nov.  Oct 30 on MSC Meraviglia then Nov 7 on Carnival Horizon. I sure hope they work out as the rules re Covid keep changing! I'm double vaxxed but wonder what the Covid test requirement will be at that time. I also have to look into insurance.


I've had 5 cruises cancelled & have 11 booked but will definitely cancel 3 of them. They are through to May 2023.


I'm a bit worried about weigh in. I did eat a butter tart  but not the pastry of it today & had a few chips the other day. Why can't I get serious?!!! I really would like to be thinner for my cruise but somehow lack the willpower.


Have a nice evening & stay safe.


~ Jo ~ 😊

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On 8/15/2021 at 10:42 PM, Belle said:

Opti---Good weight loss, doing good!  Isn't it nice to wear new or clothes in your closet

that fit at smaller sizes? Only 15 lbs from goal weight, that's Great.  Do you plan to stay

at that goal weight or try to go lower? Some people do others don't.


My goal weight was just a number that I wanted to get to, nothing medically significant about it otherwise. Saying I wanted to lose thirty plus pounds was like saying that I wanted to train to become an astronaut. 


Weight calculators suggest I should lose 35-40 more once I hit my initial goal. I doubt I'll ever be that thin since I honestly think I'd look sick if I lost that much weight. First things first... get to my goal weight, then re-evaluate and go from there lol. 

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Jo--I'm with you my cruises start Nov. 7th, 6 b2b's then in 2022 have a b2b in Feb. and March.

they cancelled so many on me, which was double sad because most of them were free.

Especially sail solo most times and pay double. My main concern is if still having to test is

finding a place and getting it done in 3 days before cruise and getting results back in time.

I don't mind having to wear a mask indoors. Won't stop me from cruising.


Now on my own have to cancel 4 cruises for next year because they over lapped with

the Feb. and March ones, could of took two of them but to much flying.


Let's keep our fingers and toes crossed that all of us that have cruises planned get to take them.

Ombud is on hers now. Sorry she didn't come in last week to wish her Bon Voyage. 


Opti---Yes throw away the Weight Calculators, there always to low.  You'll know the weight

you'll want to stay at. Like I said to Izena we need weight numbers that we can maintain.

Your doing a good job. Wearing smaller clothes already.



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