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8-19-21 Thursday Weigh-In


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Thanks Bella for sticking with us.


Craxe 2lbs is great.


I’m the same — at my maintenance wt.  Starting to feel better no more pre syncope episodes.  

I ordered brochures for Windstar cruises wanting prices.  There are no prices listed in brochures or web site.  There wording is scarier than most cruise lines — basically it sounds like bait and switch - you can book a discounted fair but they can cancel that fare if their prices go up. 

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HI all!


Belle ~ nice short start to the thread. Running out of words, or time?

I'm worried about tests before & between the cruises too. Maybe by the time we cruise things will have changed.🤞


Craxe77 ~ nice loss, WTG.


Izena ~ I'm with you, stayed the same, not at maintenance weight, unfortunately.


Have a nice day & stay safe.


~ Jo ~ 😊

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Hello all!  Had gained a pound last week.  Lost it and one more with it.  I will take it!  We are going to have dh knee scoped next week.  We want to get it better hopefully before cruising.  I cruised several years while needing hip replacements.  I don't want him to be in pain while cruising.  My hips are both replaced and pain free for several years now.  We are getting older but I have always believed if you can get things fixed...do it.  Another reason to work on my weight.  It is something that I can fix.  Have a good week....Susan

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I posted this morning and I don't know what happened to the post (there was a post from someone else that looks as if it disappeared also - I will start over:


I am down 2# this week -- I will gladly take it - It could be just temporary as I had some problems with some food that I had been eating - it is probably a bit of an allergy.  Jan 

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Hi everyone! I am dieting hard for a week before my first weigh in. I am afraid the shock will be too great and I will give up before I start. I have participated in a few of these but never lost as much as I wanted to before each cruise. This time, for various reasons, it will be different.

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Jo - same is good 

Susan and Jan  good losses.


Vicky welcome this is a shame free site- lots of encouragement- no competitions.  

what has worked  for me is finally commit to change to healthy diet, admit to sugar addiction , count calories set small attainable goals. 

continue to feel better.  Tried on a top I bought 15 years ago and was never able to wear my arms were too big.   Well it fits loosely ( just how I like) it has dragonflies (I have a thing for dragonfly’s and giraffes).   It is the only piece of old clothing I’ve held onto (except the size 26 pants the largest I’ve wore).   All I have to wear are dog  park clothes. Finally think I’m  ready to start looking for new clothes.

Everyone have a great safe skinny weekend.




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Hello All  Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


Ceaxe---Sorry about the rain except if your state needs it. Congrats on another

Great Loss!  Your doing so good. Time to find more clothes in your closet? 


Izena---Had friends who went on Windstar, yes it cost plenty but they have it.

Glad the meds effects seem to be gone. Same is good when your at goal. Congrats

on the blouse fitting and it's one you love. Yes you loss lots of weight you deserve new clothes.

And thanks.


Jo---No not short on words or time just tired of only seeing my name and words. Thought would use 

 less words this week. Staying the same is better than a gain as we say.  Yes would be nice

if didn't have to take the test by Nov. It's not taking the test per say--It's the time frame, wondering

will I get it back in time.


Susan---Congrats on losing your gain and then other "weigh to go"! Keep it up, glad your pain free.

Good Luck to your husband and that when it's over he's pain free.


Jan---Sorry you lost your post and had to type again. Really sorry your having problems

and feel better soon. Least you lost, hope you can keep it off. Eat light for a few days.


Vicky---Welcome, glad your joining us. You can do it, lose weight before you cruise. What the scale number says now doesn't matter because it's going to be going down. Right?  Have some very good loser here. Some lose faster then others.  We just take it day by day and weigh on Thursday.

Every pound lost whether fast or slow it's a pound less then you weigh right now.

Just remember some days better then others but WE don't Give Up!

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Jo---I have an answer on testing for me, I will need it. Princess now made the testing till--

December 31st. Still doing b2b's that better not change, only on those they will have to test us

in between cruises. We don't have time to do it our selves.


Don't know about your Carnival cruise but it is in the Carnival Corp. Also don't if other

cruise lines will follow.  You'll just have to check. I read it, nothing was sent e-mail to me.

Bet late because we sail later.

  We just have to take the changes day by day and check out everything ourselves

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Good Morning/Afternoon Who ever is reading.


Another weekend to try to eat right and not give in to ---------

What ever is your favorite food you shouldn't be eating!😮

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Posted (edited)

Great work everyone, keep it up. 

Only lost one pound this week but earlier in the week I was down more than three pounds on my unofficial weight checks. I’m hoping I actually lost more than a pound and my body is just playing tricks on me. More than half way to my initial goal weight, about 13.2 pounds to go. Then I plan on taking a day off a week from going to gym so I can get back to my photography hobby. Between work, 90-180 minutes a day at the gym and sleep I found that photography just doesn’t fit in terribly well. Been trying to get in a few shots when I can though. 





Edited by optimusprime82
Can’t get the photo feature to work lol. Whatever.
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Opti---Good loss again. Yes going the gym is great but you need to do things you enjoy.

Photography is what you enjoy, hope you post some of your pictures here.


Ombud--Glad your having a good time. Yes walking on a ship helps not to gain much.

When you come back tell us how it was for you. Been reading the posts. 

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Ombud - would love to hear about your cruise ---  I noticed that Belle said been reading the posts ... Are you posting about your cruise?    I am so looking forward to December when I will finally get to cruise again.  Jan

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Jan I just went to Princess Cruises site and read the Majestic cruise for Aug. 15th

and Ombud and others have posted about the  cruise, answered questions and show cruise

pictures. Been reading the posts since July 25th, 1st cruise.


I'm not sailing on this ship but other Princess ship wanted to see/hear how Princess

is doing things now.


I answered for Ombud because bet she's enjoying her last days on the ship and maybe not

come back on till she's home.

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Jan I hope Henri doesn’t impact your area.  I don’t plan any airport travel from middle of August to October because of potential hurricanes.  Lived  in Corpus Christi for 24 years prepared for a few but only one got close in 99 when I was out of town.  Moved to Houston in 04 and have sat thru 4 hurricanes Harvey being the worst in a weekend got 48 inches of rain.  Luckily I’m inland far enough that we don’t evacuate and my house is high enough it doesn’t flood.


Hope everyone remains safe and healthy.

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Got home yesterday. Dinner for 10 at my house turned into 5 at a local Paneras. House is not too messy (15 & 20 yr olds kept it. 24 yr old just came last weekend)


It was wonderful!! Can hardly wait until my December cruise.  Gained a little but only 1/2". (Just measure waist). Never wore that dress. Too dressy for Alaska 


Stay safe everyone from Delta & hurricane

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Ombud welcome back glad you had a good time. Glad only gained a little. You'll get it off.


Have any of you read the CDC new guidelines (not rules yet) for the cruise lines? If go by these the

cruise ships would be empty. Sure that a lot of people have dealt with or have something on

their list. 

Come on now, in this world right now more people catching the virus on land.


Why are they so down on cruises but don't give same guidelines to airlines, concerts, sport events ect.

Airlines you are packed in can't go any where, others events there are thousands of people.

Cruise ships, can go outside stay away from people if want. Everyone wears masks, have vaccine.

On the outside don't know who has vaccine, see people not wearing masks.


Guess see what happens. I'm not cancelling my cruises. Hope the cruise line doesn't.

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Belle, I did read the updated CDC guidelines and it sounds like Princess is following them: 100% vax / test 3 days before / mask. This will be really hard on family oriented lines ( Carnival, Disney, RCL) but easy on other (Celebrity, Princess, Cunard). FWIW there were a lot of vaccinated kids on my cruise but none under 12

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Opti great loss , think it will be great to get some photography time - good stress reliever.


Ombud glad you had a good cruise.  

Thinking about some road trips.  Decided not to go to TN,  too many sports activities and covid opportunities.  Jazzper does hold me back little.  Maybe will go to Galveston for. Night.

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Just curious my cruise isn’t until November.   Where I go for the required  covid testing and how much does it cost?  When I looked last year it was $150.   It is for my travel so not going to expect Medicare to cover.

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Ombud I don't mind the rules, I will do them. I would wear a mask even

they said you didn't have to.

What bothers me is the guidelines for cruise lines but not for other events.

Someone doesn't like cruises and think there worse then what's going on the land.

Wrong thinking.


Izena my cruises start in Nov. too. Don't mind the test, hate pay but will, my

worry is getting it back in time. Will take the 1st day of the 3 days. A rapid should come back

in time.  I hope! For some it hasn't.


Another thing I have to worry about is Hawaii and what they will be doing. Few of my b2b's

are cruising there.


Hope everyone is having a good week.

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